The Benefit of Daily Rituals
Monday December 2, 2013

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Each of us is the curator of our lives. It is purposeful that I use the analogy of how we live our lives to one who organizes, displays, presents, understands and fully appreciates art. The grand myth that only certain people are creative has been unfortunately accepted as fact, when it is not indeed true.  Creativity resides in all of us; it is simply a matter of listening to what is speaking within us.

Being creative doesn’t mean everyone is to be a painter, but rather perhaps an architect who designs homes for their clients, the teacher who crafts engaging lesson plans, the chef that concocts a new recipe to try for dinner or the hostess who plans a delightful dinner for her guests. Creativity is the zhush we apply to our lives – the special touches that no one else can create in our very unique way except for us; and therefore, we are indeed all capable of being creative.

While reading Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit, one ingredient she writes about is the importance of daily rituals which prompt our creative ideas to come to the forefront of our many whirling thoughts.

Specifically how does simply getting out of bed at a certain time, saying a particular prayer or engaging in certain physical stretches provoke one’s creativity?

  • Eliminates the question of what you are doing and why
  • Instills a sense of certainty which eliminates doubt
  • Lessens the difficulty that comes with taking the first steps as you begin a new project in which the outcome is unknown
  • One less thing to think about, thus freeing your mind

Whether your ritual is having a certain blend of coffee in the morning at a particular time with absolute silence while you read the morning news or going for a run in the morning to calm your mind so it is free from guilt after having exercised, think about when your most creative thoughts or activities have come to your mind in the past. What were you doing just prior to that event?

For me, it’s when I can enjoy a leisurely cup of tea without worrying about the time. When these two simple events collide, my thoughts start to spark and I can’t grab a pen, pencil or keyboard fast enough.

Perhaps before you start your day at work you need to listen to a certain song or have ten minutes alone to collect yourself. Whatever rituals you choose to include in your life, make sure:

  1. To keep it simple – getting out of bed at a certain time, turning on the hot water for tea or coffee, stepping out the door for a walk or meditating for two minutes – these are the simple rituals that propel you forward toward something that you wish to create
  2. To find a ritual that frees your mind – becomes something you do without thought
  3. It prompts you to do or become more of the person you wish to be
  4. It is a habit that is part of the foundation for living your best life

Ultimately, it is how we spend the minutes and hours of our days that reveals how we will spend the rest of our lives. Choose to include one or two rituals in your daily routine that help propel you in the direction toward your dreams. Once you begin to incorporate daily rituals, they will become habits that your brain doesn’t have to get exercised about. And as you make these positive practices habits, more and more ideas will begin to flow more freely which will enrich your life.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone.

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5 thoughts on “The Benefit of Daily Rituals

    1. Having a pen and paper at-the-ready is my go-to as well. You really never know when inspiration will hit, and as much as we tell ourselves we won’t forget it, I can’t count how many times I really can’t recall the great idea I had previously and wish I had written it down at that moment. Thanks for sharing!

  1. I absolutely agree. I watched a TED talk on the 30 day challenge, in which you were advised to set yourself a challenge, whether it be writing, exercise, eating cooking, studying and do it for 30 days. I did this with my early morning yoga routine and it has now become an essential part of my day. If ever I want a new habit now, this is what I do.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. You’re exactly right, while habits take time to form, they will form with consistent effort. Congratulations! That sounds like a wonderful way to begin the day.

  2. I just kept saying, “Yes, yes, yes, this is spot on!,” to myself as I read this post. Rituals gift creative freedom as your world feels familiar, safe, predictable letting the brain and senses get some time off from being on guard. It opens up the space for creativity to flow. When I sit down at my desk at the regular time to work (funny enough, I am a creator of lesson plans for preschoolers, one of your creative examples in your post), another trigger I’ve found that helps is to listen to the same music. It primes the pump and cues my creative juices to get going!

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