Why Not . . . Prep for Spring?
Wednesday March 28, 2012

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Having been out of town this past weekend, when I arrived home, I was greeted with the spectacular sight of a green lawn.  It seemed almost as if overnight my grass had miraculously turned lusciously green and was promptly begging to be manicured. So . . . I was more than eager to pull out my lawn-mower and appease it.

Yes, spring has officially begun, and with the first hum of the mowers buzzing throughout the neighborhood, it also gives us all an opportunity to make this the best spring yet.  Whether it be with regards to our homes, wardrobes, beauty, health or yard and gardens, spring offers the motivation to get busy and make things happen. Below are twelve ways I have found useful in my quest to help prep for spring.

1. Clean It Out

Now is the time to sweep away winter, clean out your fireplaces, go through your closets, toss things that are simply taking up space, and if you have enough items that you are wanting to get rid of – organize a garage sale, or gather together with friends who have items to sell as well and advertise a multi-family yard sale. By taking initiative now before summer arrives, you are using your time wisely and de-cluttering your home, thus your life, which is always a welcomed feeling.

2. Spruce Up Your Wardrobe

The spring style magazines have already arrived (March issues), so begin pouring through them or your favorite websites and blogs (my spring newsletter arrives in subscribers’ inboxes Sunday, April 1st) to determine what is available and what you are drawn to to enhance your signature style.  However, before going shopping, do a quick run-thru of your own closet to determine what staples need replacing (click here to view my top 10 essentials for every woman’s wardrobe).

3. Wash the Windows

Twice a year I like to clean my windows, and I am never more ready to clean them than when the stream of sunlight in the morning after a long winter does its best to shine through filthy glass. Take a few hours one morning, using newspaper and glass cleaner and start shining.  You’ll be amazed how much cleaner your house will immediately seem simply by cleaning the eyes of the home.

4. Change Your Oil

Every three months is the rule of thumb when it comes to simple car maintenance, so why not use the changing of seasons as a gauge to remind you when to take your car in to have its oil changed? Have your tires rotated too while you’re at it. Often it’s a free service if you’ve purchased your tires at the same business.

5. Add Spring Fruits & Vegetables

As farmer’s markets begin resuming and grocery stores begin to sell fresh spring produce, plan meals for the week that incorporate the freshest of vegetables and fruits from as nearby as possible.  Click here to see a list of spring produce to shop for. At the top of my baking list – strawberry rhubarb tarts.

6. Enjoy the Daffodils

Daffodils are one of the first signs of spring in the yard.  If you’re lucky enough to grow your own, it certainly is something to enjoy. However, whether you grow them yourself or not, be sure to pick up a bundle from your local grocers, farmers’ market or flower vender.  They are only available for a short amount of time and definitely something worth waiting for.

7. Dust Off Your Rain Boots

It is time to put away the snow boots and pull out the galoshes.  After all, there are puddles to jump in and rain to take leisurely walks in.

8. Pick Up Your Allergy Medicine

If you’re like me, my nose has already begun to run. And while the pollen doesn’t appear to be in the air, somehow my body seems to already know what season it is. Be sure to stock up on the allergy medicine that works best for you and keep some at home, while stashing a bit in your travel tote as well.

9. At Home Pedicure

Sandals are aching to be worn; therefore, your toes will need to be adorned accordingly. So save some money, purchase a quality polish (a few of my favorites – OPI, Chanel, Essie, China Glaze) and spend the money you saved on a fabulous pair of pedicure-revealing shoes.

10. A Spa Facial

The health of your skin reveals so much about your overall well-being, and while saving money and pampering yourself with weekly at-home facials is the best habit to get into, why not treat yourself to a spa facial every three months? Why is this necessary, you may be asking. Well, a trained aesthetician can assess your skin and give advice on how to tweak or improve your regular maintenance routine so that you continue to see glowing results. For about $60-$80, why not treat yourself?

11. Pick Up Sunscreen

The sun seems to only be barely sharing its rays, but that doesn’t mean our skin is safe. Purchase a new bottle of sunscreen and be sure to protect the skin you’ve worked so hard to take care of.

12. Free Therapy

Everybody needs a way to vent and let go of stress that is productive, and spring offers the perfect solution – get your hands dirty in the garden! I love this time of year as it is warm enough to get outside and start weeding, planting new plants and making a plan of what herbs, flowers and plants I want to add to my yard on my first trip of the year to the nearby nursery.

Who’s to say what this season will bring, but with a little prep work beforehand, it certainly has a promising chance to be quite productive and enjoyable.

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6 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Prep for Spring?

  1. Lovely post – I always feel like making a fresh start much more at this time of year than in January! This weekend I’ll be Spring cleaning my wardrobe to make way for a few new bits and pieces that might find their way there over the next few weeks.

  2. A great post! I am delighted to say I’ve already started to clean it out. I’ve taken bags of perfectly good clothing, linens and the like to our local Goodwill. It feels so good to rid myself of things I am no longer using. Next up…the yard!

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