How to Avoid Spending Temptations
Thursday May 26, 2011

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Last weekend I found myself watching the film Confessions of a Shopaholic and began to contemplate ideas on how each one of us can take control of those moments when it seems the shoes are far too fabulous to pass up or those particular pair of jeans fit much too well to not take home this instant.

It is more than encouraged to stock your closet with quality basics, classics and fabulous clothing, but when we know that our budgets are tight for any given reason, how can we be the responsible adult we know we are and just walk away?

As a way of helping out when just such occasions arise, today I’ve gathered together a list of 12 ways to remain resolute in our goal to remain financially secure. Please do share what has worked successfully for you as I know I have just scratched the surface.

1. Don’t carry credit cards all of the time

2. Place savings in an account that is not directly linked to your checking

3. Carry cash to the grocery store.

4. Always bring a list

5. Don’t go shopping if you don’t have something in mind to buy

6. Sleep on it. Wait a full 24 hours before deciding on major purchases

7. Avoid shopping with fellow spendaholics

8. Pay your bills first and see what you have left over

9. Identify the purpose for your purchase.  If you think you might need it sometime, wait.

10. Stop unwanted catalogs from arriving in your mailbox. Click here to find out how to take your mailing address off the list.

11. Stop credit card offers from reaching your mailbox. Click here to find out how.

12. Create a budget and enter your expenditures every day or at least weekly to know exactly where you are throughout the month.

8 thoughts on “How to Avoid Spending Temptations

  1. Might I also add one thing to your fantastic list? Use only a debit card (no credit card if possible) that way you are essentially only using “real money” you actually have not borrowed money. I tend to use pretty much my debit for almost everything, very little on credit. Its a great way to stay on budget.

  2. I use Rule #6 all the time and find it to be very effective. In fact, I wait even longer depending on the price of the item – the more expensive, the longer I make myself wait so I can know if I truly want/need it (if I don’t – I forget I even saw it).

  3. Good Tips!

    I absolutely hate how big retailers (like department stores) offer a credit card affilited with their brand. It is a part of the whole impulse buy philosophy. Plus they guilt trip you and treat you like an idiot for not signing up for their credit card that will save you 10% on one purchase but charge an obnoxious interest rate.

  4. Oh I know this problem so well! I think I have my shopping under control. I think I ma sensible and only buy what really brigs added value to my wardrobe… but it is that very conviction that ‘endorses’ my purchases! The perfect navy blazer? ‘Twould be foolish to say no! And on it goes.

    My solution, and the only one that truly works for me, is to just steer clear. Firstly, to break the cycle and secondly, because I seldom seldom resist temptation!

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