A Simply Luxurious Year

Feb 26, 2010

Upon turning thirty last year, I began to view my birthdays as a second New Year of sorts, an opportunity for reflection, but also a chance to further my own growth.  Almost a test to challenge myself to see what type of person I would like to have evolved into after the next 365 days have taken their course.

Last year, since it was a milestone, I was fortunate to have my closest friends join me for an evening out in Portland at a restaurant that for me was a reminder of how far I had come, 23Hoyt, but in lieu of presents they came with a list of things they had learned and things they would like to learn about this thing we call life.

It was a farfetched hope that they would come with these lists, and I wasn’t sure if they would comply. To my relief however, they didn’t think I was acting odd or out of character and were glad to come with advice.  Some serious, some comical, all very much heartfelt, these were truly the best presents I have ever received.  To Elsa, Judy, Nancy, Alex and Saundra, thank you for a memory I will always treasure.

I’ve since tucked away these letters and still pull them out from time to time.  This year I won’t be spending my birthday in Portland, but none the less with those I love (that includes my dogs as well of course).

So as we all wake up to a new day, whether it be our birthday, a new year, or simply tomorrow, may we take it on with gumption, courage and a little pizazz. After all, I just know it’s going to be simply luxurious for each of us if we’re determined to make it so. Cheers!

6 thoughts on “A Simply Luxurious Year

  1. so many loves:
    love your new banner..so simply luxurious..!!love it!

    love the your b-day idea…!! Thanks for sharing!

    Love the the way you end this post….! I am all for courage and pizazz!!

    Darling hope your weekend is going great!!

    Hope your weekend is going great

  2. Shannon!! That was such a fun evening….I thought it truly said so much about YOU, that you would ask people to come and share advice. You are the wise one! Hope this birthday is a wonderful one for you. I’ll be thinking of you and sending birthday wishes!


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