TSLL Audio Book is Now Available: What a Worthwhile Journey!

Jul 22, 2017

Whoever said good things take time deserves a very big hug and a feast of celebration.

The journey of bringing TSLL’s first book into audio format was not something I initially had on my list of to-do’s when the first book was released in November 2014. Granted it probably should have been, but at the time my plate was full and my audio set-up was not what it needed to be to produce the audio that would be needed.

A year and a half later, I realized that indeed, especially as I have a podcast, an audio book was a must-do. Listeners of the podcast were inquiring about it, as were many blog readers who enjoy listening to their books as well as reading them.  Well, one year later, and after four attempts, the audio book is available to enjoy.

Let’s talk about this past year. If I am being honest, I had a lot to learn about my audio recording (and I am still learning, it never stops), as I began last summer with a microphone that was on the verge of deteriorating until it finally did. Many of you may be asking, why didn’t you hire someone to read your book? Fair question, but as I have the podcast, listeners asked for my voice, and I wanted to not only honor their wishes if I could do so well, but also take on the challenge of learning something I never thought I would do. Recording studio? My house? What????

Many of my big projects kickstart during the summer months when I can dedicate myself entirely without worrying about the clock. When school picked back up in the fall, I put the audio book on the back burner, waiting to see when I might have time during my next holiday to redo my audio. That happened, but there were still minor details that needed tending to. Then life happened: snowstorm, heavy AP prep, travel, etc.

Enter UpWork. Some of you may already know about this gem of a resource for connecting talent in a wide variety of fields from around the globe remotely with potential customers, as well as offering a trusted space to do business. My audio expert was found here, and after agreeing to terms, price, and approving a test sample, I handed him my book to polish the audio quality. Long story short, he did it for a fair price, and I will certainly be returning to him in the future should another audio need arise.

And now the good news. After one entire year the audio book is ready for listeners to enjoy. Now is also the time to hug profusely that person who learned the lesson first and keeps reminding us all: Good things take time.

Let’s talk about the audiobook:

  • 8 hours, 51 minutes of listening material
  • Available on three different platforms
  • Narrated by Shannon

~Click here to purchase Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide from Audible, here from Amazon and here from iTunes.

Thank you very much for your patience. Enjoy!

~Learn more about TSLL book here.

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