A Refreshing End to the Summer with Smirnoff Sorbet Light
Friday September 13, 2013

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As the summer comes to a close, there’s still time and a need to stay cool. So when Smirnoff asked me to try their Sorbet Light, I wanted to create something that was refreshing and delicious.

Selecting a lemon flavor, I gathered a bottle of prosecco, club soda, and lemon sorbet (although a classic vanilla would be perfect as well), mixed 8 oz of prosecco with 4 oz of Smirnoff Sorbet Light, 8 oz of club soda and 4-6 scoops of ice cream in a separate bowl. Garnish with lemon zest or fresh mint leaves, and it’s ready to be poured into the waiting glasses and enjoyed. (Serves 5 people).

Organize on a classic white tray, I found this one from West Elm, and serve as your guests walk in the door to begin the soiree. It won’t take you but five minutes to mix up the drinks, so you’ll be able to enjoy the company of your guests.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Smirnoff for Style Coalition. I am not an employee of Smirnoff and all opinions are my own. Remember to always drink responsibly and legally.

All images captured by TSLL.

2 thoughts on “A Refreshing End to the Summer with Smirnoff Sorbet Light

  1. This recipe sounds amazing…I usually use my Smirnoff Sorbet Light to create a hard raspberry lemonade, but I will definitely have to add this drink into my rotation!

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