30 Ways to Find Tranquility in Your Day
Tuesday May 31, 2011

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Today’s post will be solely focused on how to find tranquility and a moment to catch our breath during any given day of the week. After all, life is a constant balancing act that must include moments to just be, to unwind and let what is going on around us be put on hold if only for a moment.  Here are some ways to find a calm space of down time:

1. Turn off the television and read

2. Brew a cup of tea or sip some chilled iced tea

3. Pop some popcorn & enjoy a film you’ve been dying to watch

4. Take a nap or go to bed early

5. Listen to music (soothing, possibly without lyrics)

6. Be near water (paddle around in a canoe, walk along the river, stroll along the beach)

7. Treat yourself to a spa treatment (pedicure, facial or massage)

8. Get a good nights sleep

9. Take your dog for a walk – it will make their day and calm you down.

10. Practice yoga

11. Gather a stack of magazine and allow yourself to just peruse at will

12. Make your favorite meal and add a glass of wine

13. Order take-in and watch your favorite guilty-pleasure show

14. Take a bubble bath with lavender

15. Snuggle

16. Make cookies and enjoy them with milk

17. Do something creative – write, draw, dance – and allow yourself to get lost in the doing

18. Visit a new art exhibit

19. Treat yourself to a cooking class

20. Visit your local farmer’s market

21. Allow yourself to laugh out loud

22. Go to a cafe and just savor your coffee while people watching or reading the daily newspaper

23. Work in the yard – dig in the dirt

24. Bring fresh flowers into your home – place one singular flower in a bud vase by your master bed and office space as well as bouquets in the usually places.

25. Get a make-over at your local department store

26. Enjoy a mid-afternoon treat with a friend at a quaint restaurant

27. Allow yourself (keeping your budget in mind) to buy an exquisite pair of earrings, shoes or blouse that you’ve had your eye on

28. Visit a Japanese garden or a beautiful garden in your area. In Paris? Jardin du Luxembourg or Jardin des Plantes (my favorite).Click here to get a list of all of the gardens in Paris.

29. Keep a journal (it doesn’t necessarily have to be about what happened during the day, it can be a list of things you are grateful for, favorite quotes and ideas you run across during your days, etc)

30. Savor the decadence of a dark chocolate truffle and just be

After reading through this list, I know you have ideas that have worked for you.  Please do share as I, and so many of my readers, would love to hear.

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17 thoughts on “30 Ways to Find Tranquility in Your Day

  1. Shannon, I love the direction that you are taking with your blog and really enjoy your posts that are about tranquility, slowing down and just savoring life. It’s so nice to read these wonderful reminders! I love all of your suggestions!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. i love the lists – can you put a link on the page where all the lists can be accessed without trawling through archives?


  3. Harriet – I completely understand how frustrating looking through the archives can be. To remedy this, simply click on Inspiration & Why Not? above on the toolbar underneath the the title of the blog. This link will take you directly to an alphabetized list of posts that were posted on Mondays and Wednesdays exclusively. I hope this helps. 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment. I am always thrilled to hear my readers are enjoying what they find here on The Simply Luxurious Life.

  4. I have just come across this site and would like to say that spending a few moments reading all the wonderful things you have here has served as my moment of tranquility this Sunday morning. I was feeling a tad miserable about the chores I need to get through but sitting here with my tea in hand while my husband and boys are fast asleep I have enjoyed a quiet moment to myself. I am reminded once again how important it is to take time out for oneself. Your site has amazing ideas on so much. I will be bookmarking this site for sure!!

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