Why Not . . . Improve Your Life?
Wednesday September 8, 2010

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Each day is an opportunity to create more of the ideal life we want for ourselves, but sometimes we get in our own way. Sometimes the simple advice on how to improve our lives is quickly skipped over.  It’s almost as if we assume that a hard fought dream must be difficult to attain in every possible way, but I have to disagree when it comes to the path we choose.  I do, however, agree that the journey won’t be short and each of us will be tested in order to determine how badly and genuinely we want what we say we desire, but over the course of the next three weeks, I’d like to share with you some simple tips on how to truly improve your life no matter what your dreams may be.

Let’s begin the first part in The Simply Luxurious Life’s new series by focusing on five intangibles that have to do with one’s mentality and approach to day to day life.

Take Responsibility

The beauty of taking responsibility is that you recognize that with every complaint, every excuse, every negative cynical shaking of the head, you are wasting time that could be spent getting closer to your dreams.  As an adult, you must accept what has happened in your past and take responsibility for what is happening now and what you want to have happen in the future.  The strength one will need will be great, but it is possible, simply dig deep.

Be Honest

While in the short term, sometimes, lying (even white lies) appear to be the easiest  thing to do, but in the long run, the benefits of telling the truth last longer and internally make you feel better. So next time you consider telling a bit of a fib, muster up the courage to be honest tactfully.  You’ll not only sleep better at night, but you’ll earn the respect of people whose respect is worth having.

Practice Courage

Both of the above suggestions will need a bit, and at times, quite a bit, of courage, but again the reward in the end will be truly rich.  Having the courage to stand up for what you believe in even if you’re the only one, or to wear an outfit that people in your circle won’t understand or accept is an act of courage – it’s putting yourself out there. Unfortunately, smaller people will judge, but the onlookers who can recognize courage will applaud you. Ultimately, however, as long as you’re applauding yourself, that is all the courage you will need.  The beauty of courage is that with each attempt your ability to be courageous becomes strengthened, so start small and you just might surprise yourself.


Not everyone can  be a Olympic champion, or an Iron Chef extraordinaire, or for that matter a genetically gorgeous supermodel, but each person does have an innate talent that only he or she possesses.  The secret is to focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses. By spending more time on what you are gifted at, and less on what you aren’t – you’re allowing those people that are gifted at your weaknesses the ability to shine in their area of strength, accepting that no one is perfect and becoming even more extraordinary in your own specialty.

Live Within Your Means

It sounds simple, but the less you covet, the more time you have to enjoy doing the things you love. Instead of trying to constantly earn more to live the life you want, why not appreciate what you already have, and revel in the time you aren’t at work by partaking in the activities that ignite your soul?  The peace of mind you will find by living within your means will be priceless and the extra hours of sleep you will gain from the many stressless nights you will have achieved will be something you will want to continue for not only your health, but your happiness.

Now I know there will be things that offer up tremendous challenges, but the intention is to not be the one who is putting up the roadblocks you run up against. The ability to present your best self so that you are present for as many opportunities as you can be is the goal, and by keeping in mind these first five tips, you will no doubt be well on your way to living an even more amazing life. Click here to read part two in the series which include five more ways to improve your life.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.

11 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Improve Your Life?

  1. As much of a friend as you’re becoming, you are also improving my life. I truly do take to heart your advice and it is making a difference. I now give more thought to my days and am living them more intentionally. Yesterday I spent cleaning and organizing my studio so that today would be even better… and it is. A little aforethought. I love your tips and they are so right on and true.

  2. Brilliant post. It seems that this is the time of year when as well as re-vamping our wardrobes, we also start taking stock of our lives. My favorite was “Taking Responsibility”. How many people do we know that are always so quick to blame someone else for the problems in their lives? Has this come from too much pampering and therapy? Just my humble opinion as an ex Criminal Psychologist (now you know why I especially like point 1!!!)

  3. This is such a wise and beautiful post. My favorite line: “Now I know there will be things that offer up tremendous challenges, but the intention is to not be the one who is putting up the roadblocks you run up against.”
    Thank you so much for the reminders and inspiration 🙂

  4. Such an inspiring post. I like the same line as Annie, above; it’s so true – we are most definitely our own worst enemy at times.
    Thanks for the words of wisdom. 🙂

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