What Will Your Legacy Be?
Monday March 14, 2011

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“If we’re following our passions, every decision will teach us how to be better at being ourselves, which will allow us to be the master of our own lives.”

-Oprah Winfrey (a lesson learned from Condoleezza Rice)

We are what we do. We will be remembered for what we leave behind.  Long after we are gone, what will each of us be remembered for? Whatever it is, whatever springs to mind immediately upon uttering our names, is the legacy we have created while we were living.

So what legacy are you leaving behind? I truly believe that no matter what religion one follows, or what spiritual path a person feels guides them, each one of us is responsible for leaving this place we call Earth a little better than when we found it.  How we improve upon what is already here is determined by what we are capable of doing and how we choose to coordinate our abilities with opportunities that present themselves.

The leaving of a legacy at first may seem like a weighty responsibility too difficult and burdening to contemplate, and due to this, many may choose to cast it aside and just live day to day appeasing their personal passions, but I believe it is in the meshing of these personal passions with philanthropic efforts that we will truly find great success, value and fulfillment.

It is in the helping of mankind whether it be one or millions that creates a legacy to be proud of.  It is in the determination to be the best at any given moment that gives way to a better result than what was found before the task initially commenced. It is in the thinking beyond ourselves and sharing our gifts with others that ultimately keeps us alive while we are still living and when our time has come.

Recently with the news in Japan and some saddening news I received about a colleague, I’ve been pondering the question of what can I do? What can each person do to make a difference, a real difference in this world? Because after all, so much of life is out of our control.

And the answer is, whatever you do, start today because before you know it today is tomorrow and yesterday is last year, and your efforts will have added up more than you could have imagined.  The question is what do you want to multiply during your time here on earth?

Do you want to see more hope, more goodness, more compassion, or acceptance, knowledge & awareness? Do you want to encourage, reward and support the way you believe life should be lived? Or do you want to waste time on what discourages you?  Truly, what you focus on multiplies.

Maybe it is just sitting down at night to read a story to your children instead of letting them go off and watch television by themselves before bed, or thanking someone for being thoughtful even in the simplest way, or choosing to approach each day with the intention of making at least someone’s day a bit brighter, by stating what you observe to be good work, or patting them on the back for what about their effort was appreciated. Reward what you deem valuable and it will be passed on twofold, sometimes more.

So today, think about what message your actions are saying to the world? Do they coincide with the world you’d like to one day see? After all, we are what we do because our actions determine our future and the world’s.

Have a beautiful Monday and have confidence that each step, no matter how small, if made in good faith, will reap a beautiful reward – whether we see it during our lifetime or it occurs down the road, trust that it will occur.

7 thoughts on “What Will Your Legacy Be?

  1. Hi Shannon
    Your post fits in beautifully with the post I posted yesterday. I hope what I wrote will be a “small” part towards my legacy. Do pop over and see what you think.

  2. start today because before you know it today is tomorrow and yesterday is last year, and your efforts will have added up more than you could have imagined.

    I love this and it’s so very true. I believe that we’re creating a legacy whether we know it or not. It’s good to be conscious of this and act and speak accordingly.

  3. Inspiring as always! Very positive post and I cannot agree more with you. Making a difference doesn’t take money or connections. It takes devotion and desire 🙂

    My Monday quote states something similar to what you say in this post 🙂 Come by if you like 🙂



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