Savvy Wardrobe Shopping: Planning and Prepping for Sales
Monday October 29, 2018

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Every weekend and on certain random weekdays as the holidays inch closer, more and more online sites are teasing shoppers with sales. In fact yesterday, Banana Republic was offering a flat 40% off your entire cart with the promo code STYLE (through midnight of October 29th), a one day only pop-up sale. 

Not one to pounce without planning, and making sure I know what I need and what I need to simply admire from afar, I am making a short list of items I will gladly pay a discounted price for, if only I could pay the full price. 

Savvy shopping begins well before the sale is announced, and while investing in quality clothing that will last is a must for the essentials in our wardrobe, there is no need to pay full price for everything, and in fact, hardly anything. But first assess regularly to determine what you truly need, what needs to be replaced, etc. 

Each fall once TSLL Fall Shopping Guide is released, there are always a handful of items that have caught my eye, but I don’t want to pay full price. So I save them with Shoptagr, and I wait. Sometimes fortune is with me and sometimes it is not, but I have done my due diligence, knowing that indeed, this is an item that will work with my capsule wardrobe

What are some items I have my eye on this upcoming fall/winter season? Now keep in mind, these are big dreams, and the price would have to drop more than just a little bit, but why not watch them? It doesn’t hurt if you know the item is a perfect fit for your wardrobe. Below are just a few.

Designer Pumps

My current nude pumps are six years old and have been worn many times past their cost per wear to the point where the shoes are probably free! With that said, while they still look and feel wonder (having been resoled once already), I need to be on the look out for a suitable replacement as I live in this style.

Always one or two dresses

Having timeless, seasonal dresses is worth saving up for, but if you can pay a fraction of the price during the sales, the finds are all the sweeter. My hemlines over the past few years have been dropping to just below the knee or midi, and I am thankful the trend is moving that direction as well. Shirtdresses continue to be a staple made readily available by designers and while they were prevalent in the spring, they are now seen in fall collections as well. 

A Quality Handbag

The bag for the in between moments. No need for a large tote, but something larger than a clutch. As well, a bag that lets you move and do whatever you day requires. Crossbodies are wonderful for meeting such a requirement and this one from a new women’s clothing line designed by women is a brand I am excited to work with and learn more about. 

~Holly and Tanager Explorer crossbody and clutch handbag (more colors), use promo code SIMPLE to save 15% off your first order~

A Good Pair of Jeans

While I have more than a couple jeans, I haven’t purchased a new pair in a while, and since I wear out my denim, having a new pair to swap out for one whose threads are running bare is a good idea. 

~L’Agence high-rise skinny jeans (black)J.Brand Maude mid-rise slim-leg jeanFrame Le Original cropped high-rise straight leg jean~

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    1. Susan, The best way to find that out is to click the photo and it will be redirected to where I found it and they may have more information there. Great question. It is beautiful. 🙂

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