Let’s Live Our Best Lives! TSLL’s 2nd Book is Released Officially Today!

Nov 12, 2018

“The fundamental purpose of living simply luxuriously is to discover what we uniquely can offer the world if only we would have the courage to shed the layers of expectation that do not align with our authentic selves. In so doing, we discover the amazing person we have the potential to become through the revelation of ours strengths and the development of the skills to enhance who we innately are.” —from Living The Simply Luxurious Life: Making Your Everydays Extraordinary and Discovering Your Best Self

The feeling of taking a long, extended breath and exhaling more deeply, more completely than previously I had ever been able to do, has occurred over the past four years.

The past four years have been a journey to examine, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously, why I felt scrunched, why I felt pulled, why I felt limited, why I felt liberated, in so many words, to do an autopsy on my life now, in the present, so that I could live it deeply, authentically and fully for the rest of my life. 

What I have experienced and discovered is what is shared in my new book so that readers can begin living their best lives today. 

Living The Simply Luxurious Life: Making Your Everydays Extraordinary and Discovering Your Best Self is, as I mention in the Introduction of the book, the book I have been wanting to write for you, TSLL readers – new and long-time. The first book, Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide laid the foundation for what it means to live a simply luxurious life; my new book deepens and strengths the roots you have thoughtfully planted. 

What does that difference mean exactly? Much like the first episode of the podcast, in which eight pillars of simply luxurious living are shared, there are key concepts that define living a life of quality over quantity which is essentially simply luxurious living as inspired by my experience with the French culture, my time growing up in Wallowa County and my journey over the past four decades. These concepts of choosing quality over quantity in every arena of our lives are what equates to the art of living well, but the second book, my new book, Living The Simply Luxurious Life, offers specific insights, tools, skills, and research-based findings to enable you to go on your own singular journey which is deeper, more intentional, and asks of each reader to trust themselves as their journey and the life they cultivate will be unique. And that is your masterpiece and your legacy, and that is what will enhance the overall quality of your everyday life. 

The book is a tome of a resource. A book full of 400 pages for you to dive in wherever you want as there is no must-read-in-this-order approach requirement. If you want to strengthen your intimate relationships, begin reading chapter sevenMatters of the Heart; if you are deeply involved in building your brand, start with chapter fourBe Your Own Brand: Thriving in Your Career; if you are seriously trying to “down-size” your life to amplify your living experience, read chapter 13Living Small; or if you want to begin with enhancing your personal style, read chapter 11Effortless Style: The Truth.

The way you live your life is your signature to the world communicating what you value, but it is also expresses how you value yourself. I am excited for you to view my conversation with Jennifer L. Scott on her vlog The Daily Connoisseur which will go live on YouTube this week as we dive into the topic of celebrating each woman, each individual’s – woman or man’s, unique path as there is no wrong or right way to build, and thus live, our lives, so long as we are contributing positively in a way that is aligned with our authentic self. 

At the foundation of Living Simply Luxuriously is first recognizing what we have accepted from the world regarding how to live and what we knowingly have identified to be true for ourselves after exploring both within ourselves and throughout the world whether through reading or first-hand experience. Too often, we have been wearing layers and putting into practice in our daily lives the representation the world applauds. And because the applause feels initially quite nice, we keep going along. Over time, if our behavior doesn’t truly align with our most authentic selves, we will begin to feel uncomfortable, pinched, and even suffocated. To those around us, it doesn’t make sense because it’s all they have ever known, but upon deeper examination, it makes perfect sense.

When we choose to travel the journey of who we innately are, we are giving ourselves the best gift we can give ourselves and at the same time avoiding a harsh reality check down the road. It doesn’t mean there won’t be pain or heartbreak, but it does mean, fewer regrets, deeper, more memorable moments and stronger relationships built upon love, respect and honesty. 

And it is in the letting go of who we are not, that we begin to soar. It sounds clichéd at first, and it may not be perceptible to the outside world, but you will begin to feel lighter, sleep deeper and make decisions more easily. As well, opportunities that you might have never thought would be possible begin to gradually present themselves, that is the icing on the cake. 

To this point of letting go, yesterday I had the opportunity, as I have been on a bit of a mini press tour in Portland, to sit down with Helen Raptis on KATU-ABC’s AMNorthwest to talk about the 8 Truths About Contentment That Seem Impossible (but actually are quite possible). As you will see in the segment below (simply click on the image to view the entire segment – you will be redirected to their website), so much of the contentment we seek requires that we let go, but doing so with a choice to live consciously – to be present in the everyday.

~View the entire segment on KATU-ABC’s AMNorthwest (outfit: Frame navy stripe silk shirt dress, fall 2015 collection; DVF boots – 2015; simple medium hoops – Nashelle)~

I want to thank so many people in this moment, but I am first going to begin by thanking you, TSLL readers. It was your suggesting and inquiring into a second book that made me realize it was a good idea to consider. It is TSLL readers who inspire me and remind me every day that there are amazing people in our grand world, and the community here at TSLL is a reflection of that goodness, kindness, talent, intelligence, acceptance and celebration of reveling in our lives each and every day and dancing with our curiosities no matter what our age, income, relationship status or where we call home.

The last of the preorders were finally shipped out this past Saturday, and I want to thank you for your patience and interest. It was a true treat to address each book in each order to the individual who purchased Living The Simply Luxurious Life. I do hope you enjoy your simple luxury, and I especially hope you enjoy the book. 

Note to Readers: During the final week of 2018, I will be sharing a detailed post of each of the pictures shared by readers of their photographed glimpses into their own simply luxurious lives upon the book’s arrival (simply tag @thesimplyluxuriouslife in your pic on Instagram). I have already shared a few images on Instagram, but I will be sharing all of them at the end of this coming December as a way to demonstrate how unique and individual we all live our own lives of quality over quantity, our simply luxurious lives. 

As well, if you do enjoy the book, no matter how much time you take to read it (savor, savor, savor!), your reviews are extremely helpful when it comes to not only rankings, but most importantly, new readers who are being introduced to TSLL for the first time. Whether you share on Amazon, Goodreads, iTunes or wherever you picked up your book, I appreciate your time, and as a small way to say thank you, I will be sharing one review each week on the podcast beginning this coming Monday through the rest of 2018. I have included one of the reviews that has been shared so far on Amazon below: 

Anne Morgenthal
5.0 out of 5 stars – A Wonderful Guide to a Life Well Lived
November 11, 2018 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Shannon Ables is a believer in cultivating a life, not waiting for it to happen, but creating it in the most lovely way. I read Shannon’s first book years ago and have eagerly waited for the Kindle edition of her new book. Like Shannon, I am a public high school teacher and enjoy her tips and techniques for living a life of style and substance on my income. She shows that it isn’t how much we acquire, but the experiences that we collect along the way that lead to a rich and full life. I am a culinary arts teacher and especially enjoy Shannon’s new cooking videos on her blog, but am also an avid reader and can identify with her passion for bookstores and evenings spent with books and tea. Her book, like her blog reminds me to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as walking my dog, enjoying my home, family and friends and choosing quality over quantity in all areas.

The book tour of signings begins next week here in Oregon with my first signing and reading at Bend’s own Roundabout Books (she will have copies to purchase by the end of this week!) on Friday (Black Friday) November 23rd beginning at 4pm. I will be reading a couple of excerpts, sharing a brief slideshow and taking questions before sitting down to sign your books and most importantly meet you!

My second book signing will take place in my childhood home town, also an independent bookshop – The Bookloft – the bookstore I grew up visiting when I was a young girl. I will be there Saturday November 24th – Small Business Saturday! – between 2-4 pm. And here’s the fun part, with each book purchased, you will receive a hot cup of tea with my favorite French tea blend from Palais des Thes. There will also be specially made French pastries available in the book shop’s bakery. 

  • Listen to a recent interview I did with Wallowa County’s local radio station KWVR to introduce the above Book Signing at The Bookloft. Discover an overview of the book, where my inspiration from my childhood came from for living simply luxuriously as well as a discussion on relationships, investing in quality over quantity and prioritizing your life to conserve your energy. 

Many readers have asked if I will be extending the book tour beyond Oregon, and while currently, I do not have additional dates or places set, I am always open to suggestions to visit independent bookstores where readers would love to visit. Summertime is always a good time for travel, but so too are long weekends and the end of March. 

Lastly, as I shared in June, my books are entirely self-published. This wouldn’t be possible without readers like yourself who continue to spread the word with their friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Just last week, a reader shared with me on Facebook that while standing in line to vote in Lexington, Kentucky, she struck up a conversation with an acquaintance, and they found out during the course of their conversation that they both read TSLL. The community that you have created around living well, living thoughtfully and living in such a way to continue to improve the quality of not only your lives, but the lives around you and thus the world, is humbling. Thank you for continuing to share what you love, thank you for your time and thank you for interest in living your best life. 

12 thoughts on “Let’s Live Our Best Lives! TSLL’s 2nd Book is Released Officially Today!

  1. Congratulations Shannon! Thank you for being true to yourself, and sharing your path with us all. I greatly look forward to reading your new book, and to discovering a great many tips to guide my own sweet journey. Cheers!

  2. Dear Shannon; Stand up and take a bow! Your new book surpasses expectation as a manual for life and self improvement. Dipping into the individual chapters with a coffee, a cup of tea or a glass of wine is like spending time with a valued friend. With deep gratitude and very best wishes, Sue, UK

      1. My words were meant most sincerely Shannon. As I purchased my books directly from yourself, can you advise how I can add the review to others please? Best wishes, Sue

  3. Hello Shannon, I always read your blog during lunch as it is my special quiet time in the middle of a busy school day. So, as I was reading this blog today, you can’t imagine my surprise and delight in being mentioned and the inclusion of my review about your new book on Amazon, thank you so very much! I treasure this daily time to catch up with your sharing of books, fashion, films and interior design. I especially enjoy the book suggestions and they often end up on my Amazon ‘wish list’. Your new book, Living the Simply Luxurious Life, is a gift and I am enjoying it immensely!

    1. Anne, Thank you for reading the blog during your busy day at school! And thank you especially as well for your kind review. I appreciate it immensely. For your time, words and interest, thank you. May the rest of the week go swimmingly and deliciously. 😉

  4. I have to agree with Anne Morgenthal above. I savor your weekly blog posts. I’m a night shift nurse working primarily weekends so its my secret pleasure to spread it out over the moments in my shifts to enjoy. I am astounded weekly by the plethora of delights you deliver ( I mean style, food, inspiration, beauty, tv, books and lovely pics of your fur family and travel ) I’m an expat Scot in south carolina and the mum of three boys, so I love the femininity and luxury and the foreign slant at times to remind me of home. I have put your new book on my Christmas wish list and cant wait to savour it too!! Please keep up the wonderful work you do, it is truly anticipated, appreciated and enjoyed every week!

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