The Grand Giveaway — My French Country Home Box from Sharon Santoni and My French Country Home
Friday August 18, 2023

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Simple luxuries from France paired with unique treasures only found in France.

Over the years since Sharon Santoni began curating her special subscription boxes, originally called My Stylish French Box and now called My French Country Home Box, the luxurious treasures found inside are a wonderful surprise to unbox upon their arrival.

Filled with artisan as well as luxurious wares for the home (copper and ceramic kitchen cookware have been included in past boxes), your wardrobe (cashmere scarves), and everything in between (gorgeous jewelry) that you could dream about. Teaming up with artists such as Jamie Beck and other talented creatives in their fields to share exclusive collaborations, I continue to be in awe of what Sharon and her team curate for each subscription box.

Described as “a luxury Subscription Box and also a boutique filled with authentic French gifts curated for you and your home. [My French Country Home] Boxes ship every quarter, the contents of every beautifully-wrapped, sweet-smelling box – delivered straight from France to your door.” You can subscribe and receive them automatically without having to purchase each time or you can buy one-off boxes or send as gifts. As well, if there is something in one of the boxes that grabs your eye, be sure to shop My French Country Home’s boutique that is brimming with individual items to choose from. They receive new products every two weeks, both new and antique, and many are not found in the subscription boxes, but are just as special and unique.

Over the years I have been the fortunate recipient of Sharon’s boxes, and each box contained French brands and finds that I have welcomed into my home, life and/or kitchen. And in fact, it is their Cuisine boxes that tend to be my favorite.

This year, their August box which just arrived at my home earlier this week, was just such a box. FULL of luxurious kitchen and cuisine gifts and surprises. And Sharon is generously giving one of these boxes to a lucky TOP Tier Member as the Grand Giveaway of TSLL’s 8th Annual French Week.

Now, spoiler alert, I am about to share with you the contents of the box, so if you have already ordered this box (and awaiting it arrival), or want to wait until it is revealed by Sharon on August 22nd, stop scrolling now.

Otherwise, keep scrolling and discover what you may receive (or you can purchase here). This most recent box is super special and ideal for anyone who loves to be in the kitchen and wants to bring a touch of France to their cooking.

Are you ready?

Let’s take a look.


I will save the details of specifically what you are looking at for when this special box is revealed either with Sharon next week or when the lucky winner opens their box, but I will assure you, the quality of each item is superb.

If you would prefer to guarantee you are able to welcome this box into your home or wish to gift it to someone, there are still boxes available and you can purchase them here. Select the August ’23 box and enjoy adding simple luxuries to your kitchen and cuisine routine.

Now to enter!


  • Simply leave a comment on this post!
  • You may only enter once.
  • Enter by Saturday August 19th at noon (Pacific time)
  • Stop by Sunday August 20th to see if you are the winner.
    • If you are the winner, you must reach out to me by Monday August 21st to claim your prize.
  • That’s it!
  • Bonne chance!

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240 thoughts on “The Grand Giveaway — My French Country Home Box from Sharon Santoni and My French Country Home

  1. Oh Shannon, this IS a treat! I have followed these boxes for years and always enjoy seeing the contents on Sharon’s site. It would indeed be a grand prize to win.

  2. What a special treat this box would be if it arrived at my home.
    Thank you again for such a wonderful week.

  3. Shannon,
    You have provided an ultimate gift. I sent one of the boxes as a gift and she was thrilled! I often thought about buying one for myself as well. Keeping my fingers crossed to be the lucky winner!

  4. Truly amazing, Shannon. I have always been curious about Sharon’s boxes. It would such an incredible treat to win one!

  5. Such a special Grand Giveaway! I have been subscribing to My French County Home for a couple of years (have also given it as a gift subscription) and look forward to the magazine’s arrival every couple of months ☺️

  6. Shannon, this looks wonderful. What a nice selection you have made for the grand prize! These carefully curated boxes look wonderful. I should love to welcome one into my own home by winning the grand prize giveaway. That subscription looks amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I have been a MFCH subscriber since you first introduced us to this jewel but have never purchased her subscription box. Everything about it is looks just lovely.

  8. I can only dream of purchasing one of these boxes so winning one would be a real treat. Thank you for a varied and interesting week.

  9. Once again, a real winner of a prize! I have admired these boxes in the past, and maybe now I’ll get a chance to give one of these luxurious beauties a try! Blessings!

  10. That’s a truly Grand Giveaway! Thank you for this great opportunity to upgrade my kitchen style!

  11. Such a fantastic way to end the giveaways, Shannon; what a pleasant surprise to find a few items in the box are on my kitchen wishlist!🥰

  12. Such a luxurious treat. Hope to someday enjoy a french box! Thanks for opportunity Shannon.

    1. Oh, WOW! I’ve been a subscriber to MFCH for several years but I have never ordered a box. It’s been very tempting, though. I have ordered several products, including issues of the magazine. Oh, to be fortunate to win that box. ~ Teresa

  13. Both Shannon and Sharon have such an incredible good sense of style and taste and are intentional and thoughtful in everything they undertake. They both bring immense pleasure, joy and “sophistication” to my simple everyday life! Continue being a joy and blessing to us all! Thank you, ladies!

  14. I would LOVE to be the winner….everything would be used in my faux French kitchen and beyond. Thanks for this adventure.

  15. This week has been so much fun! It’s been a great way to end my summer. Back to work (school) on Monday!

  16. Bonjour Shannon! What a lovely giveaway! I can see these beautiful items in my kitchen! Thank you so much Shannon for making this such a special week that I look forward to each and every year!



  17. Bonjour, Shannon! Sharon’s boxes will add joie de vivre in my house and make me think I have been magically transported to France. Merci! Gros bisous!

  18. It would be such a special treat to have the contents of the box for my kitchen. I have learned so much about the joy of cooking from you. Bon appetit!

  19. These are such delightful items to add to my kitchen. I love how recognizably French they are. So fun! Thank you Shannon!

  20. A wonderful grand prize to end the week with. Someone will be very lucky to win one of Sharon’s boxes filled with luxurious kitchen items. 🥂🇫🇷

  21. Coucou Shannon-Who will be the lucky one to win a Sharon Santoni creation? Merci beaucoup!

  22. This is indeed a “Grand Giveaway” and anyone would feel special to win it, me included. Thank you Shannon for a wonderful week of sharing great ideas and plans for this community. Also, thank you Sharon, for producing lovely content and beautiful, French boxes.

  23. What a wonderful giveaway to wrap up a wonderful week! The items are beautiful!

  24. This is the best final giveaway, thank you for the opportunity. I would love to receive it.

  25. I have purchased a few of these boxes over the years when I could and the kitchen box is my favorite. A truly luxurious giveaway. Whoever wins this will be absolutely thrilled.

  26. Sharon’s boxes are always filled will beautiful and unique items. I have only purchased one but love to look at them on her website after the reveal. This giveaway box is one of the best I have ever seen. Here is to hoping my name will be chosen. Thanks for a wonderful French Week!

  27. What a simply luxurious gift! To receive a curated beautiful box from France is a perfect way to end this week which was a true gift.
    What a Grand Giveaway to a lucky winner! Good Luck to Everyone! Thank you Sharon and Shannon 💖

  28. Amazing Grand Givaway! I’ve been following them on Instagram for a while and would be thrilled to win one of these boxes!

  29. Thank you for the wonderful items you have curated and given us a chance to win this French week!

  30. I’ve followed and adored Sharon for many years. It would be a dream to win this beautiful box. Thank you!

  31. This would be absolutely lovely to win. Thank you for a fun and informative French Week.

  32. Oh my gosh, what a tremendous treat! This is so exciting! I would love to win this box!

  33. I have loved Sharon Santoni ever since I read her first book. I’ve heard of her wonderful boxes and would be thrilled to win one of them. Thanks for the opportunity.

  34. Wow!! What a wonderful prize! Thank you Shannon (and Sharon) for the opportunity to enter!

  35. Such a beautiful box of goods! I will be sure to check out the website on a routine basis. I would love to win this wonderful box! Thanks Shannon.

  36. How fabulous!! I would LOVE to receive one of these exquisite baskets! Mille merci Shannon and Sharon for the chance!!xx

  37. I’ve always been curious what’s in these boxes and I would love to be able to see for myself!

  38. Cooking is never a routine for me. When I get the chance to craft a meal, I love using well made tools to luxuriate in the experience. I would love to own this box! The ladle is calling my name 😍 kisses for a great French week 2023 Shannon!

  39. What an amazing grand giveaway! I have subscribed to the magazine for several years but I’ve never subscribed to the boxes, I’ve just admired them. Thank you for such a great French Week!

  40. Yes, please! I’d love to have a box. Just went to her site; I think I many need to treat myself to a subscription.

  41. Oh my goodness! What a magnificent giveaway!! Shannon, thank you for introducing us all to Sharon Santoni and her My French Country Home business. I subscribe to and luxuriate in My French Country Home Magazine and am, in fact, wearing today the authentic French espadrilles I ordered from her shop. Bonne chance everyone!

  42. Such a generous giveaway. I’ve looked at these boxes longingly more than once and have put items that spoke to me on my “great myself” list. Thank you for all the work you put into the blog; it’s a balm in our often chaotic world.

  43. To have the opportunity to win this lovely box would be a joy ❤️
    Thank you both so much for organising and donating such an amazing give away to end French Week .
    My fingers are firmly crossed 🤞🏼

  44. I have enjoyed these boxes in the past. They are indeed gorgeous! Would love to have this one.

  45. This French Country Box looks amazing! The copper ladle alone is so pretty! Thank you for a fun French Week, Shannon!

  46. Oh Shannon! What a beautiful box! Such an incredible prize. Good luck to everyone. 🥰❤️

  47. What a plethora of goodies, and an excellent Grand Giveaway.
    Sadly, with the announement of the GG, comes the realization that French Week will soon come to a close,

  48. Oh mon dieu!! C’est manifique! What a lovely collection of beautiful items. What a treat this would be!

  49. Wow… I wish everyone all the best. Thank you for offering a My French Country Home box.
    Great fun, Emilie

  50. Such a refreshing French week for all of us Shannon. A glimpse into other cultures makes us all more generous in spirit, IMO. That said, I have followed Sharon for years and years from where she started early on in blogland. To have seen the growth of her personal style is so heartwarming. A life well lived by a generous woman. Thanks for this week!

  51. Thank you Shannon for such a wonderful French Week.
    Sharon’s boxes are elegantly wrapped and the artisans of France do not disappoint.

  52. A luxurious addition to a French inspired kitchen. It would be such a treat to unwrap this box!

  53. Dear Shannon. I’m currently remodeling my kitchen, and the MFCH box would be a welcome addition. Hopeful! Also, merci beaucoup for all your hard work and creativity on French Week.

  54. Wow! What a fantastic Grand finale for the French Week giveaways. Fingers crossed to be the winner😊

  55. Shannon I’ve dreamed of one day being able to get one of these special boxes from My French Country Home. This week of all things French has been a wonderful getaway. Thank you for all your hard work.

  56. I haven’t had the delight of opening one of Sharon’s boxes. Such gorgeous items. Thank you for the opportunity!

  57. This is another lovely introduction to a wonderful web site and French items. Thank you. For all you do!


  58. What a wonderful week this has been once again 🙂 And it ends with a special treat for the winner – whoever gets this will definitely be thrilled!
    Thanks for a great week

  59. Well I’m kinda at the bottom of the list here but I can still hope. Looking at her box is like Christmas. Maybe…..just maybe. 🤗

  60. How lovely! Thank you for these sweet surprises this week. That was a lot of hard work on your part and a delight for the rest of us.

  61. You saved the best for last–Sharon is amazing and what a treat it would be to win one! Thank you for a marvelous French Week!

  62. Oh my Goodness! Winning this box would be so special!! I’ve enjoyed French week:) Thank you😊

  63. Shannon
    The boxes are beautiful as always! Thank you for always bringing smiles and inspiration.


  64. A Sharon Santoni French box with a kitchen theme! Such a fitting ending to French Week. Thank you both Sharon and Shannon!

  65. Thank you for the introduction to another French luxury and opportunity to win it! I did not know about these subscription boxes, what a special treat!

  66. Whoever receives this is truly receiving a gift from France. Praying it is me and if not, praying whoever does, throughly enjoys it.

  67. Wow, Shannon and pups. What a grand finale giveaway to this year’s French Week. I could really use the items in the box to add a little French to my kitchen. Plus, I would love using the items when I make crepes or quiche; the only French cooking I can manage so far. I’m hoping to watch your croissant making video and try making chocolate croissants. Thank you for all the posts and inspiration.

  68. Vous êtes très génereuse Shannon. La boite est superbe. Merçi bien pour tout cette semaine. Kameela😊

  69. What a treat it would be indeed to win this French Country Home snow. The items look very luxurious.

  70. Oh wow, I was just checking these out yesterday!! How wonderful to have this opportunity, thank you Shannon.

  71. What a gorgeous way to wrap up French Week! I’ve been following Sharon for years and would love to be the lucky recipient of this box.

  72. This is truly a Grand Giveaway. Great culmination for French week. I’ve really enjoyed submerging myself in French culture this week.
    Thank you, Shannon

  73. Shannon, thanks so much for a fantastic French Week. I want you to know how much I enjoy your theme weeks. They are so well thought out and executed. I would be thrilled to be a recipient of one of Sharon’s boxes. They are so special!

  74. Receiving one of Sharon Santoni’s boxes would be like celebrating Christmas in August!

  75. Fantastic end to a fantastic week! I have seen these, been tempted, and never purchased.

  76. Ooh la la. What a fun and luxurious box. Would love to open it and savor all the items.

  77. Shannon,
    You have out done yourself with this give away. It is a thoughtful and wonderful way to end French week.

  78. Beautiful, beautiful! Even my 91-year-old mother is intrigued and looking at the MFCH website for inspiration. She has her fingers crossed. 🙂

  79. Oh my goodness. I’ve always loved Susan’s taste. What an amazing give away. -Tammy

  80. What a lovely prize! I have bought individual boxes and items from Sharon previously. Would love to win this!

  81. Shannon, you come up with the best gifts for your give aways! This is a truly wonderful collection of Goodies. And thank you for the chance to make it mine.

  82. It would be such a treat to be able to use items from this box in my kitchen and add a bit of French simple luxury!

  83. I’ve always wanted to try out one of these boxes. It wood be such a treat to get one!

  84. Ooohhhh ( Toy Story ~ Three Aliens ) what a magnificent box.
    Beyond words.
    Can’t stop smiling and dreaming ~ and , I’m entering this


  85. I love French week! It comes just when we need it most: saying goodbye to hot summers and welcoming dreams of September. I love that we are given the joy of living out our French fantasies! Thank you, Shannon, and bonne chance to each of us hoping to open a box full of French joy.

  86. Another huge thank you for a superb French Week. You exposed me to MFCH and I now have a regular subscription. I have always wanted to splurge and order one of the boxes but have not yet indulged myself. It would be quite lovely to win this box. Merci Beaucoup!

  87. Wow! This would be such a treat! Thank you so much for such a wonderful French week. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

  88. Oh this is the best giveaway yet! I have followed Sharon for ages since she was only doing flowers and have loved seeing her progress. I have her books and subscribe to her magazine online, but as a retired person find her boxes and her trips a little too expensive. Winning a box would just be amazing! Thanks again for all the amazing content you bring us each week!

  89. I have always wanted to subscribe to the boxes, but for some reason I didn’t. Winning the box would be amazing.

  90. Each time you share this service and the quality of its contents I am so impressed…thank you for the opportunity to take a chance in this giveaway! Very grateful for this lovely French week.

  91. Dear Shannon, you couldn’t have possibly chosen a better final giveaway, it embodied all that is France!
    It would be lovely to receive this gift.
    Thank you for another exquisit french week.
    Best wishes to you, Norman and Little one

  92. Wow what a giveaway. I have long admired Sharon Santoni’s French boxes. Particularly when you have shared the ones you have received.
    What a treat for the winner 🙂
    Thanks for a great French week Shannon. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  93. So lovely! It’s been such a delight to experience French week. Thank you for curating such wonderful content. An exciting giveaway for us all, bonne chance!

  94. You have outdone yourself, Shannon! What a wonderful give-away! It will be like an early Christmas morning opening this box. Thank you!

  95. I am finally catching up on the French week posts this Saturday morning! I just went for a run along the Charente river in the West of France, shopped at the farmers market, and am now enjoying some coffee with all of the blog posts and some French jazz playing. I’m really capitalizing on the French vibe this week haha!

    I would love to enter the grand giveaway! I’m glad I am catching up on these posts in time so I didn’t miss the deadline. The box is really really lovely!

  96. What a beautiful giveaway, Shannon! I would love this box and agree it has extra special appeal since it has a culinary theme.

  97. This is so exciting Shannon! Such a luxury give away. Again thank you for French week in general it has made everyday a bit brighter!

  98. Thank you for every day of sharing your insights on how to live simply and luxuriously. You and your blog are simply the best🌟

  99. I love Sharon and My French Country Home. What a lovely way to introduce a little of France to your home. Daily items that are beautiful, execute well, and that you look forward to using really elevate your every day! Thank you Shannon for the opportunity and thank you Sharon for the thought and intention that goes into every MFCH box.

  100. That would be so wonderful to receive! Have always wanted to order one of these special boxes. It would certainly be a treat to receive one!

  101. I love France, especially Chateauroux which is located in the Berry region in the Loire Valley. There is a French American connection there that that has endured for the decades stemming from the location of an American Air Force Base there in the center of France and the center of Europe at the beginning of the cold war. I was an air force brat and lived there in the 1960’s with my family. After the closure of the base, the people of Chateauroux that were employees of the base or had other connections have gone above and beyond to commemorate that most special time for us and for their town. Because of them, I love France and would so love to be lucky enough to receive the box of lovely French items. I would cherish every piece.

  102. Wow, what a lovely grand giveaway! I would love to welcome the contents of this box into my home!

  103. Hi Shannon,
    What a lovely gift to celebrate my favorite time of summer, “French Week.” I look forward to it all year.
    Good luck to all.

  104. Hi Shannon,
    As always you select swoon worthy items.
    MFCH and TSLL are a superb match!
    Thanks for a delightful french week.

  105. What a wonderfull giveaway!! Thank you Shannon for such an exciting week. The first thing I would do each morning was check to see what was happening on the blog for french week.

  106. These are extraordinary; a little bit of France in each box! Thank you for the chance.

  107. What a lovely way to bring more joie de vivre to my kitchen! Thanks for the chance to enjoy the luxury of receiving one of these boxes, a perfect end to French week.

  108. Indeed a grand prize!!!! One that will keep my fingers crossed and my heart stopped until the lucky winner is revealed!!!!Thank you!

  109. I have always appreciated this women’s work – from your blog posts to the podcast episode with her! What a treat to have the chance to try out his box as a grand prize winner! Merci Shannon!

  110. What a wonderful grand giveaway! Thank you for making French week so fun. I always look forward to it along with British week in the spring. Such lovely treats!

  111. You’ve outdone yourself. This give-away is a dream come true. You are truly amazing Sharon.

  112. This is the perfect giveaway to end French Week 2023! The content this week has been so much fun!!

  113. I have been obsessed with Sharon and her boxes since I discovered her years ago through your podcast. Unfortunately the subscription is not within in my budget, and I am sad to say due to struggles with my account, I am joining into French Week late this week. I still wanted to comment and thank you for such a beautiful gift for the giveaway… do such an amazing job. I am making a pledge to myself with the run of my subscription for this year (Sept-Aug 2024) that I am going to make engaging here a priority for myself. Thank you for all that you do!

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