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Aug 19, 2014


A life lesson that continues to ring true is that good things do indeed take time. However, it is important to remember that in time, they do eventually occur.

Nearly five years ago in 2009, The Simply Luxurious Life blog began innocently as an outlet for me as I shared and discussed my passions of living simply, yet at the same time savoring the true luxuries of life whether it be in food, travel, fashion, decor, gardening, and most importantly cultivating our best self.

Gradually, but steadily, readers began stopping by, and before too long, I began receiving emails asking for a book they could hold in their hands as a resource of all that is shared on the blog. In fact many readers shared they had made makeshift books until an actual book was to be published.

Needless to say, I know without question that this book would not be possible without the continued support, time and interest of TSLL readers. Whether you’ve been reading since 2010 or just discovered the blog last week, thank you so very much.

In 2011, the manuscript’s first draft was complete, as I hinted about to my newsletter subscribers; but with no literary agent, I didn’t know what to do. Then a literary agent came around in early 2012, confident that the blog had a book to offer readers. Giddy, we shopped the book around, a few maybes, but nothing was to be official.

Since then, I have had the fortunate opportunity to come into contact with authors, editors and other bloggers who have launched books successfully, and with their direction, guidance, and expertise, the book is finally a reality.

As I shared on Instagram earlier this month (pic below), I had to take an evening to do my version of a happy dance when the first proof arrived, and have been patiently waiting to share officially on the blog. But there is no need for further waiting . . .


Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide is 325 pages full of what you’ve come to love about the blog – specific tips, information and guidance on how to curate your very own simply luxurious life. And of course ample inspiration, ideas and detailed lists, menus, and examples for each arena of your life:

  • unearthing your passions
  • mastering your money
  • creating your own signature capsule wardrobe
  • decorating your sanctuary no matter what the size
  • beauty, health and fitness tips and information
  • establishing and maintaining relationships of all kinds
  • ideas for enriching your everyday life
  • traveling in style and comfort (domestically and internationally)
  • an entire chapter dedicated to all things French (how to travel in Paris, how to discover your inner Francophile, and more!)
  • entertaining with menus for a handful of occasions
  • and so much more!

And I couldn’t publish the book without the illustrations that have become a trademark of The Simply Luxurious Life. On the cover you undoubtedly noticed the talents of my go-to illustrator, but throughout the book, more than 10 of Inslee’s original water-colors bring the simply luxurious modern woman to life.

To further demonstrate what living a simply luxurious life is, take a moment to sit back and enjoy this three minute video which offers a clear definition and a peek into my own simply luxurious life.  As you view, keep in mind that everyone’s curation will be uniquely their own, but the core concepts will be the same. With step-by-step guidance, tips and inspiration, Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide will help you turn your dream life into your real life – one that is full of true contentment and fulfillment.

~So without further waiting, you’ve waited more than enough – Pre-Ordering has begun! Signed copies are available to those who pre-order before December 31, 2014. Click here to place your order.

Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide
Release Date: Tuesday January 20, 2015
Paperback: 325 pages
Dimensions: 9×6
Price: $19.95

~Available at Amazon in January (eBook will be available for $9.99)

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~Where did all of those images come from for the video? The Simply Luxurious Life instagram account – be the first to know how I’m living my simply luxurious life with the images shared daily. Follow me here.

~Many readers have emailed to ask if I would share my process of writing all the way through the publishing process. Most certainly, I will do my best to share my journey. Look for a post sharing this information in late fall.



32 thoughts on “Dream-Comes-True News! – The Book

  1. Congratulations!! I look forward to your blog posts every week, and have incorporated many of them into my life. Keep up the great work and all the best to you. 🙂

  2. Shannon,
    Congratulations!! How wonderful to see your dream come true. I’ve been reading your blog and subscribing to your newsletter for the past three years. You are such an inspiration and I’m truly happy for you! Wishing you lots of success!

  3. Shannon,
    Congratulations, the book is beautiful and looks like it will be helpful to so many. I have thoroughly enjoyed the graciousness of your blog and weekly newsletters, well done!
    Shannon H.

  4. Shannon! Congratulations! This is such wonderful news to read and I am looking forward to the book. I am sure it will do incredibly well. All of your success is well-deserved and I hope you can take a breather for a moment now:)


  5. Congratulations!!

    I have been enjoying your blog and newsletter for a while now and was very excited to hear the news about your book.

    I will definitely be pre-ordering a copy!

  6. Many congratulations Shannon! You write such an intelligent, thoughtful blog and I have no doubt that your lovely new book will capture all of this and more….I look forward very much to reading it!

    Best wishes from England….

    Sophia x

  7. Felicitations Shannon! I can’t wait to read it! Your writing is inspirational and evokes a desire to live one’s life to the fullest!

  8. I am so happy for you. I have been a reader of your blog for a number of years and I wish you all the best with the release of your book. You are an inspiration and I have enjoyed reading and sharing your words on my blog as well. Best of luck. V x

  9. What exciting news! Congratulations. Will the book only be available through Amazon, or can I purchase it through another outlet like Barnes & Noble? I don’t shop with Amazon.

  10. Congratulations! Consistenty, you produce one of the highest quality, most
    insightful blogs I have encountered. You deserve all of the wonderful things life has to offer, as you have worked hard to achieve your success. Enjoy, and know your readers love you.

  11. Congratulations! Cheers to your many successes so far and many more to come. I have referred a few friends already to this wonderfully insightful blog. I’m sure your book will be a great read!

  12. Congratulations! I devour your blog posts, you have such a wonderful writing voice, so I can hardly wait to enjoy your book. Cheers!

  13. Congratulations on all your hard work! You are very talented and I wish you the very best for a successful book release. Thank you for the love and work you put into this blog, and now into your book too 🙂

  14. Dear Shannon,


    It is great to see your dream come true, I am very happy for you 🙂 It will be a must-have book for me and I believe for so many others as well.

    I really admire your simply luxurious work 😉 So inspirational!

  15. Congratulations! I am so very happy for you! I will definitely be adding this to my book list!

    Wonderful news! Cheers to you!

  16. Big , big , big Congratulations Shannon . This is such an amazing achievement , and we are all just so proud of you . Claps claps claps . This news just made my day , and I am so happy for you . You have been one my biggest inspiration and I’m learning so much from your work every single day . Thank you so much 🙂

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