10 Things That Make Me Happy!

May 23, 2010

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hOne of the loveliest surprises I received a few weeks ago after a long day at work was the Happy 101 Award from Fashion, Art and Other Fancies. First of all, a grand thank you. If you haven’t stopped by her site, please try to find time to do so.  You’ll be greeted with her well written prose and doses of inspiration from a lovely lady living in Paris.

So, for my list of the ten things that bring a tremendous amount of happiness into my life:  Whittling it down to ten, as anyone can imagine, was a bit difficult, but I tried to only include those things that I couldn’t live without, that feed my soul and make me smile even on the most wretched of days.  So here we go!

1. {Wo}Man’s Best Friend

My boys – Oscar (left) and Norman.  Animals truly bring into my life a happiness that can’t be replaced by anything else.  With their loyalty, unconditional love, constant smiles and kisses – happiness is inevitable.

2. Magazines

I can remember the first magazine I ever subscribed to – Instyle – back over fifteen years ago when it first began being published. Being a visual person, I am constantly ripping out articles, images and such, stuffing them into my folders because I just know I’ll need their inspiration at some point.  Some of my favorites to receive in the mail – The English Home, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vanity Fair, Vogue and Town and Country – and those are just a few!

3. Breaking a Sweat

If I am not able to get a regular workout in, my mood isn’t lovely – let me tell you.  The experts, your personal trainer, the articles you’ve read, are right – exercise is an instant mood booster, stress reducer and perfect antibiotic to eliminate your chances for having to go to the hospital. Four to five times a week I am engaged in aerobic activity and at least twice a week strength building exercises because for me it’s not an option – it can’t be, because without it happiness isn’t attained.

4. Cooking 

Walking into a Whole Foods, Elephant’s Delicatessen, or any grocery store with endless displays of beautiful food is almost as enjoyable as clothes shopping.  The magic that comes alive in the kitchen – sipping a bit of wine as you concoct your creation, slicing and dicing, and tasting the end result – I lose all track of time.  I apologize to those that are waiting for the meal, but the cooking process for me is utter happiness.

5. Time With My Closest Friends

I have five lovely ladies in my life that I can count on to give me a reality check, support me and always help in joining in on the laughter or lifting my chin if ever necessary.  Without Alex, Judy, Elsa, Nancy and Marthe, my life wouldn’t be nearly as easy to navigate.  Oh, and I can’t live without a bit of chit chat either.

6. Rainy Days

I know when I wrote my post on enjoying a rainy day, some of you may have thought I was a bit crazy, but in all sincerity I find serenity in rainy days.  Partly because I adored living in Portland where it rains quite often, but also because of what it does for my yard and my soul.  Pure pleasure.

7. Something Lovely to Sip

I had to lump all of my favorite three things to drink into one category because I couldn’t leave any of one of them out.  Water, Wine and Tea. At least one is suitable any time of the day.

8. A Successful Day of Shopping


Shopping for me is cathartic, mood lifting and therefore, absolutely necessary.  Ever so often, I will channel my inner Carrie and head out to update my wardrobe, and more times than not, I’ll at least bring back one or two things that I can’t imagine living without.

9. Working in the Yard

Another place I can lose track of time is in my yard.  Bringing color in and adding foliage lifts my spirits immediately.

10. Creative Expression
Writing for me is like water.  I need to get my thoughts out of my head whether it is to share them with you, my readers, or simply to put them down in a journal.  Writing and sharing them with the world is an amazing feeling, and I am so thankful for my readers.  The pleasure and exhilaration it brings is hard to express, but please know it brings much happiness.
Thanks for looking over my list and now for the next lovely ladies I would like to nominate for the Happiness 101 Award:
Upon nomination, simply pass on the award after sharing with your readers the ten things that make you happy.
Congratulations to:
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Thanks again to Fashion, Art and Other Fancies for the nomination.

NOTE:  I recently tweaked my commenting ability to make it much simpler for all readers to leave any questions or comments.  Thanks to Emily of Splendid Market for the tip.  I’ve been so busy writing, I wasn’t aware of the hiccup. I believe now though it is fixed. 


Images: (1) Simply Luxurious photo (2) In Gen Y Fashion (3)Source (4) We Heart It (5) Source (6) Fashion Served (7) We Heart It (8) Socialite Life (9) Inspired Room (10)  Elle Decor

9 thoughts on “10 Things That Make Me Happy!

  1. You and I seem like we could be good friends. We enjoy all of the same things! Although, I do need to be better about going to the gym. It’s so true what they say– working out DOES make you happier!
    Hope you had a good weekend 🙂
    XX fallon

  2. So interesting to read about you! And happy to hear that you excercise a lot! I love to exercise too! Have a lovely Monday!

    Kristin 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for this very lovely award! I’m honored! I agree with all your picks {except I would probably trade coffee for tea}! It always makes my day when you stop by my blog and I’m so happy we’ve connected via the internet! I really think finding like minded bloggers is a bit like finding lost soul mates 🙂 Hope your week is a good one!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Thank you SO very much for the award. I am truly honored that you have chosen me and in such wonderful company. I loved reading about your choices… exercise is something I do, but need to do much more of. Thank you so much again and I hope you had a lovely, lovely weekend!

    Linda xoxo

  5. Thanks so much, this is enormously kind of you, and I’m sorry to be so delinquent in calling by to say thank you! In scrolling through, I see I have missed many lovely posts, but I’ll enjoy catching up.

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