Why Not . . . Save Time?
Wednesday November 30, 2011

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Constantly sought after, but somewhat elusive as our lives become fuller, time is without a doubt the most precious commodity.  But how do we find more of it?  It’s not as if we can purchase it while on our next trip to the grocery store.  Instead, it is something that requires conscious effort, a disciplined approach and a dash of creativity.

Over the course of the next three weeks, I will be sharing tips, strategies and tried and true-in-my-own-life approaches that will give you more time to do the things and spend quality time with the people and passions you adore.

The first part of the series is going to focus on you.  Yes, I’m going to get a little personal and share ways on how to help you with your beauty regimen that will not only save time so you have a few extra minutes to sip your favorite latte, read your favorite blog or snuggle a bit longer in bed, but most importantly allow you to look and thus, feel your best when you walk out the door to greet the world.  Let’s get started!

~Getting Beautiful~

Dry Shampoo – Use it!

The majority of us don’t need to wash our hair every single day.  In fact, it’s better for our hair if we don’t. It took me quite some time to come to the realization that my hair actually looks its best on the second day after a blowout.  However, in order to make this work, purchase dry shampoo.  My favorite, which I found per Tory Burch’s suggestion is Klorane’s dry shampoo with oat milk. Simply spray your hair, let it sit for 1-3 minutes, brush or blow dry to style and voila!

Ionic Blow Dryer

For anyone who dreads the amount of time that is wasted blow drying your hair, only to have frizz everywhere when you are finished, you will love an ionic blow dryer.  Not only does it dry your hair quicker, but it reduces frizz.  The blow dryer I’ve been using for 6 years is T3 Tourmaline 83808 and I couldn’t be happier. Plus, it’s much quieter.

Top Knot

Not feeling a luscious blow-out in the morning, but still want to look chic and stylish? Trust me, the top knot or a low messy chignon are simple and will most definitely fit the bill. It took me some convincing, but my hair stylist finally convinced me to give it try, and I haven’t turned back since. For instructions on how to create a wispy, messy French top knot, click here.

Big Sunnies

When all you need to do is run some errands or make a quick trip out, dab on some under eye concealer, sweep some blush on your cheeks, a quick dash of mascara and lip balm and finish with a pair of over-sized sunnies.

Be An Evening Stylist

The night before, have an idea of what you might want to wear the next day and make sure all the necessary items are ironed, available and ready to wear.  If necessary, lay out your clothes.  I know for me, I spend quite a bit of unnecessary time hemming and hawing in my closet, trying to decide which outfit together.  Avoid this scenario and prep in the evening.

I don’t know about you, but getting ready in the morning is exhilarating due to the fact that I how I feel about how I look determines quite a bit of my mood throughout the day. With that said, if we’re rushing around messing with our hair while simultaneously pulling clothes off hangers, we’re more likely to make a mistake and feel even more flustered.  So why not create a cushion of time in the morning, so the more can be savored and your look can be finessed even more? (By the way, if you have any time-saving beauty tips, please do not hesitate to mention them. I’m always looking for more ways to create more minutes to do as I please, as I have a feeling you are as well.

Click here to view part two of the series, where I focus on time saving tips for the daily schedule that introduces itself to us each day as we step outside. Until then, have a beautiful and productive Wednesday.

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7 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Save Time?

  1. Thank you for this posting. I’ve been struggling with my morning routines. It’s very true what you wrote “how I feel about how I look determines quite a bit of my mood throughout the day.” I am going to try to stick to getting my clothes ready a night before.

    Do you straighten your hair? Any suggestion for a quality straightener?

  2. hopflower – I don’t know what type of dry shampoo you have used, but I have very fine hair as well. Due to this, I too never thought dry shampoos would work, but if you find the right one, it adds texture and a little umphff without the oiliness. Just an idea.

  3. I always try to pick out my outfits the night before! If for some reason I can’t I run thru my options while in the shower. Once I’m out I have an outfit ready to go!

  4. Dry shampoo works best for me if I am just throwing my hair up in a clip or ponytail. Another quick way to save some time is to have a spray bottle filled with water in the morning. Give your hair a misting to reactivate yesterday’s products and clean things up a bit. Run a blow drying through your locks and voila!

    I love your tip about a quick face; you can modify it for your own needs. I’m 41, and while I still have a great complexion, I have added a dusting of mineral makeup or StudioFix to my quick face. Blush or bronzer, groom the brows, curl the lashes, flutter on a little mascara and redden the pout…and you’re out! 🙂

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