Summer Shoe Capsule for Provence Traveling
Tuesday May 15, 2018

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The last pair of flat sandals I purchased are now nearing eight years old. And while I love them, they have been loved nearly to death. Many of my other summer shoes are well-worn and a testament to what I recently recognized: I haven’t shopped for this part of my wardrobe in quite some time.
With exciting summer plans to head somewhere in France I have never visited and have longed to explore, I decided to give proper attention to investigating which shoes I should have on hand for a warm, arid climate that would find me strolling through markets, sipping on wine and lounging leisurely, yet still needing to look put together and well-dressed.
What I came up with after talking with a resident of this region of France (as shared in this interview of the podcast), listening to readers’ r commendations on espadrille brands, looking at my itinerary and my budget, were four necessary styles to have in my summer shoe capsule.
Now granted, ideally I would purchase these shoes over a period of time, but now that I have chosen quality brands, I am confident I will not have to shop for summer shoes for many years to come.

  • A classic flat leather sandal

    • As I plan to do some walking, I wanted to pair that would be secure on my foot (i.e. not slip off) but also allow my foot to breathe. Rondini’s handmade leather tropéziennes are from Saint Tropez and designed by a company that has been around for 90 years. Shipped from France, you will need to measure your foot (arch and bridge as well), but I made sure as well to share in the notes my American shoe size to help just in case my measurements were off. While I was initially anxious that the size wouldn’t be correct or I would have to “pretend” they did, I was ecstatic to discover they fit perfectly! I must thank author M.L. Longworth for bringing this style of sandal to my attention as it combines all of the elements of design I needed and the quality is a step above. I have a feeling I will be wearing these for years if not decades to come.
  • A flat closed-toe, durable, yet stylish espadrille

    • While you may not want an espadrille, such a style is synonymous with summer and available in a range of colors and fabrics from many different brands. I chose a leather smoking slipper from Soludos, but canvas would be a wonderful option as well. Comfortable and casual, slip on for everyday have-tos and relaxing activities when jeans are de riguer.
  • A neutral heeled espadrille

    • While there are various heights available, and open-toe is also available and something I love, I chose a nude canvas classic 3-inch espadrille from Spanish shoe designer Castañer. This particular brand is well known and offers many different varieties of styles, colors and fabrics. Many readers shared they love this brand and welcome different colors and pairs into their wardrobe. Check out many of them here in a post I wrote a few weeks ago. Having a heel for summer is a transition shoe from day to evening that always looks chic and sophisticated, but casual and comfortable as well.
  • A black or dark hued wedge or espadrille 

    • Knowing my summer wardrobe, having a black dress option that would work for day or evening was my must-have. Vionic’s Vero sandals are comfortable (I wore them all day teaching one day last week and I didn’t feel as though I was wearing two inches of extra height at all), and my foot was snug, but not tight. As well, the buckle option insures exactly the right comfort fit. (See image below.)

With two shoes that require my pedicure to be sharp and fresh and two that do not, as well as the ability to walk for more than a few blocks and still look sharp and feminine as well as comfortable, I am tickled with what I have found. I would love to hear what summer shoes are in your capsule and are must-haves for looking sharp, but also enjoying the warm weather and summer activities.

~Les Tropéziennes, leather, natural color (many more colors available)

~Soludos Leather Platform Smoking Slipper (black also available)

~Castañer Carina Wedge Espadrilles, nude canvas

~Vionic Vero Wedge Sandal (tan and olive available)


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Images: TSLL’s Instagram | The SImply Luxurious Life

15 thoughts on “Summer Shoe Capsule for Provence Traveling

  1. We’ve been to Europe several times, and each time I realized that heels were not a wise choice to bring. So much walking! And even when we dressed for dinner, the long walk to and from the restaurant made heels impractical. Even the Sam Edelman flats didn’t work because you could ‘feel’ the cobblestones through them. So we’re headed to Paris and Rome again next year, and I found a good Joseph Siebel black European walking shoe and my white leather Geoxx ‘runners’ will be all that I bring. 🙂

    1. Hello Jo,
      Your comment is so helpful to me, as my family will be spending 2 weeks in the French Riviera and Paris very soon. Could you please provide the style name for the Joseph Siebel black European walking shoes? Thanks again!
      Julie, Boulder CO

  2. Hi Shanon,

    In love with your Provence shoe capsule!!!

    Just one little thing.. Castañer is a Spanish brand… I have been using their spadrilles for years and years… they are the best!!!!

  3. Lovely collection Shannon. My ecco trainers and a good ballet flat are always my go to for Europe or any vacation with lots of walking. Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Those Soludos are so cute, but I have the same pair and they absolutely tear up my heels with the stitching that extends the whole back of the inside of the heel! This may be a problem unique to me, but if you find a solution, please share!

  5. I have been eyeing Rondini sandals for quite a while, and after reading this post, I think I am finally ready to pull the trigger:) Can you advise what size you ordered?

  6. A lovely .Summer shoe collection. These are the types of shoes I see on stylish people and wonder where they cam from. Now I know! I’m ordering the soludos shoe to start me off!

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