An Inspired Start to Saturday (or any day), 14 Ponderings

Nov 23, 2019

“The time to ponder is a luxury indeed, evidenced by the time made open and comfort to just be with one’s mind well.”

Have you ever been so eager for a day to begin even though on the calendar there is not one scheduled “have to” on the list?

Today (and tomorrow, yeah!) is such a day here in the simply luxurious household. So eager, I find myself awake absurdly early doing all that I can to nudge the sun to rise earlier than it has planned.

What dances about in my mind are thoughts and ideas and life lessons and dreams and curiosities. Below are just a few . . . (consider this a Part Two to yesterday’s This & That post ;))

1.What a gift we give ourselves when we let nature takes its course in our life journey’s path.

Yes, we need to make the decisions, we need to be courageous when opportunity presents itself and we must pursue goals and dreams that while scaring us a little, excite us far more, but when we let go and dance with life, life becomes far less stressful, and the magic that presents itself is a delight to experience. With each natural undulation we begin to trust our journey and have confidence in our decisions that are made without knowing fully how all will unfold.

2. Read this article this morning and applauded its assertion – being single is an art, and it truly can be a masterpiece in motion.

The Art of Being Single [WSJ]

3. Planning the holiday decor of my home has reminded me . . .

. . . I had saved these scallop shell string of lights to purchase this fall, but have just discovered . . . they are now sold out. Lesson learned — purchase when you find something that captivates your attention and would be ideal for your sanctuary far prior to the season you wish to use them.

The string of lights that will remain a dream, but a teacher of a lesson to remember.

4. Nurturing Friendships, not the many, but the few that are truly close are what will make a positive difference in our lives. Let’s invest, shall we? Read this article on How to Have Closer Friendships [The New York Times]

5. I have experienced both sides of this next life lesson:

Starting over can sometimes be absolutely necessary and full of opportunities unavailable if we were to remain where we were (check out chapter 10 in TSLL’s 2nd book). Equally powerful is sticking with something and weathering the ephemeral flurries of frustration. The key is to know when to make which choice. Hmm . . .

6. Note to self: Drink water, more water, all day . . . drink more water.

7. Our lives can be a symphony or a cacophony. Our lives can be seen and thus experienced as a symphony or a cacophony. Choose to hire yourself as the conductor listening critically so that you can shape the sound of the ensemble, unify the many parts of yourself that define who you are, set a tempo that enlivens your days so that you can execute clearly and control what is within your capabilities the pace and direction of your life. And then you will indeed have a symphonic life to live.

8. I just discovered Franz Schubert’s masterpiece that was originally written seemingly off the cuff in the middle of the night while enjoying Hungarian red wine with friends gathered for dinnerPiano Quintet in A Major, D. 667 (be sure to download/save/purchase all five of the movements of this song as performed in Sydney below).

9. Give and show love without dictates of a date on a calendar, but rather just because. This article by Tish Jett moved me this morning, and I think it may you as well.

10. That time (and there were a few) Julia Child cooked on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

~click on the image to be redirected to the video where you can watch it in full. :)~

11. Current status – sipping hot lemon water (applying the lesson learned from #6).

12. Slowly savoring The Crown’s third season. I have watched four episodes so far, and appreciate the slower pace of each episode as there appears to be not a need for sensationalism and rather a reflection on British history. As an American not alive during this time (1964-1976), I am enjoying the lesson on British events of significance and remembrance as well as cultural upheavals.

13. The holiday wreath on the front door is up! I will be sharing a glimpse on my IG Stories this weekend. I took advantage of an early holiday sale a couple of weeks ago, and will keep in mind doing so again next year as the freshness and scent of the wreath as well as simple artistry is something that seems to signify a true simply luxurious start to the season.

14. I will leave you with a thought to ponder until such a post is shared again. What skill do you want to cultivate?

Wishing you a lovely weekend, and thank you for popping by for this extra post of ponderings. The sun is almost up and the bacon and eggs (and tea!) are calling. 🙂 Look for a Monday Motivational post to start this upcoming final week of November, and follow along on Instagram for more ponderings and wonderings as the holiday break begins!

10 thoughts on “An Inspired Start to Saturday (or any day), 14 Ponderings

  1. Shannon, Lost my dear husband three weeks ago… The first two weeks were busy with “to do’s”, but yesterday I felt a lethargy, and perhaps a depression, beginning to come on. So your post today was particularly timely. I’ve saved it to read again and again. Thank you, thank you…

    1. xoxoxoxo Sandra, my heart is with you. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. In some small way, I feel a bit of your pain, but only you can know the gravity of this moment in your life. I am touched to know that this post in any positive way possible provided some comfort. Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you much comfort and love.

  2. Shannon… This came across my Facebook feed but when I checked your blog post this morning there is nothing new. The last post was Thursday, November 21? Is this and that up on the website? And happy weekend!

    1. Jeannine, Good afternoon and thank you for stopping by. 🙂 It looks like you were able to leave a comment on this post ( which is the most recent), so it is working now, I presume? One idea is to clear your browser history and the most recent blog post should pop up. On my end, it is working, but I am reaching out to my web designer to double check and make sure everything is working properly. I am sorry about this hiccup and I appreciate your patience and time taken to let me know. 🙂

      1. Thank you, Shannon, for you reply. I signed up for your newsletter…and happily…I was able to enjoy your latest posts through that link. ? It is still now showing up on my computer…so I must need to clear my browser history. Thank you!

  3. Shannon, I love this delicious “extra”!! Excellent ponderings, hope you and the boys and your crew enjoy your break. (Hubs is a teacher as well, so we know how energizing+ this break is.) XOXO

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