12 Things That Made Me Smile This Month, So Far . . .

Jan 29, 2020

January is a month that we have to choose to make loveable. As we step back down from the holidays, some find it hard to settle, slow down, or if not slow down, get back on task with the responsibilities we may have allowed to be lax about for a month or even two. However, January presents us with ample opportunity: a fresh start, a new chance, a clean slate to give something, somethings, a go, a try, a chance to become a permanent part of our lives.

I have found that savoring the everyday moments in January, of which there are many, makes it even easier to savor them throughout the remaining eleven months of the year. After all, we have more time and less distraction to see what is awesome all around us in January. As you will see in the list below, from the birds nibbling on their morning and afternoon snack as they find warmth and sustenance during the snow storm to the simple strolls amongst the snow, the sand or the rain as well as the surprise flowers found in the market or grocery store (see above) that remind us of the spring to come, there are an immense amount of wonderful things to smile about in our everydays during this first month of the year.

I also find the winter months, especially January to be a particularly good time for indoor home projects. When it comes to large projects, many fantastic sales are taking place (did I mention my dishwasher broke down just before the new year, and consequently, I had to purchase a new dishwasher? I am just thankful there was a generous sale to take advantage of on home appliances in January!) and if you are living in a place with chilly temperatures, more time is inevitably spent inside which is the perfect opportunity to “cozify” the sanctuary so that for the entire year, you can love stepping and spending time in your home.

I will have many more posts on home decor in the coming months, my list is beginning and it is not going to be short, but in the meantime, there have been a few sneak peeks on Instagram of the projects I have been working on (be sure to follow #tsllhomecustomization and/or #tsllhome as well as my handle @thesimplyluxuriouslife.

Hopefully you too have found the many simple pleasures that January can bring. Below are 12 moments that captured my awe and brought a smile to my face spontaneously, and the good news is, we still have three more days to appreciate and look for the awesomeness. May you find much to enjoy and appreciate.

1. Beginning a new year, a new decade, at the Pacific Coast with my boys

2. Amazed by the determination of the birds to enjoy their breakfast even in the blowing and falling snow.

3. Listening weekly each Sunday morning to Sunday Baroque

4. Somehow magically measuring correctly the lengths of my new pendants to be hung on a slanted ceiling at different lengths and widths. Phew!

5. Maria Shriver’s weekly newsletter – Sunday Paper

Full of articles to inspire your heart and mind. The subscription is free and arrives, you guessed it, every Sunday morning in your inbox. ?

6. A surprise gift from a student who knows me all too well

Upon her recent visit and family trip for the first time to The Met Museum in New York City, she picked up a bookmark with Monet’s Sunflowers and a print by Van Gogh. She was so drawn to the museum that she returned for a second day, she shared. The delight in her face and voice when she described her visit and experience was priceless. So tickled to know she is following her curiosity and delighted by what she is discovering. Mille mercis Julia. 🙂

7. Significant progress is being made in the Mudroom!

Thank you to TSLL readers for sharing their preference and feedback when presented with two wallpaper options earlier this month. As you can see below, I chose Little Greene’s Grosvenor Street Primrose wallpaper, but I am still drawn to the Blue Bird wallpaper that was the second option. All of the details are nearly complete, and I look forward to sharing the completed room by mid-February (I had initially wanted to share at the end of January, but the one furniture item I had ordered – waaaaay back in December – has been delayed). Once this final piece arrives, I will be sharing all of the details and also tips for wallpapering. Yes, I promise, you too can wallpaper all on your own. I will show you how.

8. Oscar turned 15!

While Oscar does not appear in many pics on Instagram, rest assured he is doing well. This month we celebrated his 15th birthday by eating well (four meals instead of three), snuggling in and only taking a short walk (a la Oscar style now that he is older).

9. Skiing with Norman

10. Taking walks about town in the falling snow

11. Making progress with upholstery decisions and connecting with established and new British brands I love!

12. Seeing TSLL readers/viewers make their own croissants! Great job Sarah! (and thank you for sharing!)

If you too have tried and would like to share your cooking successes inspired by The Simply Luxurious Kitchen, please do share on Instagram or email me.

Here is the episode that inspired Sarah’s croissant baking success.


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12 thoughts on “12 Things That Made Me Smile This Month, So Far . . .

  1. Another delightful post, Shannon , add my smile to yours ?
    Those irises are absolutely beautiful…….what a fabulous colour !
    Best wishes from a currently grey, windy , rainy UK

  2. I also am a fan of irises. They grow so beautifully in the South. Have you ever seen paintings from Jim Gray? He has some very pretty purple irises as well as yellow ones!

    1. Elizabeth, May February bring more brightness and energy. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and I happened to have read this article and am quite excited about its objective. What a wonderful idea. I do hope it comes to fruition.

  3. You have really added life to your new house which now has become your HOME!!!
    Keep enjoying adding to it as you find what suits you.
    And hugs to your dogs, they are just adorable!

  4. I am really enjoying this website and podcast and all the beautiful writing and pictures, video’s etc. Thank you so much for all the valuable information. It is a breath of fresh air. I love your doggies too. xxxxoooo!

  5. I have just been catching up on the last couple of newsletters and I am so tickled to see I feature in a monthly smiles post. Thank you Shannon! I still have ample croissants and dough in the freezer to enjoy, thanks to your guidance ! Happy Sunday

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