Top 5 Fashion Resolutions
Tuesday January 3, 2012

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While I have made my grand resolutions for 2012, I couldn’t help but write down my fashions resolutions. After all, looking our best is what helps us stand up a little straighter, exude self-confidence and without a word project to the world that we are going to achieve what we set out to achieve.

So with that said, below are my top five fashion resolutions as I continue to live a simply luxurious life.  I would love for you to share your fashion resolutions as well.

1. Shop Consignment Stores First

There is a consignment shop in Portland – Seams to Fit – that makes me feel like a child on Christmas morning just as I enter the store because I never know what I will find.  I have yet to be disappointed, as I always find something that would work well with my signature style. With that said, my checkbook thanks me because I’m not paying an arm and a leg, and I have an item that is less likely to be seen on another walking down the street. In other words, before hitting Nordstrom (or whatever your department store vice may be), visit your local consignment shop.


2. Shop Regularly, Not On Demand

Melissa Tosetti of The Savvy Life suggests in her book Living the Savvy Life to regularly frequent your favorite boutiques and clothing stores (on a monthly basis approximately) in order to see new merchandise, get to know the owner as they will too get to know your style and hopefully in the future give a heads up when they have merchandise that may be of interest and thereby possibly holding an item in your size. The key is to know your signature style, have a budget and know that having a fabulous outfit for that upcoming wedding already in your closet is going to make you feel so much more confident than frantically looking for a dress the week before – one that will most likely never be worn again.


3. Take More Risks

Bill Cunningham states in the documentary Bill Cunningham New York “A lot of people have taste, but they don’t have the daring to be creative.” So this year, why not add a bit more color, or experiment with new accessories or a hair style that may flatter your face a bit more? Again the key is to know your signature style and most importantly know who you are – then express a tad of that to the world.  Don’t hide behind your clothes, let them whisper authentic musings of who you truly are.


4. Edit & Evaluate My Closet

This resolution probably should be #1, but at the beginning of the new year, take an afternoon and edit your closet. Click here for specific ways to effectively go through this process. Once you have edited your closet, now evaluate it for foundational pieces (click here to see the 10 ten items every woman should have in her closet). Make a list of what you need and always carry this list with you when you are out shopping.

5. Quality for Classics

When it comes to classics, save up and splurge. In actuality, it isn’t splurging if it is something that will last for many seasons to come and work with a multitude of different outfits. After all, the premise of living a simply luxurious life is to have less, but what you do have should be of luxurious quality that impresses and comforts, helping to exude even more of your true beauty and self-confidence. Click here to learn more about Cost Per Wear.

May 2012 be our stylish year yet!

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Fashion Resolutions

  1. I definitely need to evaluate and edit my closet before i add anything else to it. Although, i’m often told that my closet is way too empty as i’m definitely a repeat offender when it comes to wearing the same things over and over again.

    I need to add more colour to my wardrobe and add to my jeans collection as i only have 2 pairs

    xo Stephanie

  2. Love them all but especially take more risks and quality for classics, which I do try to do but I don’t take as many risks and 2012 is going to be the year to take a few more than years past!

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