Travel & Explore France While Improving Your French from Home with a Giveaway from Depaysio
Thursday August 13, 2020

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Explore French wines, Paris cinema and classic French recipes all the while working on your French language skills AND from the comfort of your own home. No, we may not want to have to be at home, as seeing France first-hand is the best experience, but currently, for most of us, that is not possible. Well, do I have good news! Depaysio, a new online small business is offering French experiences you can interact with virtually taught by experts in their field.

Founded by an American ex-pat, each experience you purchase is live, interactive and only for a small number of participants from around the globe. Depaysio offers the opportunity for you to have an intimate experience learning the language and the skill you have selected from native-level French speakers, either experienced language teachers looking to share their hobbies and passions or subject-area experts who are able to adapt their content to an audience of language learners.

You’ll practice your target language while learning to cook a new dish, taking on a fun art project or getting an insider glimpse at a foreign culture. And yes, just like your Zoom meetings and Google Hang-out sessions, you will be talking with each other – full interaction helping you improve your language skills while polishing your talent at poetry or wine expertise.

Depaysio, takes its name from the French word dépaysement, which describes the feeling of being in a foreign country or environment. With a handful of classes already in session, and currently a free Yoga class taught in French that is available through the month of August, there are also new classes becoming available soon, so be sure to explore their entire website.

Explore all of the French Experiences here, and explore a handful shared below.

GIVEAWAY: For one lucky TSLL reader, you will have the opportunity to choose the experience that piques your interest and enjoy it for free.

How to Enter:

  • First, explore their list of French Experiences here.
  • Return to TSLL, and this post, and leave a comment with the experience you would choose should you win the giveaway.
  • Enter by Saturday August 15th at 8pm Pacific time.
  • Stop by Sunday August 16th to see if you are the winner.

Paris Cinema Tour

You know Paris…You have seen the city a million times in movies! Learn about the history of the most filmed city in the world and discover a few new movies to watch. From Saint-Vincent Streetto the subway station Abbesses, passing by the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, you will discover one of the most filmed neighborhoods of Paris whose hill and artists have inspired directors.

Amelie from Montmartre will be the common thread and other famous French or American movies, such as An American in Paris, A Monster in ParisFunny Face and La Vie en rose, will also be featured.

You will talk about writers, painters and directors who are linked to Montmartre and inspired the movies shot there. Thanks to video clips and pictures, you will discover a happy mix of hit movies and new discoveries.

Drawing in French

Learn to draw with guidance from a professional French artist and follow in the footsteps of the famous artists who have called France their home.

Working with a shared image, together we will explore themes such as composition, shadows and lights, color and other drawing techniques. The goal is to take you through the basics of drawing while developing your creative expression.

Wine Tasting

Transport yourself to the charming vineyards of France in this experience that will help you appreciate wine while having fun. You’ll learn the 5-step method to tasting wine like a pro, the French terms and expressions used by pros to talk about wine and much more!

Bonne chance!

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47 thoughts on “Travel & Explore France While Improving Your French from Home with a Giveaway from Depaysio

  1. Women who shaped history is probably my first choice, with the fragrance and wine explorations close behind.

  2. This sounds like so much fun and I had never heard of this before. I think I would choose French Fashion tips. Thank you for introducing us to new things!

  3. French fashion tips or french kitchen basics are the titles that interest me. What a neat idea for improving your language skills.

  4. The French pastry course spoke to my soul! But further down French meditation- body mind & soul! I envision a beautiful voice, and it occurred to me that focusing on the translation would actually center me. You cannot think of 100 different things when you are concentrating on translating. Brilliant!

  5. I would choose French kitchen tips or the wine tasting
    This sounds great and never heard of it before

    Thanks for the information.

  6. Really novel and creative way to learn a language experientially whilst diving into an aspect of the local culture. I would love to have the Paris cinema experience, or the fragrance or wine tasting. Thank you for sharing this!

  7. I would choose French Fashion Tips as my first choice, followed by Choose Your Fragrance.
    I have never heard of this before – thank you Shannon!

  8. This is amazing! Im very excited to try one of these! Thank you for the recommendation! If I was lucky enough to win I would choose French Fashion or the Meditation, so hard to choose! Merci! xxx

  9. Hi All,

    Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress – I would gladly take a chance to French Fashion Tips & coaching from a certified Parisian style coach!


  10. I choose them all! 😉 Just kidding (maybe, lol). I think my first experience would be Choosing A Fragrance, but the Singing and French Cinema Tour would be extremely close! Thanks for the opportunity to improve on my French. :))

  11. I would choose the French cocktails one! Despite my blog being dedicated to wine, I figured I should learn about other drinks for once ha!

    This is a very cool concept!

  12. Should I be so lucky, I would like to try French kitchen basics. What fun! Bon appetit (said in my best Julia Child voice!)!

  13. I would love to try French Kitchen Basics. What a great new company – thank you for sharing!

  14. I would have to choose the cocktail experience having spent my lockdown every day with David Lebovitz’s book Drinking French and his Instagram demos of cocktails. (And sadly gaining 5 pounds in the bargain – but it has been fun). Might we be so lucky to have him be the teacher should we win?

  15. What a fun resource, merci! I would have to choose either drawing in French or French fashion tips. For now, I’m off to try that yoga class!

  16. This is going to be a very unique experience! Thanks Shannon for the opportunity! I am interested in French Fashion Tips.

  17. Thank you for sharing this, what a wonderful, creative way to learn French! The hard part is picking the first one to do: Women who shaped history, French cocktails/wine tasting, French cream puffs (yummy!) (Couldn’t pick just one 🙂

  18. Thank you for introducing us to this amazing opportunity! I would live the French Fashion or the drawing.

  19. What a great service! I would love to take the virtual Paris Cinema Tour since I can’t travel to my favorite city right now! French Fashion Tips also sounds fabulous! No matter what class, one very lucky person will have so much fun. Thank you for the opportunity to enter and for introducing us to this resource.

  20. Chouquettes: French Cream Puffs sounds like an amazing class that’s right up my alley!!

  21. As a wine love and a francophile, I must say that I would LOVE to experience Wine Tasting along with the french. There is something magical about their way of experiencing wine and food that differs them from any other culture.
    Wine for them is not a special-ocasion only thing it is part of their daily life and as I´m slowly trying to get to know more about wine, it would be lovely to be a part of this wonderful experience.

    Thanks for another perfect french week, Shannon!!


  22. Oh my! Since right now my french is sooo rudimentary, I have been hesitant to enter this particular giveaway! But it sounds as such a wonderful experience, that I can not resist! I have to say tht the Women who shaped history sounds amazing, especially since I am enjoying Lindsey Tramuta’s book so immensely. And ,of course the wine tasting or the fashion tips come very close, as incongruos as it may be !
    Thank you for such a fun week!

  23. What an exciting opportunity. My selection is Choosing a Fragrance. Last year I started collecting Jean Patou vintage fragrances. This opportunity would help me expand and grow my new found joy – the world of vintage fragrances. Thank you.

  24. Thank you! I would love French Fashion Tips. Also, Design your own clothes seems a wonderful experience.
    Thank you for a great week!

  25. On my first trip to Paris, I bought a perfume from Annick Goutal. I’d love to re-live that memory and learn how to pick a perfume during the choosing a fragrance experience. How fun!

  26. Wow! How do I choose just one! My top three would be : cooking basics, choosing a Fragrance or meditation! They all sound lovely tho! ???

  27. Merci pour un autre grand cadeau! J’aimerais essayer l’atelier de dégustation de vin.

    Merci merci merci merci!!

  28. What a great way to improve one’s French. I would love to join Women Who Shaped History.

  29. Dear Shannon,
    This is wonderful!!! I would choose the French Poetry workshop – it sounds amazing!
    Merci mille fois!
    Best wishes,

  30. Hi Shannon,
    French Kitchen Basics is what I would choose. Thanks for hosting the giveaway and letting us know about this intriguing concept!

  31. Shannon, this is a wonderful opportunity. The French cooking class or the Women Who Shaped History would be my choices, but they all sound great. Thank you! You continue to expand your readers’ imaginations.

  32. Definitely the wine experience. My first experiences at drinking and tasting wine were with French wines, and they are still my go-to wines to this day. I’d love the chance to learn more with others.

  33. Ooh la la…I don’t think I could ever get enough of French Fashion Tips or of Women Who Shaped French History. Merci!

  34. This is such a remarkable and fun giveaway. The French Cooking Class is certainly something I would enjoy and would help tremendously in honing kitchen skills. Again, thank you for your generosity towards your readers.

  35. I would love to choose all of them! My first choice would be French Fashion Tips because I am continually reinventing my style and have always admired how the French wear their clothes and accessories! After this is over, I would love to strut my new style when I go out! C’est tres chic! (I am getting sick of my athleisure pieces and old T-shirts that I have been wearing over and over chez moi!)
    My second choice — Choosing a Fragrance would be magnifique! I would love to find my signature, unique scent, especially after I finish my Coco Mademoiselle.
    My third choice would be Singing in French because I am in the church and community choirs. (Interesting fact: I sing soprano in the former and alto in the latter.) Aussi, I have been watching free Met Opera streams almost every night, and the Met frequently presents operas in French, including “Romeo et Juliette,” “Carmen,” “Faust,” and “Samson et Dalila.” I would love to learn to sing popular French sings and even try opera music. Merci!

  36. An ingenious idea for learning French & French culture! I would choose the cinema tour. Merci!

  37. What a wonderful idea! They all sound like so much fun, but the wine tasting would probably be my pick ?

  38. What an intriguing way to learn! So many interesting experiences…if I were to win, I’d choose the Drawing in French.

    Thanks so much!

  39. I love this! If I were to win, I would love to experience the “Wine Tasting” session!
    Merci 🙂

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