Why Asking is Better Than Waiting

May 26, 2014

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“The flower doesn’t dream of the bee, it blossoms and the bee comes.” -Mark Nepo

Actions, not words are what encourage people to reach out to us and opportunity to cross our path. Just as every two years cities vie for the opportunity to be the city to host the Olympic games, they must put forth the designs in order to win the bid and upon earning it, they must build and mold their city to hold thousands of spectators and athletes even before anyone has purchased a plane ticket.

Such is life. We must be willing to muster up the courage to ask for what we want if we are to ever to have any chance at building the fulfilling life we wish for ourselves. Action, not waiting, will turn such dreams into reality.

Take history for example, for nearly every civil right that was granted, someone, many someones, had to stand up and ask for what they felt was rightfully theirs. If nobody knows what you want, how can they accommodate your wishes?

Communication, which is at the foundation of any healthy relationship – work, romantic or friendship – requires dialogue.  In order to know what we need, in order to acquire what we desire, we must ask, seeking answers. Even if the answers are confusing, terse or opaque in their clarity, at least we have made our wishes known. And until we arrive, we must not stop asking.

With each inquiry, our voice becomes stronger, our knowledge of the journey we are navigating deepens and more and more people, some of which will be better able to help us than others, will finally hear us as well.

Let me leave you with this last mental image. The starting point of any journey can offer many uncertain paths, similar to being placed in the middle of the wilderness without a compass or familiar surroundings to aid us in striking out in the correct direction. In order to be found or find our way home, we must reach out, we must try to communicate with anyone that may hear our voice. While it may take time for the right voice to hear us, eventually, so long as we continue to use the small bits of knowledge we receive as we travel our journey, we will be found. We will find our way to what we seek.

“You get from this life what you have the courage to ask for.” -Oprah

Today, remember that you hold the keys to success – your voice. By asking questions, by letting your desires and dreams be known, those that can help will eventually hear you. Demonstrate you are sincere, allow yourself to be vulnerable, and remember Brene Brown’s words of advice from Daring Greatly: When we reject vulnerability, when we choose to not express our wishes, often our inability stems from fear, shame, grief, sadness or disappointment.  However, “if we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.”

Have a lovely start to the week everyone.


~The Master of Your Destiny

~Become the Curator of Your Own Life

~Living Deliberately Rather Than By Default

3 thoughts on “Why Asking is Better Than Waiting

  1. This came at the perfect time. Thank you, I’ve been nervous about a question that I asked but I feel better now, at least I’ve said what I need to say. Who knows what the outcome will be? Even though I’ve yet the receive a reply.

  2. Perfect article, perfect timing. This is exactly what I needed to read at this very moment in my life…Thank You!

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