16 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way
Monday July 25, 2011

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It’s funny where inspiration can be found. Sometimes I can just be watching a film I’ve watch many times before, but during this particular time a certain line will jump out at me and demand my attention.

I decided to pop into the DVR this past weekend Diane English’s remake of the original The Women and a line that Meg Ryan’s character uttered did just as I explained above. She stated simply, “I just needed to get out of my own way.”

Now I don’t believe that at this moment in my life I am standing in my own way, but I must confess that I have in the past been guilty and due to this experience, I believe we are often more able to understand a lesson when we’ve experienced it for ourselves and this was just that type of occasion.

So often on The Simply Luxurious Life the topic of goals, dreams and achieving success is discussed, but how many times have you been halted in your tracks, detoured or completely stopped and you weren’t sure why?

Well today I’d like to share with you 16 ways to make sure you are helping yourself out and propelling yourself forward rather than the alternative.  We are so amazingly capable of making our lives a magical experience, but there are moments, instances and circumstances that we unfortunately allow to derail our plans. Believe it or not, I’m here to reassure you today such occurrences don’t have to be the disabling obstacles that we often allow them to be. We have so much more power than we realize.

16 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way and Be Our Best Ally

1. Stop reading your horoscope and realize you are the determiner of your destiny.

2. Accept compliments simply by saying thank you instead of deflecting them.

3. Try anything once and take away the lessons you are offered by the experience.

4. Stop saying “I can’t” and instead give it your best shot.

5. Say no when something doesn’t feel right even if you’re not sure why.

6. Believe in yourself.

7. Respect your body. Treat it like a priceless machine.

8. Just because everyone else does it, doesn’t mean you have to as well.  It’s okay to be the black sheep if something doesn’t sit well with your palette.

9. Keep working even when the path toward your goal becomes difficult. Take a break for a breather, but never give up.

10. Respect your emotions.  Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling entirely and then let it go.

11. Don’t allow what others think of you and your decisions become what you know to be true. Define yourself by your own dictionary.

12. Stand up for yourself and find others who would be as excited for your success as you would be for theirs.

13. Stop blaming others and use that same energy instead for doing something that improves your life and others’.

14. Be curious, ask why and if nobody has the answer, go find it for yourself.

15. Don’t over-think it. Analyzing will only get you so far and then there comes a point when you just need to get busy, allow yourself to be fully in the moment and just do your best.

16. Listen to your yearnings, make sure they are truly yours and then forge ahead to follow where they lead you.


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12 thoughts on “16 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way

  1. Uff..I really needed this post today! Wow, thanks for the boost 🙂 I’m too hard on myself & #2 is something I definitely do alot!! Really great one, I will keep coming back to read this really, its a great help!! Have a sweet day!! xx

  2. Can I know the exact minute when she said it? My fav line is when Leah( Bette Midler) told her to ” Be selfish”, and when Meg said ” I guess I js stood in my own out” before her fashion show… I love your posts btw!!

  3. You are so right! This is the life philosophy that I’ve carried in my heart for my entire adulthood, and yet so many times I doubt whether I’m doing things the ‘right’ way, due mostly to comparing myself with others. Thank you so much for the life-affirming reminder. p.s. I just deleted my EIGHT horoscope bookmarks, and replaced them with a link to your list of 16. Also recommended: Max Ehrmann’s ‘Desiderata’ http://mwkworks.com/desiderata.html Words to live by. Thanks, lady!

  4. So true, so true! There are no end of other “helpful” people who are ready, willing, and (if we let them) able to rain on our parades–why should we do that to ourselves? Thanks for the weekly kickstart, Shannon–I’m adding this to my file of timely reminders of just the attitude I should have as I move towards my “business of bliss”…thanks again!
    Love, Kay

  5. Stumbled upon your blog a while ago, but just came upon it again, and I’m already obsessed. Was surprised to notice you are in Oregon as well as myself. Would love for you to check out my blossoming blog!! Your advice is amazing and hopefully will help me live a more luxurious life!

    Would love to hear back!

    xo gracie


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