A Cottage Vacation in Devon
Thursday December 8, 2016

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One of my favorite holiday movies to watch is The Holiday, directed and written by Nancy Meyers. A simple title to remember, and it never fails to bring comfort and a jovial spirit about life and our individual journey. Granted I am not a movie trailer creator, nor do I live in England, but when I saw this Devon cottage located in the North Bovey in Dartmoor National Park, I imagined it as the cottage that Cameron Diaz’s character arrived at for her much needed respite. However, this cottage is even more simply luxurious with its fireplaces, soaking tub and light, calming hues. The one important similarity to the film is that you can rent the cottage for your next vacation to the United Kingdom countryside.

With Bovey castle just a 20 minute walk away, as a guest of the cottage you will have complimentary membership to the 5-star castle and all of its amenities: spa, jacuzzi, tennis courts, golf and more. More importantly, nature is truly at your doorstep as you will see in some of the images below. Learn more here about how to reserve your stay.

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2 thoughts on “A Cottage Vacation in Devon

  1. As two of our children were born in Devon this post reminds me of home! We lived in a typical old cottage just like this one! I remember one Christmas, maybe 14 years ago, it started snowing on Christmas morning and fell steadily all day, it doesn’t happen that often in southern England, we spent the next day tobogganing on Dartmoor and having the best fun ever.

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