355: Talking Paris, Flowers and Elevating the Everyday with Sandra Sigman about her new book French Blooms
Wednesday April 19, 2023

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It all began with 18 months in Paris as a young woman more than 30 years ago.

Inspired by her time volunteering during the day at a Parisian floral boutique while she figure skated in the evenings, Sandra Sigman’s life journey and approach to floral arrangements was forever changed, and thus began the unfolding of a dream.

In today’s episode, author of the best-selling book in Floral Arrangements, Sandra Sigman joins me to talk about French Blooms: Floral arrangements inspired by Paris and beyond and goes behind the scenes telling more of the life journey, the highs and the lows that have left her grateful and celebratory for where she is today.

Order your own copy of French Blooms by Sandra Sigman of Les Fleurs

Sigman’s floral boutique Les Fleurs in Andover, Massachusetts, continues to offer seasonal floral arrangements that draw direct inspiration from what she learned in Paris so many years ago. Whilst continuing to take regular trips to France to visit brocantes and antique fairs, Sigman’s love for the country is abundant.

In our conversation Sandra will also talk about the French’s sacred ritual of welcoming flowers into the home on an regular basis, just because, as well as go behind the scenes to the genesis of the book and how her friendship with Sharon Santoni, the founder of My French Country Home who makes her home in Normandy, France, played a role in many of the images found in the book (the image just below was captured on Sharon’s property with her guest cottage setting the scene in the background; and her pup Ghetto is also captured in a few photographs as well). Also, the cover! Discover the cover story that took her to Paris to capture and why she felt it was important for this particular image to be the one we now see today.

And Sandra also shares how her mother holds a powerful role in the business venture both daughter and mother began together to open Les Fleurs so many years ago and how her spirit continues on in the work Sandra does.

I do hope you will tune in to listen to our conversation, and rest assured, a Petit Plaisir will be shared as Sandra extends ideas for setting herself up for a beautiful day.

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17 thoughts on “355: Talking Paris, Flowers and Elevating the Everyday with Sandra Sigman about her new book French Blooms

    1. Thank you for tuning in Andrea. Sandra is inspiring and her genuine love for what she does demonstrates why trusting one’s journey no matter life circumstances is a very good idea indeed. Thank you for stopping by!

  1. Dear Shannon,
    Thanks for sharing. Sandra’s shop is not to far from Boston. I will be heading that way and will visit her shop and recommend it to friends in that area.

    1. Helena,

      Good morning and thank you for tuning into our conversation. So excited for you to visit her shop! I would love to be able to pop in as it looks and sounds wonderful. Wishing you a lovely visit. 🙂

  2. Absolutely loved this episode. ❤️. Thank you Shannon for introducing us to Sandra. She made her dreams come true! I am looking forward to her book and following her on Insta! Xo

  3. Shannon, I have just been able to listen to the podcast ……..wow ! What a joy ❤️🙏🌟
    Thank you both so much for such an inspiring and beautiful conversation x

  4. Thank you Shannon, for bringing Sandra’s book and story to us. Before I even heard the podcast I was taken back to 2019, my last trip to Paris, when I made a beeline for a flower market on Rue Cler to fill my tiny hotel room with blooms for my stay. The hotel was so kind and provided a vase, a simple white plastic one but it was perfect for the delicate pink roses I chose (the room was a beautiful pink and white!). It did feel special, this simple act of buying flowers. She asked “Ici?”, for where I wanted them trimmed to and then used this machine to get the thorns off and then wrapped them up so beautifully. I’ll never forget the feeling of walking out of there with my treasures. I long for similar experiences here in the States, but have yet to find.

    I smiled when Sandra mentioned Lamb’s Ear. One of my favorites to just gently rub between my fingers. Although I’ve never done that with an actual lamb ear, I assume the name is very appropriate, they are divinely soft.

    One question for you or her, if you’re still in touch. I was interested in all the different containers she suggested. I do love keeping an eye out for unique ones to use as vases but one of my favorites has turned out to not be quite water-worthy… It’s a Greek style red-figure pottery hydria, replica of course, that is painted black with the cutest centurion in gold and red. I put water in it and a red rose and it quickly became a favorite but the paint started to bubble from the water. I’ve tried a plastic bag inside but it isn’t easy to keep where it needs to stay. What are some ideas of making antiques, etc. better able to hold water?

    Thanks again! Can’t wait to check out Sandra’s book!

    1. Melissa,

      Great question. What I do when the physical outside container doesn’t hold water (holes, etc.) is place a smaller vessel inside that does. Just an idea. Thank you very much for tuning in and so glad you enjoyed the episode!

  5. I loved this episode so much!! Thank you! It was like a beautiful breath of fresh air. Now I want to make one of those trips! Thank you, thank you!🌷

  6. Shannon – I just loved this episode! Sandra’s story is a delight. And the apartment find in the 6th – I’m swooning. I am now following her on Instagram and it appears that her apartment is above Ladurée on Rue Jacob. I stayed in the sweetest hotel on Rue Jacob right across the street from Ladurée. That neighborhood is absolutely magical. So close to everything. Dreams do come true. I also wanted to say I really admire your interviewing skills. I always enjoy it when you have a guest on the podcast as you always do your research and ask the best questions! Merci beaucoup et bonne journée.

    1. Dominique,

      Thank you for tuning in to this episode with Sandra and for the feedback on the interview. I appreciate it! 🙂 I was so excited for Sandra to find her apartment in Paris. A gorgeous location. Thank you again for your comment.

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