Why Not . . . Look & Feel Radiant?
Wednesday December 21, 2011

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~One of my favorite French living books, The French Beauty Solution~

During the winter months, the air is a bit drier, we tend to stay inside more often and stress during the holidays can begin to dim our beautiful natural glow. However, with a clear plan of action that is followed regularly no matter what the season, we can make sure we are always looking and feeling our best.

Below are 10 ways to ensure that you look and feel radiant which ultimately leads to feeling more confident and helping to accomplish our goals as we strive toward fulfillment.

Be Well Rested

This is mandatory.  There are many things we could stay up late to finish or enjoy, but we must give our bodies the necessary 7-8 hours of sleep each night.  Be disciplined and keep yourself on a similar schedule even through your weekends.  Your body will thank you by performing at it’s full potential, and you will have a healthy glow about you.

Pamper Your Skin

It feels as though you are pampering, but really taking care of your skin is a mandatory necessity if you wish to look youthful and radiant well into life.  Schedule seasonal or monthly facials (or give yourself one at home), wash your face every night and apply rich, hydrating cream, as well as eye cream full of retinol, and always protect your skin from the sun. A wide brimmed hat anyone?

Drink Water

Make water your drink of choice.  Even when you are attending the many cocktail parties during the holidays and have a glass of wine or another drink of choice in one hand, double fist it, by drinking a glass of water for every drink.

Flatter Your Figure

One of the surest ways to look and feel your best is to know how to dress your body. First make sure the garments you wear fit you properly.  Disregard the number on the label and look at how the garment hangs.  If nearly everything is perfect, but there are minor changes that a tailor can make, invest in the piece and take it to trusted seamstress. Understand your body’s shape and embrace it, hugging it with clothing that makes it feel loved and shows the world how beautiful it truly is. Click here to learn a few more tips on how to look fabulous each day.

Reduce Sugar & Processed Foods

To view our bodies as temples, machines and even as trophies that must be polished and attended to, is to be aware of how fortunate we are to have a healthy body.  Once we fully grasp this fact, it is easier to eliminate dumping junk food, body-slowing fuel and other tasty, yet not beneficial items into it. Click here to read about more ideas on how to treat your body like a temple.

Regular Exercise

By incorporating a regular workout regimen into your schedule, you will help reduce stress, remain fit, boost your metabolism and increase your energy level for getting through the rest of your day. Click here for ideas on how to get and stay in shape.


The gift of make-up is concealer. Period. Make an appointment with your favorite line of beauty products, have them help you choose the correct color and always have some in your make up bag.  Your eyes will shine brighter and you skin will appear more radiant. Magic. My favorite if Bobbi Brown’s.

Keep Lip Balm Handy

Dry lips appear like wrinkled skin and either look makes you look older.  Always have lip balm on hand either in your purse, at your desk or in your home.  I go with the simple mini Vaseline because it’s inexpensive and is very versatile, but whatever you prefer, just make sure you always have it handy.

Elevate Your Surroundings

Your mood is easily detectable based on the expression on your face, and if those you choose to spend time with lift your spirits, it will show. Choose those you surround yourself with carefully and nurture those relationship that are supportive, optimistic and possess a healthy structure. Click here to learn how to create your own healthy surroundings.

Love to Laugh and Smile Often

A rush of endorphins fills our minds and overwhelms our bodies when we laugh or feel joy or euphoria.  So be conscious about how you spend your time and choose to put yourself in situations that make you happy, thus evoking smiles and laughter.  After all, every one I have ever meant is always more lovely, beautiful and approachable with a sincere smile on their face or exuding laughter that fills the room.

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3 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Look & Feel Radiant?

  1. I always have an issue with sugar during the holidays. But I do extra workouts and take more vitamins (to make up for it? lol) Great post. I love the pics you chose.

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