Time to Scoop Up Designer Deals
Tuesday May 23, 2017

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The time of year has arrived to take advantage of extremely low prices on quality designer wares. Net-a-porter’s semi-annual clearance sale begins today with items reduced as much as 50%. While the discounts will continue to increase as the coming weeks pass, as we know, it’s anyone’s guess which items will still be available.

Be sure to use eBates and Shoptagr to either save more money or be updated when prices drop on your favorite items. This morning I took some time to share some of the items that caught my eye. As you can see, blush continues to be a trend worth including in your capsule wardrobe for its versatile hue and ease of mixing and matching with a variety of other neutral colors. Also, silk and linen from Equipment, one of my favorite designers for blouses, has some beautiful items available.

SHOP THE ITEMS BELOW (discount is not shown below, but will be once redirected to the shopping page):

5 thoughts on “Time to Scoop Up Designer Deals

  1. Hello Shannon!

    Thank you for sharing these tips and styling advice, it is always carefully and thoughtfully curated.

    I am from Greece and I have to say the brand “Ancient Greek Sandals” is extremely overrated.

    You could find extremely good quality sandals from 50 to 70 euros. These prices ( >100 euros) is simple crazy.

    I assume the available income in US and the comparatively same quality products in US enable this pricing strategy.

    Would be glad to share quality Greek brands to you and your readers. I am not an affiliate or related to the fashion industry, just a keen shopper.

  2. I must say, I love my Ancient Greek Sandals. I bought them on sale at Barney’s and they have worn in beautifully. Similar sandals from Cole Haan just didn’t have the same quality of leather.

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