Smiling Despite The Struggle
Thursday March 25, 2010

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For as long as I can remember, I have always viewed the many minute, or seemingly mundane, things I come across from day to day as metaphors for life.  For example, once a rain cloud has doused us with rain, 99.9% of the time, a calm, clear sky follows.  My interpretation – it isn’t until we have an opportunity to vent our feelings that we truly feel genuinely calmer and at ease.  Or take for example, a car whose owner never takes the time to change its oil which eventually leads to the engine needing major repairs; – my interpretation – we all need a little pampering now and then to recharge in order to be at our peak.

Why do I bring this up, you may ask?  Whether we are actually paying attention to all of the media or not, it is almost impossible to ignore Sandra Bullock’s situation.  (If for some reason, you’re one of the lucky few who is blissfully unaware, click here for a brief recap.)  None of us will ever know the actual details of the relationship, and so to discuss it seems irrelevant, but here’s my metaphorical interpretation that I am going to try and take away from it.

Sometimes in order to make it through those times in our lives that are excruciatingly painful, heart-wrenching, causing us to question our own decision-making, we need to focus on what is going right in our lives.   By throwing ourselves into those areas that are going well, that are successful, that cause us joy instead of pain, we are engrossing our minds with a distraction until we are ready to accept the reality.  Granted, sometimes certain situations can’t be ignored, but in the meantime or when it is an option,  we really must focus on those things that make us smile – no matter how small. | The Simply Luxurious Life

5 thoughts on “Smiling Despite The Struggle

  1. one positive mind 😉 … and what of the current political state? Love the black dresses! Black is an ever classic HAPPY!

  2. So true. In so many instances being happy is a choice as is being positive. My heart does go out to Sandra Bullock. Although we can never know what happens behind closed doors I think the humiliation must be acute–especially after she used the entire red carpet season praising her husband.

    Lovely photos.

  3. One can’t know pleasure without knowing pain…
    You come up with the best photos! They are all terrific, but I especially love the one of Twiggy dancing! Great, great images! Thank you!

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