Why Not . . . Cultivate Daily Moments of Repose?
Wednesday September 18, 2019

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“Always be aware that you have the power to create the naturally stress-free and tranquil life you deserve.”

When we get out of rhythm with our lives, out of step with the pace that aligns best with our full productivity and energies, feeling unsettled, and at times discombulated, is not uncommon.

When events in our lives that are not regular or are not expected take place, we can feel a bit off balance. However, last Friday, as I shared in the IG post below, I was reminded of a remedy to not only navigate through such periods of our lives that will occur from time to time as we choose to grow and evolve, but an approach to incorporate into our everyday lives each day: find and savor moments of repose. In other words, cultivate moments of tranquility in which to only physically be still but encourage the mind to be fully present as well.

When we prioritize a life routine that incorporates the necessary ingredient of tranquility, we are acknowledging the awesome power of thoughtful rest.

Admittedly, there will be different times in our lives when including these moments daily is easier than others, but what I discovered most recently, is that paradoxically, it is when our lives seem too full for such a practice that we actually need it the most.

I discovered over the past weekend, and it helped to verbalize my frustrations to someone I trusted, that part of the reason feeling off balance was my modus operandi was because at least three of my regular practices of calm were facing hiccups I couldn’t resolve at the moment. Once I discovered how powerfully positive these practices and details in our life were, I was able to focus more clearly on doing what I could to address any problems that were in my power to fix.

The one mainstay of repose has been my evening sit and snuggle with the boys, as shared above in the IG post, and as many TSLL readers shared in the comments, they too find a similar daily wind-down to be a highlight of their days. Such a seeminly simple inclusion in our days that can bring an abundance of joy and calm.

Below are a few simple ways to welcome moments of repose into your daily routine on a regular basis.

1.Find a room or a nook in your home where you cannot see a clock. Sit, relax and just do whatever you love.

2. Discover a regular view in your home, at a favorite cafe, etc. with a comfortable seat that allows you to gaze upon nature. As I type I have a view of my bird feeder and my oversized armchair is situated near the window so that I can look out each time I sit in it and watch the birds nibble.

3. Read something pleasurable – no news if that riles you up, but instead lovely, low-stress novels, decor books, inspiring magazines, cookbooks – anything that delights your curiosity and makes you smile.

4. Soaking in a warm or hot bubble bath, playing music that prompts you to relax, placing a cozy robe and slippers next to the tub ready to slip into when you step out and luxuriously rich and moisturizing body cream to gift your body with to punctuate the moment of repose.

5. Watch something that speaks to your curiosity but doesn’t elevate your stress-levels – a travel program, a cooking or food show (A Moveable Feast with Fine Living just premiered its seventh season this past weekend!), Antiques Roadshow, gardening, a rerun of a show you love offering no surprise endings or moments.

6. Go for a walk far from traffic or anything that will cause you to slow or stop your stride. Just walk with wonder encouraging yourself to be present and let your mind wander where it will.

7. Cook a favorite recipe that need not a recipe to consult. You know that one recipe you love to cook. You’ve made it so many times, it is written in your mind. Make it, savor it and enjoy the journey from ingredients to meal.

8. Be reminded how when you relax and slow down, you bring ease to others’ lives as well. Encourage this practice with those you love or if you are raising children. I know that even my dogs benefit when I am calmer, slow down and am fully present.

9. Pick the peaches (or anything else in your yard or garden that wants to be enjoyed, trimmed and tended to, in other words, loved). Over the weekend, as shown in the photo at the top of the post and just below, I harvested the peaches you see from the one peach tree on my property. The time of day was of no concern – I had no pressing engagements, so I was not rushed and savored the opportunity to have such a tree in my yard. I especially reveled in the harvest because it is something I will only be able to do once a year. Engaging in such moments with Mother Nature reinforces tranquility. When we walk in step with the seasons, we are naturally encouraged to be present. And when we are present, we are more likely to far more easily find tranquil moments to enjoy.

Perhaps it sounds simple, too simple, to welcome such a practice into our lives as a means to living our best lives, but if there is something I have discovered over the past four years of chasing a dream, it is that such moments are energy boosters. And when we have our energy tanks restocked, our dreams can come to fruition, perhaps sooner than we had anticipated.


The Power of the Little Details in Our Lives

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9 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Cultivate Daily Moments of Repose?

  1. Thank you for the reminders about the little things, Shannon.
    They are so restorative.
    So many things have changed in your life just recently…….some of them were under your own control , to a degree , and exciting , even if exhausting, changes that you had dreamed of and looked forward to and planned for , which came to fruition .
    Sometimes, though, there other changes, particularly in the work sphere, which are out of our control , changes dictated by others , but which need to be implemented never the less .
    We recognise the stresses in difficult and frustrating change , but sometimes don’t realise that lovely changes can also stress us .
    When we find ourselves in the situation where all of the changes come at once , it is perfectly natural for us to feel a bit overwhelmed , as the patterns and rhythms of our days have been altered somewhat.
    You will find your new rhythms and routines , just give yourself grace and time to adjust , spend time doing all the lovely things you have suggested in todays post ,
    The other, less welcome changes , give us the opportunity to clarify what really matters to us , sometimes by showing us what doesn’t !
    When things have to change, despite being out of alignment with what we would wish , we will find a way of working with them, if that is essential , or modifying them , if we are able to.
    Sometimes the only way out is through !
    Loved the photo of the boys ?
    Sending stress free wishes your way for a gentle day.

  2. I schedule rest and relaxation in my day as well as chores, errands and appointments. I always have a small nap after lunch (even if I don’t sleep, I will rest or read.) I have my shower in the evening, so I can relax after washing any negative vibes from the day off me, then I relax with my “homies” (my parrots) and read. Reading before bed is vital to me, too, even if it is only a page or two. It helps wind me down and tells my brain it’s time for sleep.

  3. Thanks for your insights, Shannon. Scientific articles tell us that spending time with pets promotes tranquility and good health. My cats, and I’m sure your dogs, insure that we stop to pet them by staying under our feet until we do!

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