TSLL Finds Its House, Its Home, in Bend

Aug 26, 2019

There are moments in life that sing. Sing a symphonic melody that is made only possible because of multiple players contributing their expertise in an manner that is sincere and beyond expectation.

I mentioned in last week’s newsletter that a dream had recently come true in my personal life, and that dream would not have been possible without a handful of people, seasoned in their craft, as well as close family and friends, giving beyond what was required or expected of their patience, time to listen and support.

I have purchased a house in Bend. The boys and I have a home that is ours in Bend, Oregon, and to say I am happy is the most miniscule of understatements I could express.

Giddy beyond tickled is what I am. 🙂

And it has a peach tree!

The culmination of this dream realized was not without five years of searching, a real estate agent that stuck with me through it all, multiple stumbles along the way as life tried to teach me lessons and thankfully patiently waited until I absorbed and applied what I needed to learn, family that endured my many conversations about the real estate market in Bend as I tried to understand it and learned to navigate it myself, and friends who supported me with their words and good thoughts all the way through until the key was in hand.

As I have shared in my second book, owning real estate is not the only means to financial security, but for someone like myself, who calls her house her sanctuary, having a home of my own once again, is fundamental to the foundation of the life I love living.

Needless to say, it has been four years since I have had a space that was a blank canvas on which to tinker without limitation. In the space of those four years, my attention has been given to more travels abroad, projects that I am so happy are now part of TSLL community (the cooking show, the second book, the podcast‘s past four seasons – the sixth begins next week!) and time and resources to explore Bend deeply to discover how I most enjoy living in a town that I feel most fortunate to call home. But now it is time to make my home in Bend, Oregon, the actual, literal home.

I do not know what decor and yard & garden projects will be forthcoming (although, as you might imagine, my mind is tickled with so many ideas, it is nearly spinning with glee), and they most likely will be gradual, but when I do begin to tinker and put my signature on my sanctuary, I will share bits and pieces of what I learn here on TSLL. I have created a new category in TSLL’s Archives for just these posts when they are eventually shared.

So, if today you find yourself along your journey, wondering if indeed that one big dream you have been holding onto in your mind may happen, please know that I had my doubts, as well as fears, over the past few years that the reality I share with you today would happen. But it did. How it all unfolded, which was primarily by chance, is something in hindsight I will honestly admit, I did not expect. But, with clarity of what I wanted and what I could afford, as well as more knowledge in a variety of arenas I learned these past four years, the decision to strive forward was without hesitation.

Wishing you a lovely start to the week. Bonne journée.


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128 thoughts on “TSLL Finds Its House, Its Home, in Bend

  1. Bonjour Shannon!
    I just wanted to say “Félicitations” and wish you a very Happy Housewarming, from my humble home in Eureka, CA to your new one in Bend!
    I am “giddy beyond tickled” for you!
    ♥️?♥️ ~ Chérie Z

  2. Congratulations! We just visited Bend and you have a lovely town to call home. And yes, Sparrow bakery was yummy.
    Happy Days.

  3. So happy for your news! It sounds as if this will be a great fit for you and your dogs. You most likely have pent up demands for your many plans! Can’t wait to hear them evolve….

  4. So very happy for you, Shannon! Used to go to Drake Park with my parents. Love Bend. And Mt. Batchelor for skiing—so many memories. I errantly skied the summit, my third time on skies. Fortunately, a friend coached me all the way down, and I bought the pin! I still have it, and that was in the 80’s. Love the peach photo and am hoping for some interesting peach recipes! Enjoy! We just sold our French city house, and bought a longère with an acre of land for our two doggies! Move in date is mid-November. So excited!

      1. Merci. I was pretty proud of myself, and my friends were stunned, as I’m not normally that kind of a risk-taker.
        Happy moving weekend!

  5. Hi Shannon, I couldn’t be more delighted for you. What wonderful adventures are in store for you, furnishing and decorating, planning your garden and cooking in your very own kitchen, I totally understand why you are delerious with delight, there is so much to look forward to. i know you will savour and enjoy every minute of it. Your patience and perserverance have paid off handsomely.ENJOY!!
    Warm wishes from Australia

  6. Such lovely news, Shannon !
    I am so happy for you .?
    What delights lie in store for you, as you make it your own personal sanctuary.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Best Wishes from the UK

  7. Hello Shannon,
    That’s just lovely news! Congratulations on your patience to wait until the right property along with your life circumstances all line up!
    I am about to do the reverse, as, although my house is lovely, I find I do not wish to spend my older years in this part of my N.Z. city of Auckland, so I plan to sell and relocate nearer to the theatre and other interests that I participate in each week, which currently involves a lot of commuting. So I need to sell and then find the next place as soon as I can.
    All the very best with the setting in process and choosing your projects.

    1. Alaine, wishing you great success on your transition. With the clarity of what you want, it will indeed be found and your current home will find its new owner. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the congratulations! We are very excited!

  8. Wonderful news Shannon. I too am in the process of buying a new home. My current home is, to me, beautiful but not in an environment I enjoy. Finding a new home, that I could afford to buy, and love, in a village environment seemed an impossible dream. But suddenly and very unexpectedly I found it. Not my perfect house but a very nice house in a small rural village and I cannot wait to begin recreating my new sanctuary surrounded by fields. Dreams often take many years to become reality but if we are patient and never give up it can happen. I look forward to reading about your projects as you create your new sanctuary.

    1. Sheila, congratulations to you! How very exciting. It sounds like a bucolic and ideal location. You are absolutely correct, dreams take time, but as you are sharing, they indeed can materialize. Congratulations again and thank you for the well wishes. ?

  9. Gotta love such fantastic news, yay for you Shannon! Knowing you and your savvy, tons of planning went into this search?????? Wishing you and your sweet fur babies a peaceful and fulfilled life in your new home.

  10. This is so exciting, Shannon, congratulations! I can’t wait to hear about all the adventures you and the boys will have in your new sanctuary.
    Have a lovely week!

  11. Congratulations Shannon! It is so exciting to have a blank slate with which to play with decor and design. I am looking forward to seeing the progress! Most of all, enjoy the process?

  12. Wonderful news, Shannon. And a big congratulations to you. I know that happy, proud feeling all to well, as I felt it when I bought my first home all on my own. (I know this isn’t your first.) I am so incredibly happy for you and can’t wait to see the photos and all your ideas of how you will change it from a house to your very own home/sanctuary. You go girl!! 🙂 We’re all out here cheering you on!

  13. Oh happy day! I am delighted for you and love that you are “giddy beyond tickled!” I’ll look forward to seeing a photo of the house and the many things you will do to make it a home.
    All the best,

  14. Very excited for you and the boys Shannon! I hope the move goes smoothly and look forward to hearing about all your projects to turn this new place into a cosy home! Bises x

  15. All the best. So happy for you and “the boys”…. Sending love and light for a smooth unfolding of the rest of your life.

  16. Big congratulations Shannon!!!! There is no place like home! You will have so much fun making your house into a home!
    My husband and I would still like to live in Bend after visiting a few years ago. Maybe someday!

  17. Congratulations, Shannon! It is very clear from this post just how happy and excited to you are and I hope this new chapter of your life brings you everything you want and more!

  18. Chance & les bonnes circonstances … incroyable! Nous venons tout juste d’emménager dans la ville de nos rêves. Avec de la patience et un bon agent immobilier, qui ont appris à nous connaître et à connaître nos exigences, nous avons trouvé une belle maison dans les limites de notre budget et dans notre endroit préféré en ville. Nous ne savons pas vraiment comment cela s’est passé en notre faveur, mais c’est ce qui s’est passé! Je suis dans le coup d’être “chatouillé” avec toutes les possibilités dans ces murs et ces portes. J’ai hâte d’entendre parler de vos escapades parce que je parie que je vais vous raconter et peut-être bien rire en naviguant ensemble!

    1. Katina, Thank you! And you are so right, the kitchen regarding for the show, was on my mind. My real estate agent wasn’t quite sure why I was so concerned with the layout of my kitchen, but when he eventually took a look at my show, it made more sense. 🙂 I am excited to start cooking in it!

  19. So happy for you!!!! Look forward to seeing what amazing touches you bring to your home to make it your special sanctuary.

  20. Awe, such great news Shannon! I’m so very happy for you and your boys. For me, my home is my sanctuary so I can appreciate the significance of your purchase. Enjoy this new chapter of your life. All your hard work has paid off. Thank you for including us in your journey.

  21. I have already been hoping for this, when you announced in your latest newsletter, that there are great news to share! I am very happy for you – you definitely deserve this dream to come true, regarding your efforts to help others to find and chase their dreams!

  22. Félicitations Shannon! Je suis très heureuse que vous ayez trouvé votre maison. Quelle que soit la taille, le style, il est si important d’avoir un environnement où l’on se sente bien. Je n’ai qu’un appartement assez petit ici à Paris, mais depuis le premier jour j’ai senti que cet endroit était pour moi, un “nid”. J’ai hâte de voir les développements de votre installation et vous souhaite le meilleurs dans cette nouvelle maison

  23. Bravo.Congratulations Shannon such exciting news. Hope you and the boys will be wonderful happy in your new home. From your posts Bend looks a lovely place. Look forward to seeing what simply luxurious touches you’ll be adding to the decor. Bonne chance. ?

  24. Congratulations! Isn’t it great when dreams come true?
    Looking forward to following along with the next chapter of your life in Bend.

  25. Congratulations! So happy for you and the boys, and I’m very much looking forward to future maison & jardin posts! Having a home and garden to call your own is one of life’s greatest blessings and comforts.

    1. Debby, Thank you very much! Excited to share them as they come together. So much inspiration out there! I couldn’t agree with you more about having a home of one’s own. I am counting my good fortune and will do all that I can to make the most of the potential being offered. 🙂

  26. Congratulations Shannon! I hope it brings you abundant happiness as you move forward with this dream come true. Looking forward to the updates as you put your own personal touches into your new home. ?
    I received my Gien mug today. So beautiful and very comfortable to hold. Merci beaucoup!

  27. Congrats Shannon! I am so excited to see the parts of your home that you want to share, and learn how you are settling into it.
    As we are still searching for our perfect home, I will live vicariously through you! (And probably also get a few decor inspirations!)

  28. Congratulations on achieving your dream of homeownership in Bend, Shannon! I’m so happy for to and the Boys ♥️♥️♥️

  29. Congratulations, Shannon! How exciting for you and the boys. I’m so happy you found your haven–and I’m looking forward to finding out how you make this new home into your own special ‘simply luxurious’ sanctuary. I know it will be amazing!

  30. Shannon, how thrilling! I’m excited to see your creativity pour into your new home. What a happy way to start the school year.

  31. Fantastic news Shannon! Wishing you and the boys every happiness in your new home. Brought back all the great memories when I first bought my home.

  32. Shannon, congratulations. My home too is my sanctuary, where I get to close the door and just be me with my animals. Like others can’t wait to hear all your plans. Happy moving!

  33. Congratulations! Such exciting news! I would be curious to read more on the blog about how you’re settling in and making your house a home. I’m always looking for a road map or “how to” guide but I’m learning that homes, like people, come together in totally unique ways. I look forward to following your journey!

  34. Dreams do come true! I’m so happy and giddy for you and the boys to have your own home. Have fun this weekend Shannon!

  35. How FABULOUS for you! I know you are going to be busy for a while arranging the interior, but when you get around to the outside, I have a book suggestion for you:

    The Edible French Garden (Edible Garden Series, Vol. 3)
    by Rosalind Creasy

    Rosalind Creasy is a wonderful garden designer who wrote the book (literally)
    on edible landscaping. I purchased her series of 10 Edible landscape books 20 years ago and have very much enjoyed them all. Try borrowing it from your local library, or finding a copy in a used book store. Best wishes!

  36. My eyes welled up with tears of joy for you, Shannon! Congratulations! I wish you ALL the best! Thank you for sharing so much of your journey with us over all of these years. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  37. Shannon,

    Many congratulations!! It makes me happy to follow your life and see how your happiness has blossomed 🙂

    Lots of love from the California coast 🙂

  38. A bit late to the party, but congratulations, Shannon! I’m so, so happy for you and your boys! Can’t wait to see little glimpses of your new sanctuary! Love & best wishes from Southern England! xx

  39. Congratulations Shannon, so glad to hear your wonderful news! Wishing you and the boys many happy moments in your new home. Look forward to seeing your pictures.

  40. Congratulations on finding your home in Bend, Shannon.
    You teach that patience and perseverance pays off consistently in your daily life and I love to read and hear your life lessons.
    I look forward to seeing more of your new home (that you are happy to share) and gain more invaluable knowledge.

  41. Congrats, Shannon, on your home in Bend! I’m an avid fan of yours for the past few years, and I’m inspired to visit Bend because of you. I’ve been seeing signs to visit Bend since last year actually and am happy to share that I’ve just booked my flight for end of Feb. for 3 days. Do you have suggestions on what to do during this time of year? Thanks so much in advance.

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