161: Ask Shannon Episode
Monday June 26, 2017

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~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #161
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In the first annual “Ask Shannon” episode of the podcast, listeners and readers have sent in their questions. With an episode full of the answers, this extra full episode (75 minutes) will address the topics of eating well, traveling to Paris: where to say and what to do, adhering and refreshing your signature style, my personal strength training routine, how to get your “mojo” back after life has thrown you an unexpected twist and this is just a taste.

Readers and listeners from around the globe asked away, and upon tuning in you will hear my detailed and personal answers. Below you will find all of the show notes and details mentioned in the episode, as well as this week’s Petit Plaisir.


Food & Wine:

Skincare Routine:




Paris Recommendations:

  • Ma Vie À Paris by Astier de Villatte, as a Petit Plaisir in episode #134 of the podcast (see below)


. . . More Paris recommendations:



~TSLL Planner Pages (three different sizes and the planner you see below)

~TSLL Notepads for all of the lists I make

~the image below as discussed regarding the second book’s arrival (click to read the post)



~The Difference Between Pleasure and Joy

~38 Invaluable Lessons About Attaining Happiness, episode #131

~The How of Happiness


Thank you for everyone who emailed me with questions. I wish I could have answered them all. Until the next Ask Shannon, be sure to keep emailing me your questions and perhaps your question will be answered in an upcoming episode. Stay tuned!

New Ask Shannon Episodes:

~January 2018, episode #191 (What to Pack for Paris, the Classic Tote and more!)

~On Monday June 25, 2018, the annual Ask Shannon will go live, episode #214

Petit Plaisir:

~Ariel Pocock, second album Living in Twilight (released June 9, 2017)

~Song clips heard on the episode of the podcast:


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Download the Episode

Download the Episode

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4 thoughts on “161: Ask Shannon Episode

  1. What a delight this episode was to listen to! Thank you for being willing to share so much of yourself with us. I enjoyed hearing how you separate your work day from your time at home, some of your daily routines, your perspective on happiness, and how love and passion serve as the engine to your life. So excited for your new book!

  2. Thanks for your generous answers. I’m healing from a concussion and have to avoid screens and reading. Your pod cast has been a wonderful oasis. Thanks so very much.

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