Body by Bethenny DVD Review
Tuesday June 21, 2011

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Over the past year I have changed my approach to fitness and have loyally practiced yoga two times a week at a local studio. I can’t express fully enough how thrilled I am about the positive changes that bringing yoga into my life has made on my physical and mental health. Whether or not it was simply timing and I was finally ready to try something that requires patience and determination, I can’t honestly say, but I can say that I have never been more svelte in my adult life and more able to find my balance and sense of calm in my busy day-to-day life.

With that said, my schedule, like so many of you, can become rather hectic and inflexible at times which means that I am unable to attend my regular class, so I began searching for an alternative that would provide the same structure and challenge at home.

This past week, Bethenny Frankel’s DVD Body by Bethenny arrived and while I’m not typically someone who regularly follows workout DVD due to the fact that the instructors tend to be very one dimensional and impersonal, I found this DVD to be quite the exception.

With celebrity instructor Kristen McGee, Bethenny is the student in the class following along like the rest of us. Through the 40 minute yoga routine, I was challenged, but not intimidated as I was familiar with most of the poses (cobra, upward dog, triangle, pigeon, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd warrior, etc) and was introduced to options when I was ready to take my yoga to the next level.

Bethenny and Kristen’s conversation throughout is light and friendly, and frequently throughout the workout, the viewer is reminded that yoga is a constant form of practice, not perfection – some days you have your balance, some days you don’t. Another phrase mentioned that is something I always keep in mind is, “Find the balance between ease and effort.” In other words, we must make the workout work for us if we want to be challenged.

Also included on the DVD is a 10 minute strength workout where your arms are given a series of simple exercises presented in sets that will give you those sculpted arms for your sleeveless and strapless tops during the warm summer months; however, it was noted that the strength workout is not necessary as practicing yoga will most certainly give your arms the workout you crave.

Yet again, there is another additional five minute booty blast that can be completed anywhere at anytime you find yourself standing around – waiting in line, talking on the phone or watching television.

In its entirety there are 55 minutes of a workout you will certainly find challenging, but not daunting. And as the purpose for my purchase was to receive an at-home yoga workout, I was overwhelmingly pleased.

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4 thoughts on “Body by Bethenny DVD Review

  1. I too enjoy yoga but don’t always find the time to make it to a studio, so DVD’s are perfect for me. Glad to hear you liked this one, I think Bethenny is a hoot and would pretty much buy anything she endorses.

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