Be Your Own Guide
Monday October 25, 2010

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“Part of the blessing and challenge

of being human

is that we must discover our own true

God-given nature.

This is not some noble,abstract quest

but an inner necessity. 

For only by living in our own element

can we thrive without anxiety.”

-Mechthild of Magdeburg in O Magazine

Is it possible to live without anxiety? Over the weekend, I had some time to plan, assess and evaluate my progress toward goals I have set for myself. And, I’ll be honest, I find that the anxiety lies in the not knowing.  Not knowing how or if I’ll reach my intended target.  Not knowing if I’ll make the right decisions along the way to reach the goal I know with all my heart I desire. And while this is the challenge, tied up amongst it is the blessing that is mentioned above.

The opportunity of reaching our true potential is given to each and every person upon arrival into this world. For some, the opportunity shines a bit brighter and is easier to be seen, while other’s have to discover that it is there, just camouflaged quite cleverly.

The necessity in discovering your natural talents, gifts and purpose is to sooth your soul, to allow yourself to know that you are needed, that your gifts can help others in a way they either are or aren’t expecting.

What I am referring to by “needed” is that there is a meeting of what you are willing to give without someone asking, without questioning, without considering any other options joined with the necessity for the world to receive it (sometimes whether it knows it needs it or not).

But how do you know when you’ve discovered your opportunity that will lead you to your anxiety-free existence? “If you feel energy and excitement and a sense that life is happening for the first time, you are probably near your God-given nature.  Joy in what we do is not an added feature; it is a sign of deep health.” Oprah Winfrey (November 2010).

It occurs in many people’s lives that they lead a life that is expected of them by their family and/or society.  And while there is advice aplenty in our modern day world as to how to discover what each of our lives should be, or which path to take, the only real source you need to confirm what has always been tucked safely inside you, is you. You have more knowledge of what your true path should be, what your true passions are, what makes your heart sing than anyone else ever could.

“The cricket tells Pinocchio, ‘Always let your conscience be your guide.’ These words, by a small . . . insect, give us all we need. The best person to tell you who you are, what you should be, is ultimately yourself.” – Patti Smith

If you need to, examine what you would spend your time doing as a child prior to those jostling days of puberty. What would you get lost in? What would your mother have to pull you away from when it was time for dinner? There might be a clue there that you never considered.

For me, I can vividly remember during middle school being able to subscribe to InStyle.  It was their inaugural issue, and I remember excitedly walking down my family’s long lane to check the mailbox every day until finally it arrived each month. I then preceded to make my own magazine with only lined pieces of paper and a pencil.  Knowing full well mine was no where near what was mailed out each month, but creating it anyway because I wanted to share my voice. I remember then not understanding why I felt so proud of this project I had conjured up on my own. However, to this day, I will never forget the thrill I had in making something that now seems so simple and insignificant.

What I have realized is that sometimes in the moment we aren’t sure why something is occurring, but the gift is finding out later that it happened for a reason, to serve as a clue to lead us to our purpose.  Such seemingly minor memories quite often speak volumes down the road.

And I have to say, the ridding of anxiety, it happens before you realize it.  It may not be shed all at once, but it slowly begins to slip away as you first become of aware of your path, and more gradually as you precede toward the possibilities that await you. So for anyone who is still wondering, questioning or having doubts, start with just taking some time by yourself and reflecting.  The answers may be closer than you think.

Have a beautiful day.

And if you’d like a few more ideas on how to discover your purpose, click here.


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