10 Saturday Ponderings . . .

Sep 12, 2020

The peaches have ripened! And so, I picked them yesterday, giddily. 🙂

What a delightful sight to see in the midst of all that is going on. Granted, I had seven peaches on my small peach tree that was not affected by the frost this spring, but still, I celebrated!

I don’t know about you, but I need a post full of good stuff, stuff to uplift, to remind and to comfort. So in some small way, I do hope this month’s Saturday Ponderings does just that. 🙂

1.How can we handle best for our own unique situation this moment in time with all of its stress? This article helped to answer the question.

2. A colleague this week, walked into my classroom (masks were worn), and instead of asking how I was (as he said, we know how we are doing and it’s not well), he asked, “Can you share something positive with me?” I did my best, but it put this quote and tweet from Tiny Buddha into context and why it is so necessary right now.

3. What are the top 10 French cheeses? David Lebovitz’s friend and cheese expert Jennifer Greco shares a detailed list.

4. An article to read from WSJ: Philosophy for a Time of Crisis – how to respond when adversity turns our lives upside down (non-subscribers can read too!)

5. The powerful uplifting effect of a simple bouquet of fresh flowers from the market.

A bouquet purchased at the local farmer’s market comes with a story of conversation, smiles exchanged and the ability to support a small local business. Such a story offers more than just blooms. It offers an exchange of goodwill, an exchange of support and a celebration of shared appreciation of Mother Nature’s gifts. (bouquet from Roots Wild in Terrebonne, Oregon)

6. Can fewer options lead to better decisions? A podcast episode of the Hidden Brain shares how to create the choices “that enable you to go from who you are today to whom you want to be tomorrow”.

7. Do our dogs really care about their birthdays?

Probably not, but they do enjoy the love, food and companionship we share with them, of that I have no doubt. Just give Norman my lap and the opportunity to chase flies and he’s happy (see video below as captured on the day of his birthday this week). He is 11!

8. What hydrangeas grow well in cooler regions AND offer a beautiful fall color when all of the other blooms are beginning to fade? The Phantom Hydrangea!

Its Latin name is Hydrangea Paniculata, but commonly known as the ‘Phantom’ as it offers beautiful white blossoms in late July and most of August, and then come the end of August and into September, it turns a beautiful blush.

A couple of my neighbors have the Phantom Hydrangea in their yards, and while they do need an east facing side or slight, but not entire shade, they are thriving here in Bend which is zone 6.

Some are still available from various online nurseries, and I am looking forward to welcoming them into my yard for some color in the fall season.

Three nurseries I have ordered from and/or trust:

9. In memoriam of 9/11, a short film about a part of the day’s historical events I was not aware of until I saw this film – Boatlift. The largest sea evacuation in history, larger than Dunkirk – nearly a half a million people were evacuated from the south end of Manhattan in 9 hours. I think you will be inspired and reminded of the good in people. I know I was. ~Narrated by Tom Hanks.

10. A concerto to add to your classical music playlist

The Mandolin adds a lightness and joviality that is welcomed and delightful. From Vivaldi, Concerto for Mandolin in C Major (purchase it here). View TSLL’s entire Classical Music Playlist on Spotify.

Wishing you well this weekend. Wishing you moments of rest for your mind and being. Wishing you strength and peace. Thank you for stopping by TSLL.

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17 thoughts on “10 Saturday Ponderings . . .

  1. Thank you for recommending “Boatlift.” I had never seen that one. As someone who grew up on the east coast for 39 years and had connections to a few people that perished that day, this gave me chills, hope and tears in my eyes.

  2. What a lovely post, I especially enjoyed the article on Medium. Some how it seems comforting to know that others are the same not okay that I am. Happy Birthday hugs to your dear little Norman 🙂

  3. This Vivaldi is one of my favourites 😊 my version is the double one for two mandolins.
    Thank you for sharing your Saturday Ponderings.
    I think this week has been a difficult one for many people, for many reasons, but especially for everyone remembering 9/11
    God Bless, Shannon , and I hope the coming week will be an easier one, despite everything happening in the world turning life as we knew it upside down .
    With love from the UK
    Anne ❤️

    1. Thank you Anne. 🙂 Such a wonderful concerto! I just found it and added it to my own playlist and couldn’t help but share. I will have look for the version you have spoken about. Thank you for stopping by and wishing you well. xoxo

    1. Thank you Nancy. We are safe. thank you so much for thinking of us. The weather is gradually getting better, and the containment lines are strengthening in the forests put in place by the many firefighters battling the blazes. Wishing you a good weekend. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  4. Ahhhh, there is nothing quite like a peach, freshly picked from the tree. The first bite is like a tart-sweet burst of summer sunshine in your mouth.
    What a gorgeous bouquet, I love having fresh flowers scattered about the house, even if it’s the simplest of blooms and greenery. (Although if available, I do ADORE an absolute riot of color and flora!)
    Remembering 9/11 always feels so raw, even though it was long ago now. But “Boatlift” is, as you say, “an inspiring reminder of the good in people.”
    I like your colleague’s ask. With that in mind, here’s something I stumbled across the other day that strikes a nice cheery, pragmatic note: “Oliver Burkeman’s last column: the eight secrets to a (fairly) fulfilled life” .
    And, last, but certainly not least–Happy Birthday, Norman! He IS such a good boy!!
    Lovely post, Shannon, thanks much.😊

  5. A nice reading and viewing balance for a difficult week, I agree. First Happy Birthday to Norman. When I had my Lola to the groomer this week she was enjoying the company of a Norman, his name was Winston. About 10 years old, he was adorable.

    Ah, Vivaldi, a sound that lifts the heart for sure.

    I had heard of the boatlift from Manhattan but not via this film. A friend was part of it. I don’t think she will ever be able to resolve the pain of that day and the following weeks. I was in Cape Cod that day, I remember every minute and trying to get back to Boston with road blocks, no cell phones, a swat team in my hotel lobby. I live not far from the Flight 93 crash site. I still have not been able to go there. We must never forget.

    As always, your work ( and blog writing is work ) provides interrest, entertainment and education. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Thinking about all the people on the Pacific coast who are suffering and the memory of 9/11. Not an easy time but I hope that you enjoyed your peaches. I had a reduced harvest this year! A very wonderful birthday to handsome Norman. Bet he was spoilt . Bon weekend Shannon😊

  7. What a great article on “ambiguous loss.” I like having a label for our collective feelings of things being not quite right. Dr. Boss’s explanation of why this hits Americans particularly hard is spot-on. I’m this year’s president of a community service organization, and I’ll be sharing these insights with our membership as all of them are very solution-oriented as well as motivated to help others. Thank you for sharing!

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