Popping Into Robert Kime’s Atelier in Belgravia
Saturday May 25, 2024

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Adding the finishing touches to our homes as shared earlier this week in episode #382 often takes time, and following knowing what we are looking for, then having the patience until we find exactly what speaks to our taste and completes “the song” in the vignette, the room, that one particular snug area of our house is worth it in that moment when we finally cross paths with what we’ve been looking for.

Such was the case with Robert Kime and his fabrics as I had been set on welcoming fabric upholstered lampshades into my home, specifically for a lamp I had purchased back in late 2022, but also a lamp that resided in my kitchen since I moved in that merely had the card lampshade that came with it when I originally purchased it nearly 20 years ago.

As someone who reads House & Garden magazine and The English Home magazine regularly for now almost two decades, I have become familiar with various British interior designers and craftspeople (in fact it was in The English Home magazine that I learned of Cabbage & Curtainrail fabric and the founder of the company Michaela Corrie whose fabric now covers a few pieces in Le Papillon, including the two fireplace modern wingback chairs), so it was with frequent tours of homes decorated by Robert Kime the I began to notice I gravitated toward his aesthetic and appreciated his eclectic attention to treasures thoughtfully decorating a room.

Once I knew I was on the hunt for fabric lampshades and wishing to know I was purchasing quality items that would last and look as beautiful as I had hoped all the while telling a bit of a story, I began to notice and realize how frequently Robert Kime’s lampshades appeared in various home tours not only of his own team’s work, but other interior designer’s work as well (you will notice that Rita Konig has some of his shades throughout her North Farm), and so finding out where his atelier was in London, I made a note to myself to stop in while in London on my recent trip.

Located in Belgravia, in a neck of the London neighborhood where more than a handful of revered interior designers and home design firms have their shops, Nina Campbell for example, (you can learn more about many of the shops located here, includes those located elsewhere that are held in high regard as listed by H & G in their article the Best Interior Shops in London (2023), to visit is to step into a beautiful part of the city, a quiet respite in many ways, all the more reason to take your time and explore, dream and be inspired.


As H & G points out in the linked article above, Robert Kime’s atelier feels very much as if you are stepping into his house (you can tour his apartment that he lived in since he was 23 in this article). Thoughtfully appointed and positioned furniture (Kime’s sofas are a dream to sit in – you will never want to get up – an investment, but one you will never regret and have forever as they are wonderfully handmade), table and floor lamps throughout, rugs and antique pieces of all periods and places that Robert would find on his many travels, to walk inside is to be inspired as well as feel as though you are in a sanctuary and what a sanctuary should make one, inhabitant or guest, feel like.


As I popped in during a weekday afternoon, the staff was quietly working, and I was the only one in the shop. I took time to just take it all in and then began to ask questions about lampshades. Staff member Jody kindly helped me – walking me through the process of selection, letting me look through all of the current seasonal fabrics (more are on their website as they redecorate the atelier each season to reflect the season, new finds and new designs) and generally just let me enjoy all that surrounded me (the natural light streaming through the fabric room brings a natural light into the space that highlights the beauty all the more of their exclusive prints and designs).

I also saw and fell for their papyrus lampshades, knowing they were exactly what I was looking for for my two sconces on either side of my fireplace (you will see these two scones – I didn’t notice this until this week when I was putting together the North Farm post – that Konig has these in one of her bathrooms on either side of the vanity). Oh my goodness, really, I could have wandered about multiple times taking in all that was there for hours. Such a serene and inspired atelier.

The conversation was relaxed, expertise-filled and without a nudge or expectation at all. Knowing I wanted to ensure I chose the precise fabric, I left with swatches of a couple of pieces, information of how to work with them while I was in the states, and then thanked them for their time.



Upon arriving back home, I took time to ascertain which fabric would work best, and reached back to Jody via email, placed my order with the size (they had given me the dimensions I would need to take to give to them so they could figure out which size of lampshade would be best) and fabric.

In about 2-3 months’ time, the shades arrived, and I could not have be more pleased. Lined with silk, neatly pleated and trimmed with Robert Kime designed fabric, these really are pieces of art in many respects. As many will note, Robert Kime sadly passed away in 2022. In fact, while I was in London, a much anticipated auction took place of many of his treasures from his home to the public – online and in person. I asked the staff about it, and they too shared it was a whirlwind and difficult to purchase anything as the interest was immense. However, it makes us all the more be reminded of how his eye for beauty was quite special, and we are fortunate to still have his designs. Yet, another reason to stop in the next time you are in London.


Along with welcoming lampshades from Robert Kime’s team into Le Papillon, I also purchased his only book that details about 10 homes he decorated, included three of his own – one in Cumbria, one in Provence and his apartment in London. The book is only available through Robert Kime’s website – one y £60 (you can purchase it used, but the price is astronomical), but worth purchasing if you are drawn to his aesthetic as it provides ample inspiration for how to layer a home with antiques, various fabrics and placement of furniture.

And a note about purchasing items that are not custom, be sure to shop Robert Kime’s website as you can peruse all of the antiques available, lampshades, such as the papyrus lampshades, and many other of their items (I LOVE their brass lamps – gorgeous and yet so signature) without having to go through email as I did.


Below are the two lampshades I feel fortunate to have welcomed into my home along with the sconces (they too come in a variety of sizes), and while an investment, these items took time to be found, and fit the idea I held in my mind for more than a few years, in some cases. I am quite confident they will each be with me and in my home for the rest of my life. You can tour each of the rooms for all of the sourcing of fabric names and other details here for the Kitchen console lamp and here for the fireplace snug.


The next time you are in London, and if you too love classic, yet unique and thoughtfully touches for your home décor, be sure to stop into Robert Kime Ltd. in Belgravia.


May 19 26 2024

7 thoughts on “Popping Into Robert Kime’s Atelier in Belgravia

  1. There’s something so nice about going into a shop where everything has been curated. The displays can be so inspiring!
    I often get confused in the hodge podge of “antique” or second hand shops.

  2. I really like the Robert Kime papyrus lampshades you chose, Shannon. What a lovely, unique texture they have. It sounds like you had a wonderfully, enjoyable visit to his atelier.

  3. What a memorable stop that must have been for you. There is nothing like seeing your plan come together. You really have accomplished quite a bit at Le Papillion in three years. When we are fortunate enough to have our living space be welcoming to guests but most importantly to those who live there. Much like a warm hug, your home is coming together and it reflects who you are and how you live. Thanks for a wonderful British week full of ideas and creativity.

  4. Oh, yes, I can imagine the pleasure of being surrounded by all beautiful things! I would have reacted like the kid in the candy shop… 🙂
    The sconces are very nice and very fitting to Le Papillon, I find. Classic, sophisticate and simple at the same time, that’s just the ticket.

  5. Shannon, I love how those gorgeous lampshades echo the color of the delicate wings of the butterfly painted on the tile, just so exquisitely done, your eye for detail is *chef’s kiss*. xx

  6. Your home is becoming more layered, beautiful, and curated, Shannon. It’s a delight to watch everything unfold. I love the lampshades. The papyrus lampshades with the exquisite brass add another gorgeous element. Looks like the pups approve as well!

  7. What a thrill, to experience multiple layered aspects of a dream coming true through so many stories from both past and present along the journey of your beautiful lampshades! They are so very lovely. And this post is another immense joy to read. Happy Saturday, all! -Liz

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