Thoughts from the Editor – Portland’s White House
Thursday January 29, 2015

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As someone who wishes to sleep just as comfortably when I travel as when I’m at home, I will search high and low for a beckoning luxurious bed. After all, it’s the weekend, and that is when we need to rejuvenate, rest and feel restored for the next week when it arrives.

And as a way to break up the month that is January that can be sometimes too long with foggy days and chilly nights, I ventured to Portland to check out a bed and breakfast that caught my attention – Portland’s White House.

Built in 1911 in the NE district of Irvington by the creator of the original cedar shake siding, Robert Lytle as a home to entertain (his second home), this Greek revival mansion is a sight to see and experience. Some Portland fans may recognize the home as it was used in episodes of both Grimm and Portlandia, but don’t be fooled by such populous modern fame. The Portland White House is a classic and accessorized to the brim with 18th and 19th century antiques and art collected by its owner Lanning Blanks.

With eight rooms available to guests, each with cozy linens, down comforters and Moonstruck chocolates to tuck you in at night, you will be certain to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. Needless to say, I am returning sooner rather than later. Enjoy a tour below.


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One thought on “Thoughts from the Editor – Portland’s White House

  1. What an amazing place! Shannon when I saw your photos on Instagram I thought you had made a weekend getaway to THE White House. Now that I think about it I realise that you wouldn’t have been able to get as up close and personal in DC White House.

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