The Grand Giveaway from E.Dehillerin in Paris
Friday August 14, 2020

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To love French cooking is to know E.Dehillerin.

Even if you have not visited E.Dehillerin in the “kitchen corridor” arrondissement of Paris in Les Halles, located in the 1st, most likely you have heard of it. Founded in 1820, the corner shop is easily identifiable by its brilliant green façade and distinct yellow shop name titled above the windows displaying the kitchen utensils that dance through a home cook’s dreams.

Originally and primarily for professional cooks, everyday cooks shop here as well, and there is a reason why – the tools are top quality, the staff is highly knowledgeable, no-fuss, and extremely helpful.

Having had the opportunity to shop at E. Dehillerin a few different times in the past couple of years, the moment you step through the tall doors, the narrow-ness of the shop may catch you off-guard, but as soon as you look at what is on the shelves and on display, you will be in awe. (Be sure to check out episode #5 from Season 1 of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen (included below), and start watching at minute 11:00 as I will share with you a brief video of my time in the shop in 2018.)

The copper collection and offerings alone are what drew me, but I also have picked up a handful of smaller items – whisks, tart pans, knives, etc. that I know are of high-quality and a fair price, which brings me to TSLL’s French Week Grand Giveaway.

One lucky reader will receive one item of 100 Euro value (including taxes) from E.Dehillerin. In recent years, E.Dehillerin has made it easy to shop from their selection online – in French or English – and they ship internationally. So if you don’t want to wait to see if you will win the giveaway, you definitely can supply your kitchen with what you need wherever in the world you call home and whether or not you can visit Paris.

How to Enter:

  • Visit E.Dehillerin and peruse their selection
    • As I don’t know what your kitchen needs or what type of stove-top you have (they have traditional copper pans as well as copper for induction stove-tops), I want to make sure that the winner receives something they truly want and will use.
  • Find an item listed regularly for 100 Euros or less that you love.
  • Return to this post, and leave a comment sharing the item you would want to win
  • Enter by Saturday, August 15th at 8pm (pacific time)
  • Stop by the blog Sunday August 16th to see if you are the winner
  • Bonne chance!

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116 thoughts on “The Grand Giveaway from E.Dehillerin in Paris

  1. Hi Shannon, I am so happy that I got to know this fabulously French brand! I would like to have NON STICK ROASTING PAN WITH FIXED HANDLES IN ALUMINIUM.

  2. The 24cm Tarte Tatin with handles/copper-stainless steel would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen. Merci!

  3. Thank you so much for the generous giveaway! I have always admired beautiful and useful kitchen equipment! I would love the


    Gracias Shannon for the opportunity!

  4. I enjoyed checking out the E. Dehillerin web site. What a fabulous shop to visit. I’d love the Copper Bowl with ring for egg whites. What a fun giveaway. Thank you for offering it.

  5. Bonjour, Shannon,

    With this, you have really outdone yourself! A gift from E.Dehillerin is nearly as good as a trip to Paris itself. My kitchen could really use either the copper Zabagliones (Peolon A Sabayon) or the copper Tarte Tatin with handles (Tarte Tatin Avec Oreilles) – the smaller version of either.

    Merci beaucoup!

  6. I would actually LOVE the copper 30cm bowl with handles for whipping egg whites. I just saw another comment requesting that which surprised me.

    What an awesome store. Thanks for sharing

  7. Wow! What a fantastic selection. I’d love to get a ROUND DISH IN CAST IRON RED – STAUB so that I have a pan to go from the hob to the oven. Red is the perfect colour to complement my red stripey cornishware.

  8. Wow, that is quite the rabbit hole to go down! I was surprised that the culinary art was table knives but they are beautiful. I think I would get the copper bowl for egg whites because the copper is so pretty.

  9. The copper bowl for whipping egg whites really caught my eye! What an amazing website, I can only imagine what it is like to peruse the shelves in the store in person 🙂

  10. What a fabulous give-away! I felt like a child in a candy shop. Should I be selected, I would love the grill pan with the folding handle. (RECTANGULAR GRILL IN CAST IRON 34 X 21 – STAUB) Brilliant idea! Merci beaucoup!

    1. Hello Shannon Absolutely anything would be a gorgeous addition to my kitchen. I would love to be included in your generous giveaway. Best wishes, Sue, England.

  11. What a gorgeous shop! Thank you for introducing your readers to it.

    I loved exploring the shop’s selection, particularly the “ TART TATIN WITH HANDLES -COPPER STAINLESS STEEL”

  12. I would choose the copper tart tatin with handles 370011 to remind me of France. Thank you!!!

  13. OK – so I am SO easy! We are a foodie family that had the pleasure of living next door to a french chef who had a cooking school for many years. We learned so much – and learned to appreciate ALL food, no matter the cuisine. A tradidiotnl tarte tatin pan has been on my buy list for a long time, but life gets in the way, and I improvise. This pan is exactly what I would love to have in my repertoire of baking items.

  14. Shannon, this is such a generous giveaway! I would love to own the copper bowl for egg whites. It is a gorgeous piece and would definitely come in handy on Sundays when I make egg-white wraps for my family.

  15. I would enjoy the 28 in copper tart tatin pan to make a elegant French dessert. Merci !

  16. One FRYING PAN IN S/STEEL – AFFINITY of 28 cm would be lovely to cook with.

  17. Thanks for holding such a fun contest! I would pick the copper bowl with handles (for egg whites). I actually have a collection of these that I am always looking to add too!

  18. Oh my goodness what an extravagant giveaway! This is one shop I have always wanted to visit but have never had the opportunity to. I would die to win the 16” copper sauté pan référence no. 273090.

  19. I so enjoy your posts and look forward to perusing your blog this weekend. I would love the nonstick roasting pan with fixed handles in aluminium.

  20. many thanks for dreaming of the Tarte Tatin with handles/copper-stainless steel [24 cm]

    [hope springs eternal]

  21. I am so grateful for you doing French week and what a fabulous opportunity to win something from this amazing store! If I won I would love the 24″ TART TATIN WITH HANDLES -COPPER STAINLESS STEEL
    Reference 370011024. Thanks so much!

  22. Would adore the 12 madeleinettes Exopan ! They are a favorite of mine anda gift I receive from a dear friend. Would love to return the favor and bake her some.

  23. I would love to win the Saucepan in Copper S/Steel Extra Thick with Bronze HDL 🙂 Merci Beaucoup! Regards from California. I enjoyed the French week articles, Shannon. Again thank you so much.

  24. Hi Shannon –

    This has been a fun week and fun shopping and dreaming at E.Dehillerin.

    Since I have decided to learn the methods of cooking instead of following recipes, I need to start with knife skills so I would pick the IDEAL CHEF KNIFE – CARBON STEEL – €45.96 TAX INCL.



  25. I would like a rectangular roasting pan! It is on my kitchen list after a move. I would also love your tip on best material! The aluminum?

  26. Such a beautiful shop and what a generous giveaway Shannon. I bought my first set of Sabatier cook’s knives many years ago there and they are still serving me well. If I am lucky enough I would love the ‘plat a sauter cuivre etame extra fort avec queue bronze. Merçi beaucoup ?

  27. Shannon, I realize this item is not the most “sexy” kitchen item, but I would love to replace my plastic colander with the aluminum one they have ($75.42 Euro -Tax included). It will work well for everything from the berries I pick up on Galveston to the pasta this fall I plan on enjoying from Newport Mkt or maybe even purchase some fresh from Trattoria Sbandati!! Shout out to all your Bend Subscribers! Good luck with all of your exciting plans coming up Shannon. Best wishes, Julie on the east side.

  28. Shannon-

    Oh my goodness, this giveaway. What a great site. After perusing, googling & rewatching your Tarte Tatin episode….I have to go with TART TATIN WITH HANDLES -COPPER STAINLESS STEEL 28cm. Another inspiring French week, thank you for sharing your hard work, much appreciated

  29. Thank you so much for the generous giveaway! I would love the Staub rectangular grill pan in cast iron (34X21)!

  30. I love this store and have visited many times. I would like to have a few more CHARLOTTE PAN – STAINLESS STEEL, I have 4 but I love the hear shaped handles and think they have so many uses.

  31. Oh my goodness, they have some beautiful pieces. I would love the 12 inch round tinned copper dish for table service. I just think it is gorgeous! Thanks for the website!!

  32. Hi Shannon, thanks again for these wonderful opportunities. I and my kitchen would enjoy the ROUND COCOTTE IN CAST IRON BLACK-STAUB, Reference 093050140. I loved looking at the website and all the offerings. Merci, Adel

  33. thanks for this give away.. I would like the 30 cm copper bowel with ring for egg whites or copper Tart Tartin pan to make Tart Tartin for my family… Either would be such an addition to my kitchen

  34. I was lucky enough to go here last year. I would like the BOX OF 8 ROUND FLUTED CUTTERS – STAINLESS STEEL. Thank you.

  35. Oh my what a treat this is! This is a shop I could get lost in for days. If lucky enough to be a winner, I’d love the tart tatin with handles – copper stainless steel to recreate this lovely dessert dish. Thank you!

  36. I would very much love to have the TART TATIN WITH HANDLES -COPPER STAINLESS STEEL. Thank you for such a Give Away.

  37. I love this! I would love the saucepan in copper with stainless steel, extra thick with bronze handle. Thank you so much Shannon for this wonderful opportunity.

  38. Shannon, I’m so happy to have you back again in my ears giving a touch of sophistication to my every week!

    I love your podcast and I truly enjoy your French week entries.

    Thank you for creating this fabulous give aways for the audience. I’d love the PASTA COOKER IN S/STEEL D20.

  39. Thank you for the chance to win the
    So many lovely things! Ann

  40. I would love the Saute pan with induction handle-symphony in 24in. Seems perfect for everyday use and beyond. Wow!

  41. Bonjour! I would love the below :
    Merci ❤️

  42. I want something to remind me of France, so I would pick the Tart Tatin with handles-copper stainless steel, ref #370011. Thank you!

  43. I was lucky enough to visit E Dehillerin In 2015. I would love to have the tarte tatin pan with handles (copper and stainless steel). It would definitely get used! Merci for the opportunity to win!

  44. Hi Shannon. Each day I wait for your messages to hit. I love everything about it and love, love the recipes. You are such an inspiration to so many.
    Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway, love all things French. Here is one of my favorites: Sauté pan in copper tin extra thick, with bronze handle. What I. Oils cook with that. Thank you so much for your generosity and making each and every day a bit more pleasant.
    Best of luck to you, can’t wait to see the reveal of your kitchen, and stay safe and healthy.

  45. Hi! I would love the 16 cm copper sauté pan (Reference number: 273090). Love your blog!

  46. This is such a generous giveaway! I was lucky to stay just around the corner from E Dehillerin a few years ago, and even though my budget didn’t stretch far beyond a new spatula, I spent hours perusing the store. If I could have I would have loved to take home the “TART TATIN WITH HANDLES -COPPER STAINLESS STEEL” – keeping my fingers very tightly crossed that my number comes up! Thank you for yet another absolutely fabulous French Week.

  47. I love to cook! I could use the passoire 3 pieds a gras – aluminum. It would be such a help in the kitchen.

  48. Hi Shannon, I have always wanted a decent roasting pan so for me it would be the roasting dish that is non stick (dish-has-rotir-aluminium-anti-adhesive-handles-fixed) rock and roll dreams ?

  49. Thank you so much, Shannon! I would love the Madeleine tin – and not just because we studied Proust at college!
    Bon weekend et merci beaucoup!

  50. Sometimes it’s just fun to have a cookie or pastry presented in a bit more of an artsy manner. The box of 8 Round Fluted Cutters sure would make it happen! I’d love to present a petit plaisir for family and friends made with the help of these cutters. Merci for this chance.

  51. My mimere always used copper pans when she made her fabulous meals when she passed my mom as eldest daughter passed on the well loved pans because as a modern cook she had Teflon and the pans were lost I like the small salute pan for 97 EUR and if I don’t win will still start my own collection.

  52. 8 copper canales molds would be a great start to the “baking with grandma” tradition that I have been dying to begin. Perfect for little hands !

  53. So hard to choose – and this site makes me really feel the small size and storage space of my kitchen. But I like the black round cocotte in cast iron. Thanks for introducing this company!

  54. Shannon thank you for nudging my love of cooking and baking. I appreciate it. I thank you also for the website, it was fun pursuing it. I shall do that often. I would love the acacia pastry roller.
    I am in need of a flour sifter. I don’t remember what you do and the French do. I’m hoping you might talk about sometime soon. Thank you much.

  55. Shannon, you are really treating us! I would absolutely love to cook a tarte in the TART TATIN WITH HANDLES -COPPER STAINLESS STEEL. Thank you so very much! xxx

  56. Hi Shannon!

    The egg poacher would be perfect as I am exploring breakfast with toast points and poached eggs. I have not gotten it right so far, maybe this would help!


  57. Merci beaucoup for your generosity! My choice would be the oval dish in cast iron black — Staub. Last time I was in Paris, I visited E. Dehillerin. Your post was a welcome return to a culinary paradise!

  58. This is lovely! So many options but the saucepan and lid in s/steel affinity would be delightful.

  59. What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to win the round 14cm cocotte #093050. Thank you!

  60. Bonjour Shannon! Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway! I would love the Saucepan in copper Reference 078050120. Merci !

  61. What luxury to be able to whip up meringues in the Copper Bowl for Egg White – with a ring. Merci………..

  62. You’ve truly outdone yourself this year, Shannon. Congratulations on & thank you for another fantastic French Week! After perusing E. Dehillerin lovely site, I’d love to own the 30cm copper bowl with ring {Ref # 033000}. It’s gorgeous! Thanks again for such a fun week & all the delightful giveaways.

  63. What an amazing store–I will be sure to visit E. Dehillerin when I am next in the City of Light! I would love the copper bowl for mixing egg whites–lovely! and so French! Love your blog and I look forward to your new format in October! Thank you, Shannon–love your posts!

  64. What a fabulous gift. I always visit this store when I am in Paris. I could spend hours in there.
    If I was lucky enough to win, I would want this: FISH KETTLE IN S/STEEL ALL HOBS
    €77.70 Tax incl. I always wanted one.
    Have a wonderful day, Shannon.

  65. Good morning, allow me to join the chorus wanting the taste tatin with handles in SS and copper.

  66. Hi Shannon! I would love to visit this amazing cooking store when I can visit Paris. I would choose a large wood chef’s pepper mill (something I have always wanted!).


  67. The 20cm ROUND TINNED COPPER DISH – TABLE SERVICE would be a perfect addition to my kitchen. Thank you for hosting such a gorgeous giveaway!

  68. Shannon,
    So fun!
    I wish for the “copper bowl for egg whites with a ring.” I have nothing in copper and I watched a chef in Burgundy demonstrate whipping up gougeres in such a bowl and I would love to try doing it in my kitchen!

  69. Love this giveaway! A 14″ saucepan in copper and stainless steel would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen.

  70. What lovely pieces for the kitchen! I wish I could fly to Paris and go on a shopping spree for pots and baking dishes at E. Dehillerin, but I would go with the 24 cm copper Tart Tatin (ref #370011) with handles because I would love to learn how to make tart tatins, and it looks quite posh and unique. My other baking pans will look at it with envy!

  71. I had never heard of E. Dehillerin before, so thank you for the introduction! At the top of my wishlist is the roasting pan with fixed handles in aluminum. A roasting pan brings to mind memories of holidays and dinner parties, something I’m looking forward to hosting again in the future!

  72. Bonjour! I would love to add the SAUTE PAN IN COPPER TIN EXTRA THICK WITH BRONZE HANDLE to my kitchen!

  73. Comme Incroyable! The ROUND TINNED COPPER DISH – TABLE SERVICE – would beautify my table just so. Merci.

  74. Good afternoon. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful establishment. I will certainly return to purchase items in the future. I have been exploring my French heritage for the last year (through a DNA test I have found that 150 years ago my family was in France) and was very interested in this business and what they do. I am interested in the round cocotte in cast iron Black-Staub 24cm. Thank you!

  75. I was lucky enough to visit this fine establfishment last September. I woul love the 24″ copper Tart Tatin. Thank you for such a wonderful week. You’ve made lock down stimulating. Merci.

  76. Hi Shannon!
    Wow! This is an incredible giveaway!
    I would love the opportunity to win this!
    I just started a family in the past year and we are about to move into our starter home within a few weeks.
    If I win, I’d like the Roasting Pan with Fixed Handles in Aluminum size 40x30x8. I can’t think of any better way to kick off our first family Thanksgiving in a new home than with such a wonderful, quality piece of cookware.
    Thank you.
    Much love and looking forward to your next podcast! ❤

  77. Hi Shannon, I would love the 16” SAUTE PAN IN COPPER TIN EXTRA THICK WITH BRONZE HANDLE! I love the look of the copper! Hope it works on induction!

  78. Hello Shannon, I have been baking for almost more years than I care to remember 🙂 and have a very well stocked kitchen, but would love to add to it the 24 cm Tart Tatin with Handles.
    Thanks for all your work making this past week such a treat in the midst of a not very fun time.

  79. Hi Shannon, this is a fabulous giveaway! I have a beautiful copper pepper mill and a few utensils and have been wanting to add more copper to my kitchen. The 30cm egg whites bowl with ring is just lovely (I have eyed antique versions), and I love the 20″ Round Tinned Copper Dish – I can imagine serving ratatouille or bouillabaisse in this beautiful dish.

  80. I would love nothing more (and nothing could be more French!) then a set of 5.5cm tinned copper cannele molds. I have been searching for a second hand set for a while to no avail, and having a set from the famed E. Dehillerin would be such a delight! I would love to back some yummy French treats in them and I would feel so fancy doing so!

  81. Hi Shannon, Thank you for sharing the most enjoyable French week! Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful store. I have my eye on the copper bowl for egg white-with a ring. Have a wonderful weekend.

  82. Hello Shannon,

    I love all things French so I really enjoy your blog. I have always wanted a pot for making zabaglione but never was able to buy one. If I was the lucky winner I would love the zabaglione copper saucepan. The reference number is 281000016.



  83. Thank you, Shannon, for the giveaway! Would love the RECTANGULAR GRILL IN CAST IRON 34 X 21 – STAUB

  84. Oh my, I’m on sensory overload, so many useful and lovely items! What we really need now is a basting brush. Any of those copper pans works look happy having above the island!

  85. Wow, I already chose a beautiful fry pan. Now I want the copper bowl for egg white with a ring. And I want the tarte tatin pan. I want everything in that place. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!!!! To make a choice of the ultimate and what I would use most is still the first choice of the fry pan. Copper is so French and I am not savy on knowing a lot about Paris, but I read a lot and have seen every highlight of Paris in my mind. What a neat idea to shop in that store on line. Your blog is so fun. Thank you, Shannon.

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