Snapshots from TSLL’s Brief Getaway

Jul 26, 2017

Sometimes we don’t know how badly we are in need of a getaway until we actually are in the middle of experiencing one.

While I have been thoroughly enjoying my work schedule this summer, it wasn’t until I slipped away to Seabrook, Washington, on Long Beach with the boys that I realized I needed a moment to catch my breath, to not wear a watch the entire time and put my phone on airplane mode (except for the few moments to post to Instagram). I am thankful to my friend Nancy for giving me this opportunity. It exceeded any expectations I may have had, and having now returned home, the memories of leisure, laughter and evening sunsets on the coast will not soon be forgotten.

The other beautiful lesson I was reminded of was even brief vacations can be quite powerful and effective as it is the quality of the time we spend away, with whom we spend it and whether or not we truly step away from our routines and responsibilities thereby allowing ourselves to be free from incumbrance that determine whether or not our lives become enriched and improved by the experience.

In so deciding to slip away for a few days, I do not have a Why Not . . . ? post to share this week, but I do have some images that were captured on my getaway that I think you might enjoy. Some of you may have seen some of these on Instagram and some of you may have seen others on the Stories feature of the app. I do hope you enjoy and it is my wish for you that you too are able to take some time, no matter how short, to getaway and recharge.

~the daisies were so beautiful, they didn’t look real~

~took a stroll around the neighborhood~

~my good friend brought to my attention that Sunset’s 2013 Idea House resides in Seabrook, as seen in these photographs. The house just happened to be right across the small cluster of trees from our vacation rental, so I took the opportunity to speak to the manager (it is a vacation rental, as well as on the market for purchase) who gave us the key to tour.)~

~our home away from home~

~exhausted and happy~

~upon arriving back in Bend, Diana Krall was in town, and having waiting for years to see her play and sing, live, the opportunity finally presented itself. And her voice exceeded all my expectations, as did the evening sky.~


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8 thoughts on “Snapshots from TSLL’s Brief Getaway

  1. In England at the moment the rain is lashing down, I have just come back from walking the Dog, then I put your page on and see all that beauty that nature can supply,

  2. Washington is beautiful! And Oregon! The houses are truly magical! Glad you had a vacation they are so important for our mental health!

  3. Incredible ! And Diana Krall!!! Thank you for the reminder of the joy of a respite from the routine and the engaging photos!!! Hugs to the precious pooches!

  4. Looking at your photos was almost like a vacation! Thank you, Shannon. It’s winter here in Australia but a sunny day today.
    I particularly love the drippy chin photo! He’s such a sweetie!

  5. Sincere apologies to Norman! On looking more closely, I realise that is Norman’s fluffy ear I saw, not a drippy chin. Norman, please forgive me! 🙂

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