Outfits of the Month (3): Dressing for Summer
Wednesday June 14, 2023

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Summer is here, and the summer wardrobe received a bit of refreshing recently in my own closet. Adding only a couple of items, I am sharing a few of those below as well as creating three (almost four) summer outfits to keep you cool, comfortable and feeling your best no matter the occasion be perusing and strolling or attending a special event. With two dresses and two linen pant outfits, mixing and matching with what you already have in your closet should be easy when adding one or two of these quality shopping finds to your wardrobe, and items you will reach for year after year.

From a simple kitten heel sandal, a chic French pair of sunglasses, to an effortless sleeveless wrap dress and many more summer items, comfort and style go hand-in-hand with each of these outfits. And of course, books! Always a book on hand, and from bestsellers to anticipated releases, each of the following books comes with editor praise and high reviews. Happy shopping and wishing you an effortlessly stylish summer.

~AYR Yowza Sleeveless Knit Wrap dress, two colors~

~Mickey Lynn Edison Pearl Lustre earrings~

~Ralph Lauren Kitten-heel sandal, brown~

~Ahlem La Seine sunglasses~

~btb Los Angeles Paloma Stripe Straw Tote~

~Lessons in Chemistry: A Novel by Bonnie Gramus (soon to be a television series on AppleTV+ this fall)~


~Lauren French Stripe (navy and white) polo dress~

~Tropezienne sandal, handmade in Italy~

~Bleu de Chauffe clutch crossbody bag, navy (more colors), made in France~

~Pachacuti classic fedora with navy band (more colors to choose from)~

~The Marriage Question: George Eliot’s Double Life by Clare Carlisle~


~Reiss Holly Wide-Leg Linen Trousers (more colors)~

~Linen Pintuck sleeveless blouse, Vineyard Vines~

~Reformation Maira Linen Top~

~Reformation Mason Linen Pant, high-waist, long~

~Nude Belt, Veronica Beard~

~Bernardo Kennedy Leather Wrapped Sandals (black also available)~

~Vince Ester Ankle-Strap Kitten Sandal~

~Slow Living: The Secrets to Slowing Down and Noticing the Simple Joys Anywhere by Helena Woods~


Untitled Design

8 thoughts on “Outfits of the Month (3): Dressing for Summer

  1. I think you will enjoy Lessons in Chemistry Shannon .

    I read it a couple of weeks ago ……….it’s an intriguing read 🙂 and an amazing first novel.
    I’ll be interested to see what you make of it .

    I loved the rainbow basket in the first summer selection, but my goodness it is very expensive……over £100……..😱
    I have enjoyed looking at the Summer Style post though !

    1. Anne,

      Thank you for sharing about the novel. Having watched an interview with the author recently, I have become even more intrigued.

      All of the items are investment pieces, so rest assured, they are well-made and will last more many years. I find that often summer clothing can be less expensive, but it is often at the expense of having to buy the similar item again each year due to poor fabric or inability to hold up to life and what we need it to do as we go through our days. I will always do my best to find and share quality items, and they need not be items you purchase, but offer inspiration as you put together what you already have and then fill the gaps on your own to fit your budget.

      Thank you for stopping by and happy to hear you enjoyed the post. 😌

      1. Thank you for your reply , Shannon .
        I totally understand , and the suggestions you share are always interesting and appreciated .

        I can see how much care and attention you put into your recommendations.

        Naturally, we will all have varying budgets , and I appreciate that the quality of the items will certainly reflect their cost .

        However lovely it is though , I’m afraid that a basket bag costing almost £150.00 is not something that I can justify !

        1. Anne, Just keep in mind, every ‘straw bag’ is not like the other. This one is meticulously lined with linen as well as has a zipper pocket inside. And regardless, keep it on your saved list because as summer concludes, if there are still bags available, they will likely go on sale and you will be able to scoop up what you know you love at a great price, knowing you purchased something that will last.

  2. Shannon,
    I LOVE the Mickey Lynn earrings ! Ordering them now along with a beautiful braclet I found on their site.
    I’ve been looking for light weight every day earrings and these are just gorgeous.
    Thank you so much for your diligence in finding quality products to share with all of us.

  3. I just read Lessons in Chemistry. It’s an easy read and I enjoyed it. Love these outfits! cool and classy.

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