Why Not . . . Gain Clarity?
Wednesday September 1, 2010

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Clarity. To remove all doubt. To know absolutely.

How wonderfully freeing would it be to know for certain the direction you want your life to take?  Knowing that due to your circumstances, or despite your circumstances,  that you are on the right path would be a way to immediately calm any unsettled feelings.  But how does one find clarity?  What does it feel like?  How does one know it when they’ve come across it?

I think the easiest way to describe what it is is to describe what it isn’t.  It’s not a constant checking of the clock. It’s not being okay with only giving partial effort.  It’s not putting your time in so that you can do something else.

So now that I’ve shared a few things that aren’t involved with finding clarity, here are a few ways to help you discover it because it truly is one of those things that when you attained it you’ll just know, but it’s in the getting to that point that is more difficult to figure out.

Have Goals
Simply knowing the direction you would like to be heading is a start in the right direction toward a more fulfilling life. Sometimes long terms goals can be daunting to work towards, so why not set a goal to meet by the end of this week or this month? Once you’ve achieved that particular goal, expand it and build on top of what you’ve already accomplished.  Before you know it you will have outgrown your previous state of living so much so that you won’t recognize it. When you know where you’re heading and what you want, it becomes very easy to say no to what you don’t want.


Having a journal can provide a variety of ways to jumpstart your creativity and make clear your direction. Some people write down their thoughts, worries and such while others write down their ideas so that they don’t forget them later.  However you choose to use a journal, make sure you have it with you almost all of the time.  I carry my small pocket journal in my purse, place it on my bed table at night and by my computer when I’m working. You never know when a light bulb moment will occur, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to write it down.


The information, the knowledge, the experiences you will encounter by continuing to read well into your adulthood will not only keep your mind young and agile, but will fuel ideas and energize you as you are exposed to new ways of thinking.  Anyone truly can travel the world, jump in a time machine, or take in any season at any time by simply picking up a book and reading.


Eliminate Multi-Tasking
While it is perceived that more things are done in a more timely manner with multi-tasking, the opportunity for magical things to occur seems to diminish because you aren’t paying complete attention to any one thing.  When you completely submerge yourself into just one task, you lose all track of time, you allow your mind to delve deeper into that one particular area and that is when the coffee pot starts to percolate.


When you’ve put into practice all of the above suggestions, you’ve hopefully come to discover what grabs your attention, what fills your mind during the wee hours of the morning and what hopes and dreams you truly desire.  Once you’ve realized what it is that stirs you, moves you, provokes you act without any other motivation other than that you are drawn to it like the moon draws water, you then will know how to prioritize how to spend the precious 24 hours you are given each day. After all, it’s not much, so why waste them doing something you feel you have to do or dread terribly?

We are all sitting at the beginning of a new month. Why not take the time today to arrive a step closer to the clarity that ultimately leads to contentment? Have a wonderful Wednesday and thank you for stopping by The Simply Luxurious Life.


8 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Gain Clarity?

  1. I absolutely LOVE this post. You have put into words the exact things i couldn’t say and now i have another link from your blog to save 🙂 Its so funny that i have post-dated my worry on this issue for my blog tomorrow. Only i didn’t say it quite exquisitely like you

  2. I’ve recently discovered your blog and I’ve been enjoying your archives as well as recent posts, and also your wonderful newsletter which just arrived. Merci!

    You have a real gift with your writing and each post is so inspiring. Your photo pairings are perfect as well.

  3. Wonderful post! I wholeheartedly agree with you on all of these and follow most of them. The thing I have a hard time with is multitasking. That’s all I do. I have to learn how to let some things go and focus on the matter at hand more.

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