La Fine Fleur, film: petit plaisir #338
Thursday August 18, 2022

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The driving, yet subtle theme throughout La Fine Fleur is to value beauty for beauty’s sake, not to acquire something more, in this case to gain more profit.

Catherine Frot (Haute Cuisine) stars as Eve Vernet, having inherited her father’s rose farm, is determined to keep it afloat financially, but is struggling to do so. The legacy he has left behind, of breeding and growing unique varieties of roses is a skill he passed on to his daughter, Eve, and she knows how to create unique beauty. However, funds are low, so it will take some courage, stealthy ideas and the help of three newly hired employees (who Eve’s trusted assistant, trying to save funds, hired on the cheap unbeknownst to her boss as a way to help her maintain the business they both love). Eve takes the new workers under her wing, and while they may be “misunderstood outcasts”, as described in the synopsis of the film, this lack of experience in the flower business is actually a benefit as they come “with fresh ideas, strong work ethics”.

I thoroughly loved this French film that became available in the states this past spring (2022), and was released in France last year. The beauty of her home and office that is located outside of Paris, the roses of course, but mostly, the relationships that are built between Eve with her workers and her assistant.

Take a look at the trailer below for The Rose Maker (aka La Fine Fleur).

Where to Stream

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9 thoughts on “La Fine Fleur, film: petit plaisir #338

  1. Well, just watching the trailer made me cry a little… I’ll try to find the movie where you suggested and I hope to watch it.

  2. La Fine Fleur, or The Rose Maker, is such a lovely little film. The story, the scenery, the characters–all absolutely charming. I highly recommend it. xx Rona

  3. I can’t wait to watch this film just to see all the lovely roses. I’m adding it to my Amazon watch list now. If anyone wants to go down the rabbit hole of French films, I have found the Kanopy app has a “world cinema” section. The app is free to me with my library and I would recommend checking if your library offers it as well. They carry previous movies Shannon has mentioned like, “Queen to Play” and “Delicieux” and more titles that look interesting. Now, who is ready for a good movie night? 🙂

  4. Isn’t Kanopy amazing? So glad you mentioned it, I often forget to check through their titles, merçi bien for the reminder! ?Rona

  5. Watching the trailer I felt whisked away to another world. Can’t wait to watch this film. I just downloaded the Kanopy app and my library is connected. Thanks Katrina for the tip!

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