Alpine Meadows Food & Wine Pairing Event
Saturday August 10, 2013

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Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to pair Walla Walla wines and grapes with simple, yet scrumptious tapas dishes, many featured here on the blog over the past few years.

With six courses, a beautiful evening with a lovely 9-hole golf course in Wallowa County as the setting, amazing help from a handful of people I can’t thank enough, the evening went off better than I could have expected.

As I promised on Friday’s post The Weekend, below is the menu with links to each of the recipes and wines. All images were taken by Allison Cornett who kindly captured all of the photos for the event.



~First Course~

Savory Palmiers with comté and Dijon mustard

paired with

Blacksmith 2011 Chardonnay

~Second Course~

Sugar Snap Peas with Pancetta and Parmesan

paired with

Robison Ranch Cellars’ 2012 Rosé of Merlot

~Third Course~

Roasted Shrimp Salad on Bruschetta

paired with

Charles Smith’s K Vinters’ 2012 Viognier

~Fourth Course~

Caprese Bruschetta with Gianni’s Balsamic Vinegar drizzle

paired with

Flying Trout 2011 Torrontes

~Fifth Course~

Rachel Khoo’s Brochettes au Coq au Vin (find the recipe in her book The Little Paris Kitchen: 120 Simple But Classic French Recipes)

paired with

Tero Estates 2009 Windrow

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 4.11.55 PM
~photo credit: Food Republic~

~Sixth Course~

Arrowhead Chocolates’ Dark Chocolate Truffle

paired with

Angel Vine 2008 Zinfandel

Bon appétit!

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 4.17.51 PM

~After all of the food and wine have been enjoyed and the evening has wrapped up.~

~A Special Thank You to Jary and Shane Homan (Jary is seen below in the center), Bill and Judy Ables and the Alpine Meadows Golf Course for making this event possible and a tremendous success.

~all images captured by Allison Cornett, except (1) and (7) & (8)

One thought on “Alpine Meadows Food & Wine Pairing Event

  1. Congratulations of the try! I am very font of menus. It is a great opportunity for someone to taste dishes and wines in a short term that may never had the opportunity before. These tries worth to be “exposed” to the people. And which place is better for something like that than a golf course. I wish someone could do something like that to the golf course in my city.
    Looking forward for your next attempts.

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