Simplifying Weekly Routines: Afternoon Live Appearance

Aug 24, 2017

The seasons are nearing a change, and so too, as was shared last week on the blog, will our schedules begin to shift ever so slightly or quite significantly depending upon the type of shift that will occur.

Yesterday, I was invited back to sit down with Tra’Renee Chambers on KATU’s Afternoon Live program to discuss eight ways to simplify your weekly routines for the purpose of creating more energy, time and space in your days to deepen the quality and improve the overall experience. (View my appearance on KATU’s AM Northwest where we discuss how to curate your own Capsule Wardrobe here.)

Beginning with creating a rhythm into our days that welcomes a restful night’s sleep as well as including ideas for organizing multiple schedules, I had a wonderful time. Have a look at the full segment here, and click here to see a detailed list of 18 Ways to Simplify Your Week including and going beyond what we had time to discuss.


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~The Importance of a Daily Routine and How to Create One You Love, episode #164

~How to Design a Great Week

~Why Not . . . Celebrate the Ordinary?

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10 thoughts on “Simplifying Weekly Routines: Afternoon Live Appearance

  1. I just want to thank you for the way you inspire me! Love your work and your thoughts. I get a boost every time I read your blog or listen to a podcast!

  2. Both interviews this week were fabulous! You were so poised, warm, and lovely. Congratulations, Shannon, and thanks for sharing the video links.

  3. I really enjoyed this segment. You mentioned syncing calendars here; do you use digital as well as a paper planner? How do those work together for you? I don’t feel that an all-digital system is right for me, but I can’t always carry my planner either.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I explained a bit in the post here, but I do have both. My digital calendars keep my appointments in all arenas so nothing will overlap. I love my paper planner and learned a while ago I have to have one. I thoroughly enjoy write my week out each Sunday, checking off the to-dos and holding something in my hands.

  4. I thought your makeup and hair looked wonderful! Would you share your makeup choices? (or in a future post?) The lipstick and blush colors were especially pretty!

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