How to Create Your Own Magic
Monday February 25, 2019

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“If I sit around and wait for other people to create magic in my life then I will be waiting until the day I die.” —Kerry Washington, on CBS Sunday Morning, October 7, 2018

The magic of life is tangible, and actually not magic at all. For the purposes of today’s topic, the definition of magic is similar to the defintion of luck: the fruition of good news, wished-for dreams, goals pursued with dogged perseverance and anything that to the onlooker, the outside world, who doesn’t know the behind-the-scenes tale, would describe as magical or unbelievably awesome.

We create our own magic in a variety of ways, but one way that will not draw magic into our lives is living passively – waiting for it to just manifest on its own.

As Emily Blunt stated, describing what she loved about the character of Mary Poppins, “practical, yet magical”, the marriage of logical, practical awareness with an open mind for possibilities and opportunities is what will enable each of us to welcome the magical moments into our lives.

1.Remain open-minded and pay attention

“You have to be open enough to hear the universe’s stage directions.” —RuPaul, 2018

I was recently watching an episode of CBS Sunday Morning and a home stager — Meridith Baer — was featured. Sharing how she came to discover her talent for staging: It was by complete accident. But the key was, she paid attention to all the good that was happening for other people that she had helped to create simply because her eye for interior design came natural to her.

Too often we are dialed in so intently to a particular path, that we ignore what is going well uniquely for us. Not realizing that for so many others such an ability may be a struggle, we are unconscious to our gifts. Take a moment, and become conscious of your world: what you do, what you are doing that comes easy, what you are doing when life feels as though it is in the “flow” stage? Perhaps you are closer to welcoming magic into your life than you realize.

2. Let go of the self-doubt

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Each of our lives has the potential to lead us to our fullest potential, but if we are stuck narrowly defining what our life must be in order for it be magical, we are not living fully, and we are actually fueling our self-doubt unnecessarily.

I have followed a variety of blogs over the years written by writers of all ages as a way to stay apprised of the blogging industry. And one thing I have noticed with some bloggers in their early 30s and 20s is the conversation around relationships and something lacking in their lives. Having made the mistake myself and regretted not focusing on my own unique journey sooner, I can empathize, but this is the good news, and what I wish I had heard during this time in my life: Stop doubting that your journey isn’t going well. It is actually going just as it should. Now let go of what you think you should have but don’t and and revel in all that you do have and once didn’t. For many individuals in their 20s and 30s (and I am sure there are people at all ages depending upon the circumstances), such a “dilemma” may just be an offering of an immense amount of freedom, and that is time to explore which could lead to some awesome discoveries.

Today, let go of the idea that you haven’t figured it out, life isn’t working for you or you are being left behind by your peer group. Instead celebrate the magic of a life to create and demonstrate that regardless of age or gender, life is truly how we design it, and you are the most talented architect for your life’s journey.

3. You can’t buy magic, and you don’t need to

“We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already; we have the power to imagine better.” —J.K. Rowling

Each of our tasks in our lifetime is to unearth the magic that resides within ourselves and figure out how to share it with the world. Unraveling and removing the layers of expectations, limitations and conformation (yes, my own creation of then noun form of “conform”) that takes place unconsciously takes time and conscious effort.

If you feel angst or repeated frustration about a way of life you have been trying to fit into but in many ways, and for lack of a better way of phrasing it, feel repeatedly that “they just won’t let me into the club!”, perhaps that is not your club. Perhaps there is no need for a club and what and where you are is what needs to be embraced and that is when the angst will magically dissolve?

Could it really be that simple? As I share in my latest book, it is indeed simple, but initially, it won’t be easy.

When I stopped attempting to live the life others wished for me — in my case it was the expectation of being married, having kids, being extremely social and not spending so much time in my own company or exploring the world on my own or with my pups — my life became a true joy to live. The burden lifted. It magically dissolved. Initially, it was painful because I wouldn’t let go of their ideas for my life. But after I began to poke around outside of what I had experienced and introduced to, I began to see new ideas, new inspiration, new worlds and feel far more engaged and excited about what spoke to me innately.

Now that is not to say, that life is stress-free and void of obstacles when we have successfully tossed aside the limitations. But rather the obstacles I navigate are along the path that I am traveling out of sincere passion of where I want to go and what I wish to achieve. Previously the obstacles were more frustrating because I was trying to jam a square peg into a round hole, but that was because I was determined to view myself as a round peg. I finally realized I was a unique curved wooden dowel and not one standard size would fit me.

4. Magic surrounds you already

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” —Roald Dahl

It snowed all day yesterday. We celebrated in my home by going out walking in it. The roads were slippery, but we slowed down, and oh my, did we have a good time (Okay, Oscar may have enjoyed himself a little less than Norman, but Oscar always wants to be with the family and enjoyed coming along).

Instead of glumming about daffodils still being snuggled deep in the frozen soil, see the magic that is being presented. In this case, the moisture for a lush spring, the time to snuggle in all the more to read, write and nap upon returning from the cold outdoors.

It will take a shift in perspective to view the magic on a regular basis if you haven’t been doing so, but it is possible. Either surround yourself with others who see the magic, or separate yourself from those who don’t and spend time on your own. In my own company, I delight and dance on a regular basis. So much so, my boys are used to sudden outbursts of giddiness. It’s a playful way to live, and others may not be comfortable with it, but your life, your daily life will be elevated when you begin to see and celebrate the magic.

5. Make it a daily habit to seek out the magic and celebrate it

“Love and magic have a great deal in common. They enrich the soul, delight the heart. And they both take practice.” —Nora Roberts

To dovetail with the above point, being able to see the magic in our lives and thus cultivate even more, we must practice looking for it, and we must give ourselves permission to celebrate it when it is found. Today at the office you received a kudos from a person you respect for your efforts, celebrate it in such a way that acknowledges the bright spot it made in your day.

Part of creating the magic in our lives is to broaden our perspective, understand that we are more capable than we realize, and then go about, as Kerry Washington says above, creating it for ourselves. Design a life that you love living. I have no doubt, much is going well for you at this very moment, most likely more than you are giving credit. While there is much we cannot control, there is much within us — our attitudes, our behaviors, our habits, our ideologies — that is.

We each will share tales of experiencing magic that may not resemble any one else’s, and that is a very good sign that we are traveling our own journey, sharing our full potential with the world and being present so that we can observe it, appreciate it and remember it as we move forward to the next magical moment.


~The World Needs You — All of You: How to Not Become A Commodity

~episode #154, How to Build a Life for Ladybugs: Choosing Hope over Fear

~Why Not . . . Celebrate the Ordinary? | The Simply Luxurious Life

15 thoughts on “How to Create Your Own Magic

  1. I hope this posts inspires people to start to take control of their own lives.
    Many years ago I was introduced to the talks of Brian Tracy and they changed my life. His simple methods helped me find a new career, build my own business and increase my income.
    I had been a passive observer up until then and I was empowered to take hold of my life with both hands and make the things I wanted for me happen.
    I hope your post inspires others to start on their own life journey.

    1. I am truly grateful to come across this post today.
      I have been struggling with overthinking how my life should be.
      To be honest with you, seeing this post has really given me a different approach to face life and I wish everyone going through a transformation come across this post.
      May the Universe Bless you for sharing your piece with us all ??❤️❤️.
      From Ghana ?? West Africa.

  2. Love this post !
    There is magic everywhere when you open your eyes and look for it…………and you don’t always find it where you might expect to ?
    Joyful Everydays ?
    Have a wonderful week Shannon.?
    With Best Wishes

  3. Kate, I also admire Brian Tracy’s philosophy on living.
    ‘ Eat that Frog ‘ ……inspirational ?
    He has such a beautiful way of expressing simplicity and thankfulness , and was clearly a deeply spiritual and inspirational man who had a huge influence on the many people he came into contact with , both in person, and in his writings .
    I am so glad that he gave you such inspiration .
    Best Wishes

  4. This post speaks volumes to me. I have just finished john maxwell’s developing the leader in you 2.0. The key is leading yourself first and I believe the t for magic and the necessity, as leaders to leave ourselves open to possibility, is intertwined. I am actually fermenting my own book idea, which came to me as I was enjoying a walk in the south Florida sunshine, while concentrating on the sounds of the birds and some blooming hibiscus!! Keep those fabulous posts coming!!

  5. Dear Shannon,

    Thanks for another interesting newsletter on Friday, and for today’s post for great inspiration. I wish I had met the TSLL when I was 20… well, there were no blogs at the time, and no internet to start with, so… right, I am that old (52), ha ha, how did this even happen?
    Well, anyway, it is school break here in this part of Germany, and I plan to enjoy myself by, among other things, spending some time on the archives of TSLL, to catch up on podcasts, posts, and recipes. (Aprops, the blueberry cream scones were so good that they made an encore this weekend in my kitchen, oh yes…)

    Have a great school break!
    Greetings from Leipzig,


  6. Thanks for the messages. You have reminded me of my Brian Tracy training I had while working for FED/EX. His point that stayed with me was:

    If it’s to be, it’s up to me”

    Love it!

  7. So glad to be reminded! As an INTJ, I can (sadly) forget my strengths and see the outside world, read outside articles of should’s & could’s and then feel like “I am wrong”. Instead I can remind myself that I have a magical ability to be happy with a simple life that allows so much more with so much less. I am complete .. completely at home in my here and now.

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