Nolly, limited tv series: petit plaisir #376
Wednesday March 6, 2024

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Beginning in 1964, the UK’s first daily serial daytime television, Crossroads premiered starring Noele (Nolly) Gordon as the lead Meg Mortimer. The series ran until 1981 with a brief return in 1983, and it was the series that would turn Nolly Gordon into a beloved household name.

Based on the true story of the final handful of years of Nolly’s life beginning at the peak of her television career success on Crossroads, the limited series titled Nolly brings Academy Award nominee Helena Bonham Carter to star as Gordon, and with her acting prowess, along with engaging storytelling, the series is a treat to watch, as well as a wonderful introduction for anyone who, primarily those of us here in the states, may not have known about Gordon.

An inspiring story of a talented and savvy woman, undeniably an icon as the series points out, who not only acted and starred on screen but became the first female television executive in the commercial business in the UK.

The series focuses on the eventual ‘letting go’ of Nolly by executives as they pushed her off of the television series due to wanting to quiet her voice. Well, the fans were livid, and of course, Nolly was as well. The three-part series follows Nolly’s journey through navigating this time period of her career and life and concludes with her reprisal on the series.

The series premieres on PBS Masterpiece Sunday March 17th, and having had the opportunity to watch the entire series back in October while flying to London (see photos below), I devoured all three episodes, each about 90 minutes, and highly recommend watching it. (learn more about my plane travel and recommendations for how (and why) to fly with ease and comfort hereepisode #366.)

Receiving praise from the British press as well, not only the entire series and its storytelling but Bonham Carter’s portrayal, enjoy stepping back into the fashions of the late seventies and early eighties, and getting to know a woman whose life was non-traditional for that time period, having never married nor choosing to have children, and instead someone who dove deep into a profession she not only loved but had a keen talent to do and do well.

Below is a trailer of the series. May you too enjoy it as much as I did.


Episode 331 1

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