The Trailer for Season 5 of TSLK Cooking Show!
Tuesday September 6, 2022

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The second Saturday in September means the kick-off of a new season of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen cooking show here on TSLL blog And that means this Saturday, the cooking of seasonal everyday meals that delight your tastebuds and make stepping into your kitchen time you enjoy is about to begin.

This season, as you will see in the trailer shared below, each episode and recipe draws inspiration from my meals and time in Paris this past spring as well as my visits to the local farmers’ markets here in Bend this summer. With delicious taping sessions over the past three months, it was a treat to share each of these recipes with you, and I do hope you enjoy welcoming them into your kitchen. Look for a brand new episode each Saturday morning through the middle of October.

Be sure to check out the previous four seasons of the cooking show here, as well as all of the digital (pdf) cookbooks (free to TOP Tier Members), $8/ea for non-members. And look for the first new episode to be available to watch this Saturday, September 10th, 4am Paris time! Now to the trailer that shares a glimpse of what will be shared this season.

Oh! And if an episode or recipe inspires you to cook, be sure to share your time in the kitchen on Instagram as I will be including those pics on upcoming episode Show Notes as I have done in the past. Simply tag me on one or both of my Instagram accounts – @thesimplyluxuriouslife or @tsllcookingshow. I look forward to seeing which recipes caught your tastebuds’ attention and what you enjoy making and eating. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “The Trailer for Season 5 of TSLK Cooking Show!

  1. As I have been scanning Dorie Greenspan’s Around my French Table this evening for some ideas for weekday entertaining, I remembered that your cooking show premiers this weekend. I am so looking forward to it and your very personal way of presenting recipes that have a connection to your recent trip to Paris and the U.K. Darling Norman trotting in and out only strengthens the personal touch you add. Your stove always gets top billing as well. I visited an old friend a few weeks ago, in her new home there is a cooker, much like yours and it is the centerpiece of the kitchen. As I was unpacking a tote bag with some housewarming gifts etc., I pulled out a large wrench telling her I was disconnecting her cooker and I had a trailer on the way to take it home. We laughed all afternoon over a lovely bottle of Pinot Gregio. See you Saturday Shannon!

    1. Ah, Lucy, you brought a smile and a chuckle to my day. What a fun friend to have and share that laugh with. ☺️ Excited for this season to kick off as well. Thank you for all that you have shared in your comment. ??

  2. Good morning Shannon. I am really looking forward to this season of the cooking show. There has been so much work to do in the home and garden over the summer months, that cooking has been non-existent. As always, thank you for the inspiration to get back into the kitchen. Best wishes, Sue, England.

  3. Good morning, Shannon. Am I going to watch on Saturday? You bet I am. How I love the Parisian market. It’s 1:30 in AZ and I’m hungry. — Teresa

  4. Your trailer for the season 5 cooking show was both lovely and hysterical! I really enjoyed your laughter (and remark to clean it up later) with the bottle opening. Reminds me of Julia Child! I hope there are many funny and delicious moments in the upcoming season! You make cooking look do-able and fun.

    1. Thank you for checking out this seasonal trailer Julia. That moment was completely unscripted but oh so much fun, I had to keep it. ? There is definitely something to celebrate in that episode for anyone who might have been intimidated by the recipe we are making. And we are going to toast that it is fat easier than it seems! ☺️

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