26 Petit Plaisirs for You to Savor, Part Trois
Monday March 30, 2020

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Simple pleasures abound even and thankfully especially in the most unexpected times.

The rains falls, spritzing, then pouring, being blown about, yet determined to water the yard and garden. The birds are aplenty dining at the cafe outside my window, and I am starting to get the hang of remote teaching. All reasons to celebrate. In such moments, it’s paradoxical, but I am grateful for both the access and capabilities technology provides, as well as the most original and grounding joys of all, Mother Nature.

I have been enjoying having more time in the kitchen lately, trying new recipes, making favorite recipes and then enjoying each one. (This recent Tart au Citron I made was inspired by Melissa Clark’s new cookbook, and while I am still tinkering with a new recipe for this favorite, my go-to one can be found here).

Today, the series of sharing Petit Plaisirs continues with part trois. With more time at home, recognizing, creating and then savoring these small, yet significantly powerful simple pleasures can do wonders for our well-being. Let’s take a look at 26 more Petit Plaisirs shared during the past six seasons of the podcast. And this first one on today’s list is a film I would gladly watch one or two or three more times. Brilliantly written, witty and quick.

In Paris by Jeanne Damas, from episode #229, How to Let Your Truth Emerge

Tart Tatin recipe; from episode #227, 16 Ideas for Simple Everyday Self-Care

My Twenety-Five Years in Provence by Peter Mayle, from episode #215, French Trip Travel Musings (Why Not . . . Make the Effort?)

View more Petit Plaisirs with each podcast episode of The Simple Sophisticate. Find all of the episodes here.

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2 thoughts on “26 Petit Plaisirs for You to Savor, Part Trois

  1. I am re-reading “When” right now! And, guiltily, I will confess, I am one of those who buy more books than I can possibly read in a short span of time. And now I have the time! I created a “To Be Read” list for this interim based solely on what is stocked on my shelves. I am determined!
    And thank your for these “Petit Plaisirs” reminders. So much happens and we forget, so it is like coming into contact with an old friend! Merci pour le rappel! ?

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