Allow Yourself to be Special
Monday December 5, 2011

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“Don’t be afraid to be special.”

-University of Oregon, Moshofsky Center

It’s easy as we each gain years in this thing called life, and once we realize how many people reside in this world, to let go of the belief that to be special, to be unique, to be an original, is impossible. After all, there were oodles of people before we were born and there will be oodles more upon our departure.

It’s easy to accept the idea that nobody can truly be special, but thankfully this is where you would be wrong. You are special, you can accept the camouflaged reality that the world often hides tucked away that you have just as much of a chance to be special as you have to be like everyone else.

The concept of viewing yourself as special can sometimes seem arrogant and narcissistic; however, what I’m speaking of today is the understanding that if we step into our authentic path and allow our genuine self to be observed by those around us, sometimes it is still hard to believe that what we are feeling, the happiness we discover, and/or the success we create for ourselves is special – that we are special.

The irony is, more people than not don’t march to the beat of their own drum, but those who are marching to their own drummer have the perspective and conditioning to often believe that everyone else must be doing the same thing because that is all they know. However, this is usually not the case.  So take the compliments and receive the applause with humble appreciation and know that who you are and what your best self can offer is truly special.

So, if you are contemplating the possibility of owning your uniqueness, what is stopping you? What is holding you back? What is preventing you from realizing that special is a possibility for each one of us if we only have the courage to put in the effort, not become detoured by roadblocks and choose to cast aside fear when it rears its ugly head in our analytical thoughts?

The aha moment for each one of us when we decide to step out of our shell and put ourselves out there doing our own thing is that we have bravely chosen to step into owning our spotlight. And yes, you are special. Own it. Embrace it.  Accept the idea that what you have to offer is beautiful, unique and that you too can be an original. | The Simply Luxurious Life

3 thoughts on “Allow Yourself to be Special

  1. I was sitting in the library of my law school about to jump into some reading when I stopped myself short and remembered I’d forgotten a critical part of my Monday ritual: reading your inspirational Monday morning post. I can’t tell you how many times your posts have turned my outlook around, pushed me forward through the day, or even propelled my whole week. You’re spot on with this post. Life gets difficult. We meet a ton of people, and somehow lose ourselves in the shuffle trying to take all the mixed messages in. It’s our duty to ourselves to make sure that we take in what we need and disregard what we don’t. The world would have you absorb the negativity of other’s broken dreams and lost efforts in an attempt to teach us how life works. And that is only how life works if you let it. So, today I’m going to choose to be the person I want to be in the face of all of the “Negative Nancys” and “Eeyores” of the world, because you reminded me to be.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Thank you so much for clearing away the cobwebs – you put me right back on track with the real, silly, happy me!

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