Three Baskets of Savings
Thursday February 10, 2011

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{A simply luxurious life, while full of the concept less is more, luxuriates in the decadence of high quality, complementary style and an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us in decor, fashion, nature and people themselves. One does not need to maintain a balance in the bank that one might associate with a millionaire, however, it would be a mistake for me not to address the fact, that being secure financially – just the knowledge of this fact – brings about a priceless piece of mind that contributes greatly to a well-balanced simply luxurious life.

With that said, peruse through the entire archives focused on Money here where I focus on sharing a bit of financial food for thought that will help you create a sound financial life that makes it possible to make the choices that will help you create the life of your dreams.  Because after all, simply having choices is a luxury – enabling independence, however we might choose to go about our every day lives. }

Financial security begins with knowing your financial future is secure. More specifically, knowing you have money to live off of in the future upon retirement, money to depend on during times of unexpected expense and emergency, and money to chase your dreams with.

David Bach of Smart Women Finish Rich suggests three baskets. Let’s take a look at what they are and where you can begin.

1. Retirement

Whether you are matching what your company contributes each month to your 401K, have an IRA or a Roth IRA, or participate in a Tax Sheltered Annuity, make sure you are putting away something every month, and as the financial experts remind us regarding compound interest, the sooner you start the better, but it is never too late.

2. Emergency

An emergency account must be something that is readily accessible, yet has the potential to earn interest if it is left untouched. A simple savings account which is supplied automatically each month with a set dollar amount is an idea that is easy to implement. The amount each person should have saved varies depending on circumstances, however, a three month minimum is something that nearly any financial advisor will seems to agree upon.

3. Goals & Dreams

One of the most freeing things about each of our lives is that we have the power to change its course.  The hopes and dreams we carry with us as we mold our simply luxurious life are something not only to wish for, but to attain. However, the reality is that many of our dreams will need to be financed. So we must put them on paper and determine exactly what needs to be saved to achieve them.  Once we know how much we will have to put away, we can determine how much to place in a Money Market account or Certificate of Deposit if the goal is a short term (less than two or three years) which will earn more interest than a standard savings account. Remain focused and begin today, after all, a dream begins with a single step. (To see a list of financial choices you may want to make depending upon the length you expect it will take to reach your goal, click here.)

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