Be Attractive to Wealth
Thursday June 23, 2011

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Believe it or not, there is such a thing as magnetic energy when it comes to attracting wealth. What am I talking about you may ask? Well, in Jean Chatzky’s book The Difference, she speaks about a person’s ability to be appreciative and grateful for what they already have is essential to attracting more of what they desire.

Simply put, it’s a positive attitude, an appreciative attitude, no matter how little you have in the bank account, to realize that you are responsible for discovering your own contentment and in order to achieve that, you must recognize the abundance you already have around you.  After all, if you are not satisfied now, you will never be satisfied when you get more because you will never have learned the gift of being grateful.

So how exactly does one acquire this magnetic chemistry? Here is what she suggests:

*Wear rosier glasses – In other words, choose to see things more optimistically, eliminate the cynicism and elect to see how abundantly rich you truly are – not necessarily always in cash value, but in the relationships, lifestyle and the community you live in.  Appreciating what you have instead of what you lack will create a tremendous positive change.

*Stop comparing yourself to others. By choosing to value who you are and the talents and gifts you have to offer, you are again focusing on your self-worth, but if you constantly are belittling yourself for not being like the Jones’ or the beautiful model on the cover of the magazine, you will always feel as though you are lacking.  Change what you focus on and that energy will multiply.

*Use visual cues. By posting your mantra, inspiring quotes or visuals that serve as reminders to keep you focused on what is truly important, you help yourself out on those days when it seems nothing can go right and you begin to doubt yourself.  Put yourself on the offensive by planning ahead and frame your most inspiring quote above your desk, write it in your planner so you see it when you open it up every day, on your phone’s screensaver – wherever you will notice it and take a moment to check in with yourself on those moments when you’re in doubt.

*Do something for someone else. Choose to pay it forward by helping someone out who isn’t expecting your aid – it may be someone you know, it may not be, but in doing so you are giving of yourself – your good fortune – to someone else who could benefit from your time and energy. It doesn’t have to be a grand expensive gesture. In fact, it doesn’t need to cost any money, a simple 30 minute visit to a senior citizen who enjoys your conversation. Whatever you do, remember do it without wanting anything in return because truly wealthy people realize how fortunate they are and want to give back when they can simply because they can.

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11 thoughts on “Be Attractive to Wealth

  1. Im reading right now a wonderful book: “The Power of your Subconscious mind” by Joseph Murphy. That is exactly what the whole book is about~ think positive, use affirmations and be thankful for what you have.
    Wonderful post!


  2. Wonderful insight. This should be printed out and attached to everyones refrigerator. I have always subscribed to the school of though that happiness and satisfaction comes from within, we create our own happiness, success,etc…..very well done! Happy weekend!

  3. Beautiful message, coincides with your beautiful mission statement for your blog! Right on the money with my own sights for life!

  4. I’m with Tashrin, what a wonderful reminder of why I keep coming back her:)

    One thing I do to remind me of how much I have/had in life, I write it down. I write down something I’m grateful for everyday for a week or a month at a time. If you look at the Notes section of my phone, you’ll see written “Today I’m grateful for…” line after line.

    The things you write down don’t have to “things” and they don’t have to be things you have right now, but things or people who’ve been in your life that you are grateful for.


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