10 Things That Made Me Smile This Month, So Far . . .

May 29, 2019

~Water Lilies at The Oregon Garden~

May. You are continually making a strong case for being one of the most lovely months of the year. Case in point, all of the many wonderful moments that made me smile during the past few weeks. And! The month isn’t quite over yet. Who knows how many more smiles will be inspired. 🙂

1.The first farmers markets of the season!

2. The first paddle of the season took place and Norman joined me (he looks sleepy or reluctant here, but he truly does hop right on (view episode #3 of my cooking show and start at 7:40 to see him own that paddleboard).

3. Visiting The Oregon Garden with my mom and enjoying a weekend together on Mother’s Day.

4. The first daffodils I have planted in Bend bloomed!

5. An exciting invitation arrived which offered me an excursion this summer I had not planned on. Psst – this talented lady has something to do with it (and she still has openings for a few of her classes this summer). Stay tuned!

6. Sharon Santoni’s My Stylish French Box arrived in the mail and needless to say, she continues to outdo each previous box with the new seasonal delivery. You can now sign up for her August box here or simply enter thesimplyluxuriouslife as your promo code when placing your order.

7. Finally reading this book by Robert Arbor and absolutely loving it (tune in to this next Monday’s podcast episode (#253) as it is the muse).

8. I am thoroughly enjoying this French dramedy series that is available on Netflix (in French it is titled Dix pour Cent (10%), but you will see it listed in English as Call My Agent. Not only is it set in modern Paris, but my French language skills are getting a brush-up as well.

9. An overwhelmingly positive response to TSLL’s 1st Annual British Week!

10. Oodles and oodles and then oodles more of rain, fresh, spring rain that dazzles and then is followed by brilliant sunshine.

I do so hope your month of May went well, whether full of small or grand moments to savor. May the upcoming month of June be even more abundant with its moments of pleasure and contentment.

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Images: (1) TSLL’s Instagram (@thesimplyluxuriouslife) capturing the water lilies at The Oregon Garden; all other images except the last image were shared on Instagram – follow along here. (Last image) illustration created exclusively by Inslee by Design for TSLL.

8 thoughts on “10 Things That Made Me Smile This Month, So Far . . .

  1. Congrats on the daffodils!! Nothing is so thoroughly satisfying, verifying, and delicious as when our garden experiments perform, well done!
    #5– so looking forward to your adventure
    #7– thank you for the introduction! I am realizing that I am woefully ignorant about all sorts of people and things to hat I should know about and so I thank you humbly, and happily :), for your research and sharing.
    P,S. British Week was bang on and totally awesome ?

  2. Shannon have you seen the movie The Gardner about Francis Cabot and his garden Les Quatre Vents?It’s a twenty-acre English style garden. So aspirational! Will definitely make you smile!

  3. Good morning, Shannon. I so enjoyed your British Week posts. Thank you! May has been cold and wet here in Wisconsin. The days when the sun peeks out makes my heart happy. I too, enjoy the rain, but could do with a bit less. ? I LOVE Robert Arbor’s book. I revisit it often when I need a little inspiration. I adore his vivid descriptions of the gentle pace of life at his country home, how he cooks with the seasons, and makes a ceremony out of the every-day rituals of family life. Enjoy the day! School is winding down and we can look forward to the slower-paced, delicious summer! ?

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